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My tired-looking skin and broad jawline have made me consider a Botox treatment to relax my lines and soften my jawline.

My colleague who’s squeamish about needles suggested that I could try a face-lifting facial treatment at Amber Beila first. Amber Beila is a facial salon chain that uses state-of-the-art beauty technologies and is known to provide result-driven therapies.

Despite Amber Beila’s stellar reputation, I was still unconvinced that a facial treatment could offer an immediate result. Nonetheless, I decided to still go ahead with it… perhaps just to prove my colleague wrong.

amber beila reception

With that, I went for Amber Beila’s Diamond V-lift Facial, an anti-ageing treatment that firms and lifts skin, improves skin’s elasticity, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Spoiler alert: this facial is a serious game-changer, I actually decided to postpone my Botox appointment after that. Read on to find out more about it!

Amber Beila Diamond V-Lift Facial: Steps

amber beila diamond v lift review 1

Left: Enzyme exfoliation | Right: Gentle exfoliation using scrubber device

  1. Double Cleansing: The treatment began with a thorough double cleansing to ensure my skin was perfectly clean.
  2. Fruit Enzyme Exfoliation: Next, fruit enzymes were used to gently exfoliate my skin. The products smelled wonderfully natural and fruity.
  3. Ionic scrubbing: Using a high-tech ion scrubber that harnesses nanotechnology and releases a unique vibration, my therapist deep-cleanses my skin and removes impurities gently.
  4. Gentle Extraction: A gentle extraction followed, removing impurities without causing discomfort.
  5. Radio Frequency Treatment: Using radio frequency to tighten and contour the skin, this step promotes collagen regeneration, hyaluronic acid production, and improves skin elasticity.
  6. Lymphatic Massage: The therapist performed a lymphatic massage to promote blood circulation, leading to lifted and tighter skin.
  7. Ultra-Moisturizing & Whitening Rose Mask: Finally, an ultra-moisturising and whitening rose mask was applied, boosting moisture absorption and leaving my skin refreshed and reinvigorated.
amber beila facial review 2

Left: Lymphatic massage | Right: Rose mask application

Review: What I Loved About It

  • Skilled Therapist: The therapist was incredibly skilful, making me feel comfortable and relaxed from the very first step of the treatment.
  • Clear Explanation: She explained each step clearly, so I knew exactly what to expect throughout the process.
  • Exceptional Massages: Her facial and shoulder massages were exceptionally good, providing deep relaxation. I even fell asleep at one point, despite my initial intention to stay awake and observe the steps for this review.
  • Visible Results: Most importantly, I noticed visible results right after the treatment, within one session! This exceeded my expectations and I was very pleasantly surprised by it. Keep scrolling to see my before-and-after photo!


amber beila before after diamond v lift

After the treatment, I noticed a visible brightening effect on my skin. My face looked less puffy, less tired, and my jawline was visibly sharper. Even my double chin seemed less obvious! Additionally, my skin felt hydrated, firmer and tauter.

The results were so good, I don’t think I’ll be looking at injectable treatments for a while. I’m surprised that Amber Beila delivered so much in a 60-minute facial and look forward to more sessions with them.

Good News! Get This Facial At Just S$38!

At the original price of S$598, the Diamond V-Lift facial is a premium treatment. However, it’s currently available at an incredible price of S$38 for first-time trials.

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