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Imagine having a professional makeup artist fill in your brows every single time you do your makeup. Think it can only happen to celebrities?

Not if you get your brows embroidered at a2i Makeup, which is helmed by a team of professional makeup artists with experience in both bridal and editorial makeup, and are also trainers for makeup workshops.

What this means is that you’ll have your brows filled in by a makeup professional, and the result is made semi-permanent through the brow embroidery process – so you’ll get to wake up to professionally drawn brows every day from then on!

a2imakeup brow embroidery service: VIP-level care and absolutely no hard-selling

A2imakeup Brow Embroidery Review Fb

a2imakeup’s 5-star rating on Facebook (from 38 reviewers) is an indication of how satisfied their customers are of their service. And it isn’t surprising.

The up-and-coming eyebrow salon has a strictly-by-appointment policy, and only takes up to two customers per session. This means you’ll be getting the full attention of your brow artist, who will be concentrating on creating the best set of brows for you.

a2imakeup also doesn’t offer packages for any of the semi-permanent makeup services they offer. This guarantees that you will not experience any sales pitches or hard-selling during your appointment, so you can absolutely relax and leave the salon without any stress.

a2imakeup brow embroidery review: How the process was like

a2imakeup has a very cozy vibe to it despite it being very spacious. The warm lighting, comfortable sofa, and tea that’s chosen from a selection of beverages put me at ease very quickly.

My brow artist spent the most amount of time defining and drawing out the brow shape for me. She was extremely meticulous, using her professional eye and the help of technology to make sure the brows she has designed for me subscribe to the most flattering ratio to the rest of my features.

A2imakeup Brow Embroidery Review 1

My brow artist spent a lot of time designing my brows to make sure that their ratio to the rest of my features is flattering.

A2imakeup Brow Embroidery Review 2

Using an app, the proportions of the brows are further defined.

I liked that she was very consultative and patient; she went back and forth with me many times, adjusting the brow shape until I was 100% satisfied with how they looked.

A2imakeup Brow Embroidery Review 4

The process was very consultative and I was constantly prompted to share my thoughts.

A2imakeup Brow Embroidery Review 3

My brow artist was very patient throughout the session and made sure that the design was adjusted until I was satisfied.

While the numbing cream was left on my brows in preparation for the embroidery, my brow artist left to prepare the pigments that will best suit my skin tone. When she came back 30 minutes later, we were ready to start the embroidery process.

A2imakeup Brow Embroidery Review 5

A2imakeup Brow Embroidery Review 6

A2imakeup Brow Embroidery Review 7

The process was relaxing and virtually painless, which I really appreciated. Before I knew it, the process was over and I now have a gorgeous set of brows!

A2imakeup Brow Embroidery Review 9

A2imakeup Brow Embroidery Review 10

A2imakeup Brow Embroidery Review 12

The strokes are refined and hair-like.

We scheduled for a touch-up six weeks later and I was given some tips to care for my newly embroidered brows.

It is normal to experience some flaking and scabbing after embroidery. Here’s a tip: keep the area clean and resist the urge to pick at the flakes and scabs.

A2imakeup Brow Embroidery Review 11

For me, it took just over a week for the flaking and scabbing to stop and the colour also faded to an intensity that was very natural-looking. I like the strokes that looked like real hair; in fact, I’ve had people commenting about how I have very nice brows, and not suspecting that they were embroidered!

Six weeks later, I returned for my touch-up and was told that my brows have healed beautifully. My brow artist filled in the areas that have lightened during the healing process and this session was a lot faster than the first appointment.

A2imakeup Brow Embroidery Review 13

Six weeks and a touch-up later, the strokes look even more natural than before.

A2imakeup Brow Embroidery Review 142

A2imakeup Brow Embroidery Review 15

The same after-care rules apply but the healing process was a lot faster.

a2imakeup brow embroidery review: My verdict

I am not new to brow embroidery and my experience with a2imakeup is certainly among the best. The attention to detail during both the brow design and embroidery processes make me feel that I was in good hands and the results show too. I really love how my brows look now and the convenience that I get and the time I save, from not needing to fill in my brows during my makeup routine.

My new set of brows frame my features well and even make my face shape appear sharper than before.

A2imakeup Brow Embroidery Review Before And After

There’s certainly no need for me to fill in my brows anymore.

The natural-looking hair-like strokes and well-designed shape are what will make me go back again in the future. After all, everybody wants embroidered brows that look like they were your real brows!

The relaxing ambience, professional and friendly brow artist, and great level of service made every appointment an enjoyable one. a2imakeup’s decision to put customers first by capping the number of appointments and making sure there’s no sales pitches certainly pay off; I was certainly a satisfied customer and I know that when my beautiful set of brows wear out in a year or so, a2imakeup will be at the top of my list to get a touch-up from.

a2imakeup is located at 42A Joo Chiat Pl, Singapore 427766.

Strictly by appointment only
Email: [email protected] | Call: +65 9004 4378​


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