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Most of us would agree that getting your hair dyed can either be the ultimate pampering or your worst nightmare. We’ve all had experience saving photos of gorgeous hair colours and showing them to our hairstylists, only to get a result that falls pretty flat. A hair salon that’s able to consistently deliver great hair colouring results is one that has to be looked into, for sure!

99 Percent Hair Studio Exterior

99 Percent Hair Studio told us the secret to a hair colour that will please every customer, is one that is able to bring out your best features. Priding themselves as experts in hair colouring and providing great customer service, 99 Percent Hair Studio said that their stylists recommend dye colours that are suitable for each customer, by making sure that the overall look doesn’t just complement your unique features, but even accentuate them!

Could a hair salon work such wonders on us? To find out, we asked 10 reviewers to put it to the test and share their honest opinions.

Writer’s Review on 99 Percent Hair Studio’s Hair Colouring Services

99 Percent Hair Salon Review Vivian

Outlet: Orchard Central

The first time I dyed my hair was about five years ago, and since then my hair has always been a different shade of brown. I disliked sporting black roots together with light brown hair, so I’ve undergone quite a few dye jobs once every few months.

Having experienced different kinds of salon treatments, DIY home kits, and surviving various hair dye jobs that were not too great, I would say that I have a pretty good gauge of what makes a hair colouring service good. However, this was honestly the first time I heard of a salon that can make sure your hair colours accentuate your best features, so I was pretty interested to find out exactly how this would turn out.

I was very impressed by my hairstylist’s professional expertise, even way before she started the hair colouring treatment. She could accurately identify many things that no other stylist has done before, including the last time I permed and dyed my hair, as well as the fact that I didn’t get my hair dyed in Singapore.

As someone who is not very fair and has warm undertones, I requested to dye my hair back to black again as I found that brown makes my skin look more yellow than usual. Although most people may think that black is the easiest colour to dye, it can also be the most difficult to work with – if you use too much hair dye it will look very unnatural, but if you don’t use enough, the black will eventually fade to a shade of dark brown instead.

The whole process took about two hours, and was such a relaxing process that I even fell asleep at a point in time. The staff also constantly checked in to make sure that I was feeling comfortable.

After the hair colouring itself was done, I underwent a hair treatment service, which helps to better preserve the colour of my hair after the dyeing – this is because I previously lightened my hair, so there is a possibility that the black dye may fade to a dark brown over time.

At the end of the whole session, I was very happy to see that my hair colour turned out much better than I had expected, and that the colouring done by my hairstylist is very even. I’ve had the nasty experience of having stylists apply the dye unevenly across my hair, which results in patches of different colours on my head – thankfully, I had no such problem here at all.

Over the next couple of days, I received multiple compliments from family and friends, who were pleasantly surprised to see me with black hair again. There were many comments on how my complexion looked much brighter now, and even slightly slimmer, which could be the contouring illusion of my face thanks to my new hair colour.

From the bottom of my heart, I would honestly say that 99 Percent Hair Studio is the best hair salon that I’ve been to for hair colouring. In addition to impressive results, their customer service has been very impressive – everyone is very friendly and professional, and I can tell that they have your best interests at heart when they give you advice!

DV Team & Readers’ Review of 99 Percent Hair Studio’s Hair Colouring Services

99 Percent Hair Salon Colouring Services
  • How would they grade their hair colour(s)?
  • How would they grade the customer service at this salon?
  • Would they revisit this hair salon again?


No matter which hair colouring service (creative colours, 2 colours, or 1 colour) they underwent, our reviewers agree that they were superbly satisfied with the new hair colours that they got at the end of the session – in fact, most of them agreed that this was the best hair salon they have gone to for hair colouring, even those who frequently dye their hair.

The stylists respected their colour preferences and would recommend which exact shades and ways of layering worked best for each of them, taking into account their previous dye jobs, hair conditions, facial features, head shapes, and even how your hair roots grow out!

In addition, many reviewers gave high praise of the customer service that they received from the staff members at every outlet. Throughout the hair colouring sessions, the staff would constantly check in on them to make sure that they were comfortable, if they needed anything, and even paid attention to small details to make sure that the entire session was pleasant for them.

For those who were bleaching their hair for the first time, or who had pre-existing hair problems such as damaged hair, they remarked that the stylists gave them very useful tips on how they should take care of their hair after getting their new hair colours, as well as the hairstyles that would best bring out the different shades.

All of the reviewers agree that they were very satisfied with the overall treatment, so they would highly recommend 99 Percent Hair Studio to family & friends, as well as revisit for future dye jobs!

Cinddie, 31 

99 Percent Hair Salon Review Cinddie

Outlet: Orchard Central

I love experimenting with hair colours – I have dyed my hair three colours at the same time before, and I loved the rainbow shades that I got, but I usually stick to basic purple or pink shades,

This time, my hairstylist, Ann, actually gave me pretty pastel rainbow roots that I never knew I wanted until now! I love how the hair design I got is such a creative mix of colours that totally exceeded my expectations, and I can say that this is one of the best hair designs I’ve ever had – it explains all the compliments that people have been giving me on these hair colours!

I am very satisfied with the hair colour design and customer service at 99 Percent Hair Studio, and there is really no reason why I would not recommend this hair salon’s colouring services. The stylists are very attentive to not damage your hair and scalp, so you don’t have to worry even if you are bleaching your hair for the first time!

Tiffanie, 18 

99 Percent Hair Salon Review Tiffanie

Outlet: Orchard Central

I dye my hair very often to keep the colour fresh, but this is my first time dyeing three colours on my hair at the same time. As I love bright hair colours, I requested for my hairstylist to dye my hair an electric blue colour.

Instead of just doing a flat blue colour, my stylist actually added a mix of lighter and darker shades so that it would highlight and contour my face. I’ve never had such a good mix of hair colours at other salons before, and this is one of the best hair colour designs I’ve ever had. I was very satisfied after coming out of the salon as the hair colour I got looks super good and fresh.

Besides doing a good job on the hair colour, I would like to commend the professional and customer-centric service at 99 Percent Hair Studio: the hairstylists don’t just focus on creating beautiful hair colours, but also care about not damaging my hair too much by providing treatment for my hair and advising me not to bleach my hair.

I can safely say that this is one of the best hair salons that I have gone to for hair colouring, and I will definitely revisit again when I want to get a fresh hair colour again!

Michy, 18 

99 Percent Hair Salon Review Michy

Outlet: Orchard Central

As I prefer to stick to brown hair colours, I shared with my stylist that I would like to dye a mix of brown, pink, and purple. Based on my preferences, my stylist further advised and recommended how to layer the colours so that it would suit me better, which I thought was very professional and skilled.

I am really happy with this hair colour design that I have received – it is a very creative mix of the colours that I requested for, which I have not gotten before from other hair salons. It has also made my overall skin complexion look much better, and of course, many people have sung praises of my new hair colours!

I also thought that the duration of the colouring treatment was just nice, not too long nor short. My hairstylist was attentive to my requests and needs, which made the hair colouring session very relaxing.

Based on my satisfaction with the hair colours and customer service received at this salon, I would definitely recommend this to other people to give the hair colouring services a shot!

Clarisse, 21

99 Percent Hair Salon Review Clarisse

Outlet: Orchard Central

To give some background, I have very damaged and frizzy hair that cannot handle dye chemicals, so I do not dye my hair often. I have dyed my hair two colours before, and I did not like the result at all, so I was initially a little apprehensive about this.

I have a neutral skin tone that can work with most colours, so I requested for my stylist to dye my hair violet as it would be easier to maintain when my roots grow out. From there, my hairstylist, Fion, shared what kind of colours I can combine to complement my face and head shapes.

I’ve never had a hair treatment where the colours really contour and highlight according to my face shape, so I’m really surprised at the amazing results I got – both my face and head shape actually look better after the hair colouring! The mix of hair colours is really good and is something that I’ve never been able to achieve at other hair salons. I am duly impressed and, of course, flattered by the compliments that people have been paying when they see my new hair colours.

While it is on the expensive side, especially for an undergrad, I have to say that you really get what you pay for at 99 Percent Hair Studio – the service, care and attention, the amount of love the stylists have for your hair and condition. You know that they won’t take any shortcuts when it comes to getting your ideal hairstyle and can be assured that they will pay 110% attention to your hair.

99 Percent Hair Studio definitely deserves the great reputation they have, and I would like to give a big shoutout to my Fion for her professionalism and warmth throughout the entire session!

Janice, 21

99 Percent Hair Salon Review Janice

Outlet: Bedok

I previously dyed colours like light brown, dark brown and red, which are what I usually stick to, partly because I don’t really have the time to dye my hair often. Hence, I also requested for similar shades this time, with purple being the main highlights.

My hairstylist was very professional and recommended a shade of purple that would go well with my fair skin tone, which I really liked because the purple was not too light. In addition, even though I have dry and frizzy hair, the end result really exceeded my expectations despite the fact that I put it through some really intensive chemical treatments, like bleaching. I really love my new hair colours, and also the fact that other people were full of praise for my new hair colour design!

I would definitely recommend 99 Percent Hair Studio if you are looking for a place to get your hair dyed and treated – they have many skilled and experienced people that can help you to fulfil your needs and select the best colour that suits you.

Joycelyn, 25

99 Percent Hair Salon Review Joycelyn

Outlet: Haji Lane

I usually self-dye as it is cheaper and at my convenience, so this is one of the rare few times that I was undergoing a hair colouring treatment in a salon. My stylist, Katherine, helped me to understand the process of hair bleaching and dyeing, as well as how she will create the 3D look by selective bleaching/highlight, why this look can help me to maintain bleached, dyed hair easier after the roots start to grow out.

I appreciate that the staff actively and constantly check on me to see if I needed snacks or drinks, or if I needed a power bank for my phone. In addition, the stylist stuck strictly to the duration of each bleach and dye while checking on my hair condition in a timely manner to ensure no over-bleaching and the colour develops across the whole head of hair evenly.

My hair colouring treatment wrapped up later than the salon’s operational hours, but Katherine and her assistants were still very cheerful and attentive to my needs throughout. They gave a lot of tips on hair care and maintaining bleached, dyed hair through our conversations – Katherine even taught me how to curl the hair to enhance the 3D hair dye effect!

Overall, it has been a very happy salon experience for me. For starters, this hair colouring treatment has earned me compliments from my mom, colleagues, friends etc, and I see that my complexion has definitely brightened. The ash colour that was recommended by my stylist suits me very well, and the different bleached tones result in rich textures and 3D effect so that my hair looks less boring and monotonous compared to my previous bleach and dye job. I would definitely recommend 99 Percent Hair Studio!

Melissa, 23

99 Percent Hair Salon Review Melissa

Outlet: Bedok

99 Percent Hair Salon Review Melissa 1

99 Percent Hair Salon Review Melissa 2

I usually dye my hair brown, but this is the first time I’ve tried purple-brown. This was a shade recommended by the hair stylist, as she mentioned that I suit warmer colours more, and that meant that I had to opt for ‘darker’ shades of brown.

I was also quite surprised when she told me that since my skin has yellow undertones, it would be better to stay away from ‘brighter’ browns as it wouldn’t create the ‘shadow’ effect on the frame of my face – I had previously dyed my hair bright shades of brown, which meant that I might have been getting the wrong hair colour for myself all this time!

In order to achieve the shade of purple-brown I wanted, I needed to get my roots lightened first before I could do colouring of the whole head, and then end with a hair treatment. I thought that the hair treatment was really worth the money as it helped my hair recover from the damage incurred during the dyeing session. Furthermore, according to the stylist, this treatment is used to lock the colour in so that the fresh colour doesn’t wear off that fast.

I am very pleased with the colouring treatment here at 99 Percent Hair Studio, from the professional & helpful service to the amazing results that I got. My new hair colour has indeed made my skin look much more radiant than before – just like what my hairstylist promised!

Wan Kee, 26

99 Percent Hair Salon Review Wan Kee

Outlet: Haji Lane

99 Percent Hair Salon Review Wan Kee Process

I usually dye my hair twice a year, usually for occasions or when my roots are unbearable, usually opting for one colour or with highlights. This time, I tried something a bit more unique – milk tea brown with purple tones.

The whole process involved bleaching, dyeing, and hair treatment for dry scalp. Although it could have been a very tedious treatment to sit through, I actually thought that this hair colouring session was very relaxing because the staff were very attentive to my needs. Throughout the dyeing process, the team will check in with me and ask if my scalp is feeling comfortable.

I also deeply appreciate the professional expertise and care to details that Aron displayed. After finding out my dyeing frequency, he opted for a darker shade on the roots that fades in with the rest of the hair to prevent harsh lines when my roots grow out. He also recommended me to switch between balancing shampoo (for my dry scalp) and colour shampoo (to maintain my hair) to get the best of both worlds. In addition, he offered suggestions on my current hairstyle.

My new hair colour earned me compliments from my colleagues, who commented that I actually looked fairer than before. I’ve never received a hair colouring treatment that is so customised to my facial features and lifestyle habits, so consider me duly impressed!

I was also very happy with the gel manicure that I received, where they added a holographic effect to my nails. The manicurist was very helpful and offered advice on selecting my desired colour, and her attentiveness to detail is highly-commended.

If you are looking to get your hair dyed by a professional, I’ll definitely recommend 99 Percent Hair Salon – the team is not only professional and passionate about what they do but also very friendly and genuine!

Lovin See, 26

99 Percent Hair Salon Review Lovin

Outlet: Orchard Central

I used to dye my hair around two to three times a year, but I tend to stick to different shades of brown each time I dye my hair.

This time, I opted for an ash brown colour called Orchid which my hairstylist, Zane, recommended. I wanted an ash tone but was worried about getting a colour that would make me look pale without makeup. Hence, Zane recommended this shade that contains a very subtle purple undertone. Because of the purple undertone, it wouldn’t turn up to be too orangey. I would say that the end result was a very unique colour that brightens up my skin tone without making me look washed out.

The end result looked exactly like what I had expected, which was fantastic because it doesn’t always happen at other salons. My complexion also looks more radiant and refreshed now, thanks to the great recommendations from Zane.

In addition to hair colouring, I also received a gel manicure. Although the range of colours available was not as extensive as a salon specialising in nail services, I think the colour range they offer is quite sufficient. The manicurist was very gentle and careful with my nails, which I really liked.

I would like to give props to the fantastic customer service that I received at 99 Percent Hair Salon: for starters, my hairstylist paid close attention to what I was looking for and recommended me a colour that would best suit me from there. He explained his recommendations to me very clearly and also enlightened me on the benefits of the hair dye used.

Another point I want to highlight is when one staff member applied a leave-in conditioner, I was provided a cushion block for me to rest my neck while I lay there for 15 minutes. In other salons, I usually have to rest on the basin and it causes my neck to ache, so I really appreciate their attentiveness to customers’ comfort.

99 Percent Hair Studio has three outlets located in Orchard, Bedok, and Bugis (Haji Lane). See below for details of each outlet’s address, contact number, and opening hours:

Orchard Outlet
Address: 181 Orchard Road #04-10/11, Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
Tel: +65 6238 3667
Opening Hours: 11AM to 9PM daily

Bedok Outlet
Address: 799 New Upper Changi Road, #03-23 Bedok Point, Singapore 467351
Tel: +65 6702 7062
Opening Hours: 11AM to 9PM daily

Bugis (Haji Lane) Outlet
Address: 40 Haji Lane, #01-01, Singapore 189233
Tel: +65 6396 3667
Opening Hours: 11AM to 9PM daily

Visit them on Instagram and Facebook too!

This article is brought to you by 99 Percent Hair Studio.