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Whether it’s teh bing (milk tea with ice) to accompany a hearty lunch or bubble milk tea to perk up the draggy work week, we can’t deny that milk tea’s rich taste makes it ever so difficult to cut it out of our diets. Even, and especially, when we’re on a quest to shed some pounds.

While we’re all for a “milk tea” drink that helps with slimming, not every slimming beverage that poses as “tea” or “coffee” makes the cut when it comes to a rich flavour.

AVALON, however, has launched its newest Slim T, a slimming beverage formulated to taste like milk tea (really, this time) so that customers can appease their sinful cravings whilst cutting back on the actual calorie- and sugar-rich drink.

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It’s why we got 10 of our readers to try the AVALON Slim T for two weeks before sharing their reviews.

The verdict? Some reviewers said that the Slim T tasted just as satisfying as regular milk tea, others said that they would choose it over their normal sugary drinks any day, and half of them lost more than 1kg over the two-week period.

Read on to see their full reviews for yourself!

About AVALON Slim T

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A “healthier” milk tea alternative, the AVALON Slim T helps users to shed kilograms because it contains fewer calories and lower amounts of sugar than most milk tea drinks. One sachet of the Slim T is packed with 66kcal and 2.5g of sugar.

Compared to an average medium-sized bubble milk tea, which has about 335 calories and 33.5g of sugar, the Slim T has only a fraction of the calories and sugar you’re taking in with each sip.

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Not just a lower-calorie choice, the AVALON Slim T is also a slimming beverage, which contains ingredients to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and reduce the body’s absorption of fats, carbohydrates, and sugar.

White Kidney Bean Extract blocks starch absorption and provides dietary fibre, and African Wild Mango Seed Extract boosts the body’s metabolism for the quicker burning of fats.

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Finally, as the Slim T promotes partial satiety, or, in other words, makes you feel fuller after you drink it, it’s likely that you’ll be eating less during your meals too.

All you have to do is take one sachet each day before a meal by dissolving the powder in warm water, stirring, and then sipping on it like you would with your regular milk tea!

AVALON Slim T retails for S$45.30 instead of S$52 on Shopee, Lazada, Qoo10, and AVALON.

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AVALON Slim T: 10 readers give their honest reviews



8 out of 10 reviewers noted that the AVALON Slim T tasted similar to regular milk tea, with three of them saying that it tasted just like their favourite milk tea.

It followed that six of them said, with the Slim T, they were able to forgo their regular milk tea drinks without feeling like they were missing out – one of them said they would still crave bubble tea toppings from time to time.

80% of reviewers agreed that they felt fuller after drinking the AVALON Slim T, which allowed them to eat less during their meals. Five reviewers lost more than 1kg, with one reviewer losing as much as 2.5kg, after taking the Slim T every day for two weeks.

Finally, 70% of reviewers concluded they would choose the Slim T over their regular sugary drinks any day.

An An, 34

avalon slim T review (1)

The AVALON Slim T tastes exactly like real milk tea! It is fragrant, rich in taste, and yummy, and helped to satisfy my sugary drink cravings. I was able to forgo my regular milk tea drinks for the Slim T without feeling like I was missing out.

I drank the AVALON Slim T every day before dinner and I felt fuller from the drink, which allowed me to eat less during my meal. I also drank fewer sugary drinks after trying this beverage out.

Even though I’ve tried cutting back on rice, noodles, and bread for a month to lose weight before, it wasn’t as quick and effective compared to taking the AVALON Slim T. I lost 2kg in two weeks – I’m so amazed by the Slim T’s taste and effects!

Jenxel, 34

avalon slim t review 2

The AVALON Slim T is surprisingly gao (thick) enough for me and it’s a well-balanced blend of milk and tea. The sweetness is similar to a 25 to 50% bubble tea sugar level and I didn’t miss the enjoyment of having a nice cup of hot milk tea. It’s also super easy to make and dissolves instantly!

I’ve previously tried intermittent fasting and replacement meals, but the feeling of dissatisfaction would always linger. I would eventually cave and have a snack. I’ve also tried slimming coffee before but the taste pales in comparison and wasn’t as satisfying as the AVALON Slim T.

With the AVALON Slim T, I took one sachet every day before lunch and felt about 20% full after. This helped to curb my urge to overeat. I rarely got hunger pangs after taking it but, at the same time, didn’t feel bloated. I ordered smaller meals compared to my usual.

Over the course of two weeks, I lost about 1.5kg and felt good about myself! The AVALON Slim T is perfect for those who want to slim down without missing out on the satisfaction of drinking their daily milk or bubble tea.

This is my favourite slimming beverage so far, and I would choose AVALON Slim T over my regular sugary drinks any day!

Cherubin, 40

avalon slim T review

I drink milk tea in the morning three times a week, at least. If I didn’t know that AVALON Slim T was a slimming beverage, I would have thought it was just normal tea! It tasted like normal milk tea with a little bit of thickener and was as easy to make as my regular milk tea too.

During the review period, I drank the Slim T every morning without guilt now. It satisfied my milk tea cravings and I didn’t feel hungry until late in the day, and I ate less as a result.

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The AVALON Slim T helped me slim down in just two weeks – I trimmed half an inch off my waist! I didn’t experience any adverse effects from taking the drink as well; no loss in appetite, no restlessness, and my mouth did not feel drier too.

I would replace my usual morning milk tea with the Slim T because I enjoy taking it, maybe even more than my regular milk tea!

Ivy, 36

After taking the AVALON Slim T for two weeks, I noticed that my stomach’s width decreased slightly and I’d lost 1kg!

Normally, I drink coffee, tea, or milo almost every day. The AVALON Slim T tastes like a less sweet version of normal tea and it helped me to significantly reduce my intake of these sugary drinks.

All I had to do was add the powder to warm water and stir, and it dissolved easily. I drank the tea every morning before breakfast or lunch and, in addition to helping me curb my cravings for sweet drinks, it also reduced my appetite without causing me to feel bloated.

I even saw a reduction in my body’s water retention when I woke up each morning.

Overall, I would choose AVALON Slim T over my regular sugary drinks any day. I would purchase the Slim T again as I have seen results without experiencing any side effects like headaches or diarrhoea.

Alicia, 34

The AVALON Slim T tastes like a bubble milk tea with a 25% sugar level. Even though it is healthier, it doesn’t take away the enjoyment of milk tea and satisfies my sugary drink cravings! I don’t feel like I will go back to taking sugary beverages after taking this.

I love bubble tea and the Slim T is still easily a bubble tea replacement for me. I can enjoy “milk tea” guilt-free and it helps me feel fuller (but not bloated) so that my food intake is reduced. I see results after two weeks of consumption; I lost 2.5kg in total!

I’ve tried a low-carbon diet and exercise to lose weight, but the Slim T is the most fuss-free. I am happy to continue drinking this.

Kai, 32

I liked that AVALON Slim T has a pleasant taste and is a healthier bubble milk tea alternative. It had a mild and sweet taste, similar to regular bubble milk tea. It was also simple to make and dissolved easily when mixed with water.

I felt fuller after drinking the beverage, which allowed me to eat less during my meal. I also did not experience any side effects like bloatedness, diarrhoea, or headaches.

Yuxin, 26

avalon slim T review

The moment I opened the AVALON Slim T sachet, I smelt a strong milk tea fragrance. The Slim T tasted very similar to normal milk tea and the fragrant tea was very yummy. What’s best is that it didn’t have a sugary aftertaste!

Usually, I alternate between drinking milk tea and coffee and have soft drinks about once a week. As the Slim T tastes satisfyingly similar to milk tea, I would occasionally substitute my milky drinks for it. However, I might still crave some milk tea toppings (such as boba) from time to time.

I took the Slim T every day after dinner and I felt lighter and less bloated than before. I felt less tired after my meals too. I love the Slim T – even though my weight remained the same after the review period, I could attribute it to heavy eating during the Chinese New Year.

Michelle, 28

I drink coffee almost every morning and bubble milk tea or milk tea two to three times each week. As a milk tea lover, AVALON’s Slim T is definitely my favourite slimming beverage in terms of taste! I really enjoyed it and looked forward to taking it, compared to other slimming beverages I’ve tried.

The Slim T really tasted like milk tea and didn’t have an artificial flavour at all. Plus, the sweetness and richness of the drink were just right for me.

For the two-week review, I drank the Slim T four to five times a week before lunch or dinner (instead of after like I usually do). I felt fuller from taking the AVALON Slim T, which allowed me to eat less during lunch or dinner. I also felt that my bowel movements improved.

The portion of the Slim T is too small to replace my regular milky beverages, but I feel that it’s a much healthier alternative and satisfies my sugar cravings – enough that I would replace my bubble milk tea with it.

I loved taking the AVALON Slim T and it successfully minimised my cravings for bubble milk tea and iced milk tea. I had such a good review experience that I went ahead to purchase another box of the Slim T!

Eleen, 27

The AVALON Slim T tasted like milk tea. It had a rich milky texture and was fragrant, similar to actual milk tea. It was also easy to make, dissolving easily into warm water when mixed.

For two weeks, I took the Slim T every morning and felt that it stopped me from having snack cravings. I even felt a boost in energy and alertness. As the Slim T does satisfy my sugary drink cravings, I can easily choose to replace my normal milk tea with the Slim T.

Overall, my review experience was pleasant as the drink was platable and I lost 0.2kg. I’ve tried exercising more to lose weight before, but it takes more time and is harder to do consistently compared to drinking the Slim T. I look forward to seeing more results soon!

Pavinaa, 25

I felt fuller after drinking the AVALON Slim T, which allowed me to eat less during my meal. I took it before lunch and didn’t eat as much. It helped to control my appetite.

I also experienced improved bowel movement when I was taking the Slim T and lost about 1.5kg by the end of two weeks. I like that the Slim T is easy to prepare, convenient to carry around, tastes decent, and is a fuss-free healthier alternative to milk tea.

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