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Tracking down a salon that fulfills your beauty needs can be a tricky business. From lash extensions to hair dye to brow embroidery, you can get just about anything done these days for the right price.

Still, the wide variety of options brings about the question: is there even enough time in a day to get all of your grooming needs done?! If thoughts like these have been plaguing you, well, you’re definitely not alone. With this in mind, we set out to find a one-stop beauty salon that fulfills all of our beauty needs in one go.

The candidate at the top of our list? Avone Beauty Secrets. And we are challenging ourselves to complete four beauty services within two hours. Can Avone and us do it? Read on and find out!

Who is Avone Beauty Secrets?

Avone Beauty Secrets Interior

With numerous accolades under their belt and ten outlets island-wide, Avone Beauty Secrets is, undoubtedly, one of the most accessible and recognised one-stop salons in Singapore. From hair treatments to facials to lash extensions, they offer a variety of beauty services that are sure to please most beauty junkies. But don’t go thinking that this means they skimp on quality!

Their eyebrow embroidery techniques have garnered rave reviews from publications and the public alike, and they remain to be the only Beauty and Embroidery Faceworks Chain in Singapore to have obtained recognition from the prestigious International Beauty And Health General Union Of Korea.

Avone Beauty Secrets Interior Nails

With these reassuring statistics in mind, we approached the salon to see if we could try out some of their most popular services in just two hours. After much deliberation, we sent one of our writers down to try out their K-Gloss Hair Treatment, Classic Brow Tint, HydroPLUS Xpress Facial, and a Classic Mani-Pedi.

 Four different types of services, at one go?! We know, we’re as apprehensive as you are. Read on to see what our writer thought of the experience!

Avone Beauty Secrets Review: HydroPLUS Xpress Facial

I was definitely wary when my editor first pitched to me what she had in mind. Personally, it didn’t seem possible to wrap up all my beauty needs at a single location and to finish four complete beauty services in two hours, but nevertheless, I went down to the salon with an open mind.

The facial I am supposed to try out is known as the HydroPLUS X Facial, which doesn’t include the full extraction process that is actually present in the full HydroPLUS facial. I actually preferred getting the express facial, really, because I really didn’t want to emerge out of the salon with red, inflamed skin that is typical of all extractions!

Avone Beauty Secrets Reception

Upon arrival, I was ushered to a reception area to fill out some forms to get a thorough understanding of my current skin condition. My therapist, Fiona, then very patiently addressed all my concerns and walked me through what would be happening throughout all four procedures I would be taking on today.

Avone Beauty Secrets Spa Cabin

The first beauty service of the day? The Avone Beauty Secrets HydroPLUS Xpress Facial, which I was told is a treatment that will give me glowing, rejuvenated skin in just 30 minutes. What in the world?!

Avone Beauty Secrets Before Facial

Skin prior to the facial.

I wasn’t dealing with any breakouts that day, though my skin does look dull and lifeless, as you can tell, with there being a scattering of pimples over my forehead and cheek area. A luminous, dewy complexion is exactly what the doctor (or in my case, a facial therapist) ordered, really.

Avone Beauty Secrets Hydroplus Facial Cleansing One

The process began with a quick double cleanse of my skin.

Avone Beauty Secrets Hydroplus Facial Cleansing Two

I could feel the remnants of my makeup and impurities melt off my skin as Fiona worked at my skin in deft, sure movements. My skin felt thoroughly cleansed by the time she was done, but not tight or stripped, which happens to me more often than not during facials.

Avone Beauty Secrets Hydroplus Facial Diamond Peel One

We then moved on to the exfoliating, which I was told helps remove dead skin cells and any clogs from my skin with the help of a microdermabrasion wand, leaving me with clean, healthy skin after.

Avone Beauty Secrets Hydroplus Facial Diamond Peel Two

I’m warned that it’ll feel a little like sandpaper rubbing against my skin, though there is definitely no pain involved. I found this to be a pretty apt description, considering how I could feel it exfoliating and scrubbing my skin gently! The motion of the microdermabrasion wand actually even gets to be pretty soothing — I found myself fighting sleep as Fiona worked its way around the different areas of my face.

Avone Beauty Secrets Essence

The next step to the HydroPLUS Xpress Facial? The application of serum. Utilising intensive ultrasound waves to allow Pure Nano Collagen Molecules to penetrate right into the dermis layer of your skin, this winning formula helps boost collagen production and increases your skin’s moisture levels.

The solution feels really cooling, which I enjoyed greatly. Apparently, fine lines, pores, and the appearance of wrinkles are greatly reduced from this step alone. Score!

The serum was left on for 10 minutes while Fiona gave me a shoulder massage, ending off the facial by putting on some moisturiser for me.

Avone Beauty Secrets After Hydroplus Facial

(Left: skin prior to facial. Right: skin right after the facial). 

I was feeling incredibly relaxed by the end of it, and my skin appeared noticeably brighter immediately after the procedure. And it was in just half an hour, too! I’m told that this is a pretty popular procedure amongst the lunch crowd— the short duration allows for a quick skin rejuvenation in between office hours. I would have marveled at my skin condition a little more, except apparently now it was time for the next procedure in my beautifying routine for the day: the Classic Brow Tint.

The Avone Beauty Secrets HydroPLUS Xpress facial (30 mins) costs SGD108. The HydroPLUS facial (90 mins) costs SGD208.

Avone Beauty Secrets Review: Classic Brow Tint

30 minutes gone, and I have 90 more minutes to spare. Next stop: Fix my brows!

My non-existent, barely-there brows are the bane of my existence, so I was pretty excited to try out the Classic Brow Tint treatment. Plus, this one doesn’t involve any threading, plucking or waxing whatsoever — so I’ll be able to keep all of my very sparse brow hairs as it is. Phew! The brow tint uses semi-permanent vegetable dye to give a thicker, fuller look instead, which I was definitely curious about.

Avone Beauty Secrets Brow Trimming

My therapist, Sammi, kicked things off by trimming and shaping my brows, first. Mine is especially messy and tend to grow just about everywhere, so I really appreciated her steadfast patience in neatening them for me. Once that was done, we moved onto the next step: choosing between the different brow styles.

Avone Beauty Secrets Brow Shaping

Unlike brow embroideries, brow tint treatments allow you to give the brow shape you have in mind a test-drive first before committing to it — which I definitely appreciated, considering how many beauty disasters I’ve had due to my impulsive nature. Sammi consulted me as to what sort of brows I’m looking to get, before presenting me with two different options: one that is a little more straight and thick, and another with a little arch to it.

After some deliberation, I decided to go with the latter.

Avone Beauty Secrets Brow Tinting

Avone Beauty Secrets Brow Shaping Two

The entire process took 30 minutes in total, with no discernible sensation throughout. I was worried that I would experience sensitivity or redness — as there is alcohol involved in the formulation of the vegetable dye— but as you can tell, my skin did not experience any reactions or flare-ups in the slightest.

Avone Beauty Secrets Brow Tinting After

Brows immediately after the tinting

I liked how natural yet full my brows appeared right after the treatment! I was worried about it looking too thick or dark, but my therapists really made sure to take my preferences into account, which I appreciated.

The Avone Beauty Secrets Classic Brows Tint costs SGD78.

Avone Beauty Secrets Review: K-Gloss Hair Treatment and Mani-Pedi

Two services down, two more to go, and I have 60 minutes to complete a hair treatment and mani-pedi. I thought I was going to fail the challenge but then I found out that, as a one-stop beauty salon, Avone Beauty Secrets is able to help customers who want both hair and nail services to do both at the same time. What a time-saver!

Avone Beauty Secrets K Gloss Before

My hair prior to the K-Gloss treatment.

The K-Gloss Treatment was up, and this treatment made me feel both excited and apprehensive in equal measure. My hair has been pretty frizzy lately, especially after I dyed it, so a treatment that would give me shiny, glossy locks sounded like heaven sent. Though, apparently, it doesn’t quite work exactly like most hair treatments: you’ll only see optimal results after one to two washes, with it feeling stiff or even sticky in the first 48 hours. The effects from it can last up to months though, no matter how many times you wash it. Sounds like a pretty good trade-off to me.

Avone Beauty Secrets K Gloss Washing Hair

The treatment started off with a hair wash and scalp massage before I was escorted back to my chair to have the treatment applied to my wet hair.

Avone Beauty Secrets K Gloss Application

Avone Beauty Secrets K Gloss Application Close Up

The chemical odour to the treatment was strong, as I was warned beforehand by my hairstylist. It did make my eyes sting a little, but it definitely doesn’t irritate your eyes too much. My eyes adapted eventually, and while I could feel the treatment weighing down on my locks, it wasn’t an uncomfortable sensation.

Avone Beauty Secrets K Gloss All Steam Machine

My hair was then placed into an all-steam machine for 10 minutes. In those 10 minutes, my manicurist and pedicurist worked on my hands and feet to give me an express session from a pretty wide selection of breathable polishes.

Avone Beauty Secrets Mani Pedi Application Nail Colours

Infused with Argan Oil, Pro Vit B, and Pro Vit C, ORLY is also one of the nail polish brands out there that is certified halal and Wudhu-friendly! It also has an all-in-one function, with no base coat or top coat needed to ensure your polish dries quickly and stays on after.

Avone Beauty Secrets Mani Pedi Application

Avone Beauty Secrets Mani Pedi Application Two

I opted for classic shades and sat back and relaxed as they painted at my toes and fingers with remarkable efficiency.

Avone Beauty Secrets K Gloss Straightening

Avone Beauty Secrets K Gloss Straightening Two

With my manicure and pedicure left to dry, the final step to my K-Gloss Treatment was to use a straightening iron to let all those good-for-your-hair nutrients to sink straight down into the follicle. This treatment is activated by heat, too, so this serves as the final step to get that glossy sheen that we’ve been seeing on everyone’s Instagram feed.

Avone Beauty Secrets K Gloss All After Straight

The end result? Locks that appear amazingly glossy and silky. Sure, it still felt a little stiff to touch, but that’s what expected from the treatment. My dyed hair also appeared significantly brighter and shinier, as if I just had it coloured a month back instead of nearly half a year ago.

Avone Beauty Secrets K Gloss All After Curl

Hair right after the treatment.

You can even opt to get it curled, right after the treatment! Tying and styling your hair is perfectly fine, though it is recommended that you don’t do any sort of chemical treatment to your locks for at least two weeks after undergoing the K-Gloss treatment.

The Avone Beauty Secrets K-Gloss Treatment ranges from SGD238 to SGD288 depending on hair length. The classic manicure and pedicure cost SGD68.

What did I make of this experience?

Overall, I would have to say I loved the convenient and efficient aspect of a one-stop salon! The impeccable quality of the service surprised me, too, and I can say with total confidence that the therapists at Avone Beauty Secrets are certainly more than qualified at fulfilling a wide range of beauty needs. I would highly recommend the salon for anyone who is looking for a quick grooming pick-me-up in the pocket of free time you can find in the day, or if you’re looking to get multiple treatments done and want it done professionally while saving tons of time.

Quality and quantity? Yup, apparently it’s possible after all.

Avone Beauty Secrets Flagship Outlets:

  • Waterway Point: 83 Punggol Central, #01-39, Singapore 828761 | Contact: 6385 2822
  • Kallang Wave Mall: 1 Stadium Place, #01-50, Singapore 397628 | Contact: 6702 7880

Avone Beauty Secrets Outlets:

  • Central: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #03-42 Singapore 059817 | Contact: 6224 6268
  • Nex: 23 Serangoon Central #02-25, Singapore 556083 | Contact: 6509 1151
  • Jubilee Square: 61 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, #04-01/02 Singapore 569814 | Contact: 6455 6658
  • Jem: 50 Jurong Gateway Road, #03-42 Singapore 608549 | Contact: 6734 7311
  • Parkway Parade: 80 Marine Parade Road, #01-54/55 Singapore 449269 | Contact: 6348 7661
  • JCube: 2 Jurong East Central 1,#02-12 Singapore 609731 | Contact: 6592 0788
  • Northpoint City: 930 Yishun Ave 2, #B1-174 Singapore 769098 (South Wing) | Contact:  6636 0890
  • Century Square: 2 Tampines Central #02-11 Singapore 529509 | Contact: 6260 1817


Interested in trying out these services for yourself?

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  • HydroPLUS Xpress Facial $38 (U.P $108)
  • Classic Brows Tint $48 (U.P $78)
  • Express Manicure & Pedicure $28 (U.P $38)
  • K-gloss Hair Treatment $199 (U.P $288)

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