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Artis is a Latin word that means: “skill, method, technique, conduct, character.”  

Have you ever suffer a sore wrist from using makeup brushes and sponges to blend your makeup? Sensing this problem, Artis created an innovative ergonomic design of makeup brushes to make sure you won’t strain your arms anymore.

These gorgeous cruelty-free brushes are made with soft and plushy synthetic CosmeFibres (supposedly better than usual synthetic fibres like Taklon and Nylon, used to make makeup brushes) to ensure blend-ability and consistency.

Similarly, these brushes are made to help you extend your makeup product, which means that you can use less powder and still achieve maximum impact, as the founder Matthew Waitesmith (former VP at MAC!) tells Huffington Post.

These brushes are multi-purpose and can be used with cream, liquid and powder products. Bustle also writes that Kylie Jenner swears by Artis brushes, even using them to apply her moisturiser.

As much as the buzz excites us, an Artis brush can cost up to SGD120, so we needed to find out if these brushes are truly worth breaking the bank for.

In this article, we feature nine Artis brush products that are most accessible to us in Singapore as they can be found at our favourite makeup emporium, Sephora Singapore.

1. Artis Elite Collection Smoke Finish Circle Size 1

You must be wondering, this looks almost like a toothbrush so what can I do with it? Designed to be shaped like a liptstick bullet, size 1 will help you achieve the perfect lip line so that you can slay the Cupid’s Bow. Makeup reviewer Elizabeth also recommends using size 1 to spot conceal – how smart.

Artis Circle size 1 at SGD55 at Sephora.

2. Artis Elite Collection Smoke Finish Circle Size 1R

Also another small brush, size 1R differs from size 1 by their bristles, which are domed rather than flat. Carissa M. on Influenster says that she loves the softness and definition this brush gives as she uses it to apply lipstick. 1R can also be used to pack on eyeshadow, especially the hard-to-reach inner corner highlight, or to define the crease shadow.

Artis Elite Circle Size 1R is available at Sephora for SGD55.

3. Artis Elite Collection Smoke Finish Oval Size 3

A smaller detail brush, size 3 will help you blend base makeup better into the nooks and crannies of your face, such as around the nose and eye area. Because the brush head is so slim, you could even use this to contour your nose and cheekbones and blend eyeshadows.

Influenster reviewer Alysia R. says that the brush would some getting use to as you would need a slightly different application technique, but she still loves the finish this brush gives on her face.

Artis Oval Size 3 retails for SGD63 at Sephora.

4. Artis Elite Collection Smoke Finish Oval Size 4

Similarly to size 3, this can be used to blend products on the face or to apply eyeshadow. As it is slightly larger, we would recommend this for people with more eyelid space, so that this brush would still be detailed enough to do controlled blending.

While the brush did not leave streak marks on the face, Roya Kashini reviewed on Sephora that he/she was not really impressed and expected more from it.

Artis Oval size 4 will set you back SGD71 at Sephora.

5. Artis Elite Collection Smoke Finish Oval Size 6

Tynan-Sinks on xojane tried the Oval 6 brush and loved the finish it gave, as it seamlessly and flawlessly blended out foundation on his skin.

Using medium to long brush strokes, Oval 6 will help you cut down the time you need to blend base makeup and your contouring. Because it is smaller than the next few brushes we’re about to feature, you would still be able to to achieve detail application. This would be our best bet for someone who wants a more versatile size that can blend foundation and do detailed blending.

Artis Oval size 6 retails at SGD86 at Sephora.

6. Artis Elite Collection Smoke Finish Oval Size 7

Fellow makeup junkies tell us on MakeupAlley that Oval 7 provides such good coverage while blending foundation that they need to re-adjust how much foundation they normally use.

However because of its size, it would be difficult to blend into small corners of the face nor dip properly into small product pans. Nevertheless, Srajput assures us that “This brush is worth every penny!!!!!”

Artis Oval size 7 retails for SGD94 at Sephora.

7. Artis Elite Collection Smoke Finish Oval Size 8

It was difficult to find a negative comment on the Oval 8 on Influenster because the reviewers all swore by how well it blended their base makeup (it got 4.77/5 stars).

However, Katie B. recommends using more liquid and serum type foundations with this brush so that the makeup will glide on easily and smoothly.

Artis Oval size 8 sells for SGD102 at Sephora.

8. Artis Elite Collection Smoke Finish Oval Size 10

The biggest of the Oval collection, Oval 10 can be used to quickly set your face with powder. Similarly, Oval 10 can be used to apply makeup on the body so that you can cover the larger surface area faster while not compromise on the blend.

One trick you can use with Oval 10 to get glowing goddess skin is to mix highlighter with body lotion, and apply liberally the mixture on the skin.

Artis Oval size 10 retails at SGD118 at Sephora.

9. Artis Elite Collection Gold Finish Palm Brush

This limited edition handleless brush is designed to fit nicely into your palm so that you can use it to blend makeup perfectly on your face and body. As such, this method would need some practice to get use to. Sephora also sells a slightly cheaper version in the Smoke design for SGD99. Definitely something to think about splurging on because it is so pretty (and limited edition!).

Artis Gold Palm Brush retails at SGD120 at Sephora.