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Natural shampoos are quite a divisive topic. There are some people who complain that they don’t lather up well, that it takes a while to see results, or that they dry their hair, and so they turn away from it. And then there’s the “yes camp” that loves that it’s free from nasties and is great for hair in the long run.

Australian beauty brand A’kin (they’re famous for their rosehip oil and you may have seen it around!) is an advocate for natural hair solutions. A’kin compares unnatural ingredients such as silicones as “fast food for hair”. They said that silicones, which is found in most hair care products, “offer short term satisfaction but don’t provide any nourishment.”

And they felt there’s only one way to achieve healthier hair: “In the same way that the taste for fast food must be unlearnt, so must be the taste for silicone-based haircare.”

Natural shampoos aren’t like your regular products

The first time you use a natural shampoo, you’re likely to already feel the difference. Most of them, like the A’kin Natural Shampoo, don’t lather up very well. This is because they’re free from “nasties” that are usually added into shampoos to create the foamy effect that we are used to.

A’kin said that you need to be patient with natural shampoos. “You’ll need to give your hair at least a month for the benefits of natural haircare to really shine through.”

But it would be worthwhile because natural products will help build the health of hair and scalp over time, and remove the nasty ingredients that you’ve been exposing yourself to. Push through and be consistent with a natural shampoo and you’ll find that your hair looks shinier and healthier and is easier to manage.

DV team tries A’kin Natural Shampoo

Akin Natural Shampoo

When it comes to natural products that are free from nasties, A’kin is definitely among the top choices. It has a comprehensive hair care range that offers lots of options.

In terms of shampoo, there are different ones in the A’kin range that cater to different scalp and hair conditions. Each of them is formulated with different natural ingredients to gently cleanse hair and scalp while addressing your specific concerns.

After learning about how different the experience of using a natural shampoo is going to be, we found members from the DV team – all with different hair and scalp concerns – to try the A’kin Natural Shampoos out and share what we thought of them.

For colour treated hair: A’kin Colour Protection Ylang Ylang & Quinoa Shampoo

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Reviewer: Kristen Juliet Soh

What it is: This shampoo helps seal in colour, reduce fade, and boost shine.

When I smelt the shampoo directly from the bottle, I must admit that I wasn’t used to its natural scent. I have been using conventional shampoos that are usually loaded with artificial scents that can be very fragrant. Thankfully, the shampoo doesn’t leave behind any unpleasant scent on my hair – it’s rather unnoticeable.

It also doesn’t lather up as much as regular shampoos, but I quickly got used to it and find that it’s actually easy to use and leaves my scalp and hair feeling clean after each wash even though there wasn’t a lot of foam.

I like its result after using it for a while. My colour treated hair looks less dull and I like that it keeps my tresses looking and feeling healthy. While your hair may feel slightly drier at first, it is easy to make it look better by using a bit more of the A’kin Daily Shine Avocado & Calendula Conditioner than usual. I will definitely recommend those who have never tried natural shampoo to give it a shot; try it for at least a month and you might fall in love with it after you see results!

For dry and damaged hair: A’kin Moisture Rich Wheat Protein Shampoo

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Reviewer: Melissa Loh

What it is: This gives instant hydration for dry and damaged hair. Your hair will feel nourished and conditioned over time.

I have dry and damaged hair and split ends and have been looking for hair care products that address these problems. Usually, by mid-day, my hair would get drier than what I started the day with. Since using this shampoo from A’kin, I find that my tresses stay a bit more moisturised throughout the day. I like the A’kin Moisture Rich Lavender & Anthyllis Leave-in Conditioner; it smells good and works well with the shampoo.

I was initially bracing myself for drier hair at the start with a natural shampoo – since it’s free from ingredients like silicone, usually found in regular shampoos, that gives an artificial, smooth coating to hair. Surprisingly but thankfully, it actually helps moisturise my hair right from the start.

For all hair types: A’kin Daily Shine Rosemary Shampoo

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Reviewer: Karin Cheong

What it is: This is formulated for normal hair and scalp, and helps to enhance softness and shine naturally. It also improves manageability of hair.

This shampoo has a refreshing fragrance and it is moisturising. I find that my hair looks less frizzy and is easier to manage after I used it for one week. I like that my scalp doesn’t feel as oily and it gives a fresh sensation after wash. Overall, I am satisfied with the initial results and would continue using it in order to experience its full benefits. I would recommend it to my friends too!

For sensitive scalps: A’kin Mild & Gentle Fragrance Free Shampoo

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Reviewer: Tee Wan Kee

What it is: This shampoo is mild, hypoallergenic and pH-balanced so it can gently cleanse hair without causing any irritation to sensitive scalps.

This shampoo is gentle and mild but I will recommend doing a double cleanse if you’re used to the squeaky clean sensation at the end of the wash. You can expect to find your hair feeling drier initially, but it is good for your hair in the long run as there are no nasties. Always use it with the A’kin Mild & Gentle Fragrance Free Conditioner to make sure your hair still feels soft and smooth.

For oily hair and scalp: A’kin Purifying Lemongrass & Juniper Shampoo

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Reviewer: Fionna Lim

What it is: This shampoo helps to cleanse and hydrate without adding weight to the hair. It clarifies and removes excess oil and helps hair and scalp feel thoroughly cleansed and refreshed.

I saw improvement in my scalp after using this product because it doesn’t feel as oily as before. I also used to have a lot of hair fall in the past, which appears to be less serious ever since I started using this natural shampoo. I like the lemongrass scent the shampoo comes with – it makes me feel very relaxed every time I’m in the shower. I will recommend it to friends who suffer the same problem as I did because it has really helped improve my oily scalp problem!

Try it for yourself!

If you’d like to start investing in quality hair products that care for your tresses in the long run, you can consider these shampoos and conditioners from A’kin, which our reviewers attested to really working well for them, especially after using it for an extended period of time.

A’kin Natural Shampoo and Conditioner (500ml) retail at SGD38.50 each and are available at selected Guardian outlets. For more information, check out Akin Singapore’s Facebook page and Instagram page.

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