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Trendy beauty ingredients come and go but despite the rough waves, collagen remains one of the hottest topics in the world of beauty and wellness. Everything from lipsticks and lattes to serums and gummy bears are pumped with this ingredient.

You certainly won’t miss all the collagen-infused anti-ageing facial treatments that beauty salons offer on their menu as well.

Astalift Review Opener Source Aiony Haust Unsplash

Source: Aiony Haust/Unsplash

And since I’ve been wanting to build up my anti-ageing routine – don’t judge me just yet, studies have repeatedly shown that our collagen production decreases by approximately 1% each year by the time we hit our early twenties, I couldn’t help but to say yes when my editor presented me with the opportunity to try Astalift’s 95-minute anti-ageing facial, known as Multi-Modal Specialized AMS Perfect V-Lift Therapy.

As it turns out, it was one of the most enjoyable facials I’ve ever had and the results I saw at the end of my session surprised me.

Read on to find out six reasons why I love the anti-ageing facial by Astalift.

Why I love the Astalift Multi-Modal Specialized AMS Perfect V-Lift Therapy

The Astalift facial is extraction-less

Astalift Multi Modal Specialized Ams Perfect V Lift Therapy Review Extractionless Facial Vacuum Technology

Yes, the Multi-Modal Specialized AMS Perfect V-Lift Therapy doesn’t come with any extraction to get rid of trapped gunk and while the traditional method is something that I’m used to, I’m pleasantly surprised that the extraction-less method used in the facial still managed to make my skin feel clean.

That is all thanks to the Advanced Aqua Microjet System (AMS) technology, where a deep-cleansing aqua microjet system that combines powerful yet fine mist with vacuum technology is employed to thoroughly clean out dirt and grime in my pores.

As my therapist Lilian hovered the gadget all over my face, I could feel all the gunk and dead skin being sucked out – this may sound like it feels really harsh on the skin but in actual fact, it was virtually painless and probably one of the most comfortable deep cleanse I’ve ever experienced!

Not only does this make the facial ideal for those who dislike the conventional extraction method, this technique also took considerably less time to deeply cleanse the face.

It uses not one, but three types of collagen

Yes, you read that right! Certain products or facials on the market typically use only one type of collagen, but this Astalift treatment incorporates three types of functional collagen that are delivered into targeted layers of the skin, the facial can effectively help boost moisture while promoting natural cell renewal without the need for extraction or prior steaming.

It’s super hi-tech

Astalift Multi Modal Specialized Ams Perfect V Lift Therapy Review Hi Tech Ems Led Therapies

Apart from the next-gen OPU technology, the Multi-Modal Specialized AMS Perfect V-Lift Therapy also incorporates EMS+ and LED therapy.

The signature EMS+ technology combines electro muscle stimulation (EMS), electroporation, and light radio frequency to provide effective contouring benefits and stimulate skin’s natural collagen production while promoting deeper penetration of the skincare products applied on my skin afterwards.

In addition, I’ve been informed that it offers skin-brightening effects as well which is certainly a bonus for my dull, uneven skin.

During the treatment, Lilian applied a thin layer of cooling gel on my skin before consistently gliding a micro-current gadget that facilitates penetration of beneficial ingredients using gentle electrical and light energy stimulation.

As the intensity of the treatment can be adjusted according to individual, depending on your skin thickness and sensitivity, I definitely recommend you to keep the communication channel open with the therapist so that she can tune the device’s intensity to your comfort level. If you like, you can request for more cooling gel too.

The facial also promises to put up a good fight against signs of ageing using just light technology. After the essence-soaked sheet mask application, Lilian followed up with the LED therapy where she used the red light setting to rejuvenate the skin and treat wrinkles, fine lines, and lack of firmness.

The new generation of ultrasound therapy used is like a facial workout for my skin

Astalift Multi Modal Specialized Ams Perfect V Lift Therapy Reviewer Before After

This Astalift treatment employs a new generation of ultrasound technology known as Optimised Penetration Ultrasound (OPU), which is said to produce safer and quicker results than traditional ultrasonic-lifting systems.

Unlike high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) therapy which requires a licensed medical doctor to administer usage, OPU can be operated effectively by a trained therapist to deliver painless yet reliable results similar to HIFU.

Essentially delivering short bursts of ultrasonic energy in both low and medium intensities, it made me feel like my skin was in a gym getting a workout to look visibly younger, smoother, and firmer!

While I could feel heightened sensation in certain areas of my face – like the jaw, for example, it wasn’t anything overwhelmingly unbearable. And although Lilian warned that I would feel slight numbness in my face for the next few days, I actually didn’t experience any of that at all which was another pleasant surprise.

It’s ultra-pampering

Astalift Multi Modal Specialized Ams Perfect V Lift Therapy Review Pampering Head Shoulder Scalp Massage

Believe me, I’m not kidding when I say that the facial is super relaxing and pampering with a massage for the shoulder, scalp, and neck. In fact, I couldn’t help but to fall sound asleep despite my best efforts to stay awake!

Additionally, there’s a selection of complimentary mini services you can choose from to enjoy during the facial – I went with the five-minute pampering eye therapy to give my peepers some much-needed TLC.

Together with the relaxing massage and Lilian’s firm hands to knead all the tension away, I left feeling more rejuvenated and rested by the end of my session.

Bonus: It’s suitable for sensitive skin

Astalift Multi Modal Specialized Ams Perfect V Lift Therapy Review Gentle And Suitable For Sensitive Skin

While the Multi-Modal Specialized AMS Perfect V-Lift Therapy is not suitable for acne-prone skin, it is actually recommended for those with sensitive skin who are looking to reap lifting, anti-ageing, and tightening benefits from facials but aren’t able to get the results due to adverse reactions to chemical treatments.

That’s because the Astalift facial uses only a combination of advanced technologies and its own gentle skincare formulas to deliver visible results without disrupting skin’s balance.

Final thoughts about the Astalift Multi-Modal Specialized AMS Perfect V-Lift Therapy

Astalift Plaza Singapura Storefront

All in all, I’m extremely glad that I gave the Astalift Multi-Modal Specialized AMS Perfect V-Lift Therapy a shot and I’m happy to report that the facial was beyond anything I had expected from an anti-ageing facial.

Over the course of the next few days, I even noticed slight improvements in my skin texture as well thanks to the facial. While the anti-ageing benefits remain to be seen, I’ve been told that you will reap significantly visible results if you go for the facial every three weeks for a recommended period of six months.

In addition to all the advanced technologies used in just one session, it’s also heartening to know that it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin since sensitive skin facial options are still very limited in Singapore.

Keen to try the Astalift Multi-Modal Specialized AMS Perfect V-Lift Therapy? The 95-minute treatment is currently available at the Astalift’s outlets in Plaza Singapura and NEX, and is priced at S$208. A six-session package is also available at S$1,099.

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