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A quick morning routine is important to us. Ditching those 15 minutes spent on drawing your brows can help get you out the door faster, which is why brow embroidery has become one of the hottest semi-permanent makeup services today.

While the idea of waking up with perfect brows is great, the minor pain that comes with the experience can cause one to wince. It’s no wonder those who have a lower pain threshold have since turned to brow tinting instead. However, brow tinting only lasts for an average of two to four weeks, which means frequent touch-ups are required.

To save you time from regular visits to the salon, Avone Beauty Secrets has created their Brows Crowning Artistry Henna Strokes. It uses henna colour pigments and lasts up to three times as long as a regular brow tint!

With this unique henna formulation, you can have your dream brows with natural, featherlight strokes. This will ensure that they’re well-shaped every day without the need for pencils or powders. It’s the next best thing to Avone’s Brows Embroidery and Brows Tinting.

Brows Crowning Artistry Henna Strokes by Avone Beauty Secrets

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With Avone Beauty Secrets’ Brows Crowning Artistry Henna Strokes, you’ll get to enjoy longer-lasting results without having any damage done to your skin during the procedure. The brow tinting service is practically painless, and you won’t have to recover from any bleeding or swelling.

Using high-quality henna derivatives from Turkey, the brow artist will use an ultra-fine nib to deposit the colour pigments on your skin beneath your brow hairs. The henna formula creates a depth and fullness to fill in any sparse areas with hair-like strokes. You can have fuller, natural-looking brows in no time, so you can stow your pencils, powders, and gels away for a few months.

Avone Brows Crowning Henna

Henna is a safe and natural alternative to other dyes used in brow tinting services. It’s vegan-friendly and a non-peroxide activator, which makes it suitable for everyone – even those with sensitive skin.

Today, henna is commonly used for hair tinting or in forms of body art such as Mehndi. It’s a relatively novel ingredient that’s used for brow tinting, but henna dye has actually been around for thousands of years for body art, dating back to ancient Egyptian times. Who knows, maybe Cleopatra filled in her brows with henna too.

Choose from four shades of brown: Soft Brown, Sassy Brown, Mocca Brown, and Mocca Black. If you’re not ready to commit to conventional brow embroidery due to health reasons or pain-phobia, rest assured, Avone Beauty Secrets’ Brows Crowning Artistry Henna Strokes will take care of all your concerns.

What the Brows Crowning Artistry Henna Strokes process looks like

The process of the Brows Crowning Artistry Henna Strokes is similar to that of a traditional brow embroidery, except the technique and administration of the colour pigments are completely different. Since there won’t be any tiny lesions made on your skin, a numbing cream is not required. Using the henna dye, your brow artist will use a fine-tipped nib to fill in your brows with realistic, hair-like strokes.

Here’s what will happen before and after your brow tinting session!

Step 1: Brow analysis
During your consultation, one of Avone Beauty Secrets’ specialists will assess your brows and skin condition. This will help them better understand your desired results as well as work out the best brow trend and shape to compliment your face.

Step 2: Creating a brow design
Based on what you discussed during the consultation, the specialist will create various brow shapes that accentuate your brows and enhance your overall features. She will also suggest henna pigment shades to flatter your skin tone.

Step 3: Pre-treatment ritual
After you’ve selected your brow design and colour, your specialist will clean and prep your brow area with Avone Beauty Secrets’ Active Balancing Softener. This creates the perfect canvas for the henna colour pigments to stick on for longer.

Step 4: Say hello to your new brows
And there you have! Perfect, natural-looking brows that require zero downtime. After the 75-minute session, the specialist will provide you with aftercare essentials to keep your arches looking fresh for as long as possible.

How to care for your brows so they last longer

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Avone Beauty Secrets’ Brows Crowning Artistry Henna Strokes typically lasts between two to three months, and its longevity varies on different skin types. If you have dry skin, your henna-filled brows are likely to last longer compared to someone with an oily complexion. Unfortunately for those with existing skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis, the pigments may not be able to last as long on the skin.

Avone Beauty Secrets Brows Crowning Henna Strokes Example 3

To keep them looking defined for longer, try not to wash and exfoliate your face too regularly. If you’re using a physical scrub or chemical exfoliant, steer clear of your brows when you’re applying it on your skin. You’ll want to stick to water-based products too, as oil-based formulas can cause the henna dye to fade prematurely.

After two to three months, the hair strokes may not look as defined as they used to and you’ll notice lighter brows that have faded evenly. This calls for another session! If you’d like to try the Brows Crowning Artistry Henna Strokes out yourself, you’re in luck. Avone Beauty Secrets is offering the service at a special price of S$180 (U.P. S$400) and a S$20 voucher for first-time customers!

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