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Salon-worthy tresses are what you’ll get when you style your hair with BaByliss’ hair styling products!

The brand has a gorgeous range of products that includes everything from curling irons, thermo-ceramic rollers, to hairbrushes – even a hot air styling brush multitasks as a brush, hairdryer, and curler.

A brand that is loved by professional stylists, BaByliss is well-respected in the global hair industry and their products are often used to create arresting hair looks at major European fashion shows.

The beginnings of BaByliss

babyliss singapore cordless

The French brand was born in 1961 when Parisian hair designers, Rene Lelievre and Roger Lemoine, created the first electric curling iron. BaByliss then went on to innovate many new products over the years, like the first clippers for consumers in 1993 and the first automatic hair curler in 2013. Plus, they ensure excellent quality by continuously upgrading their current products.

The pioneer and an innovator of hair products for decades, BaByliss is the go-to brand for when it comes to curling, straightening, or maintaining silky-smooth tresses at home or on the go.

Where to buy BaByliss products in Singapore

Although BaByliss doesn’t ship internationally or have physical stores in Singapore, there are many other online retailers that offer a wide selection of BaByliss products at reasonable prices and with affordable shipping options.


babyliss singapore - airstyle

ASOS is a British online retailer for fashion and cosmetics products, and it sells over 850 brands on top of its own range of clothing as well as accessories.

ASOS offers a good variety of BaByliss products that include hairdryers, brushes, and men’s trimmers. Plus, if you’re looking for BaByliss items that have elegant designs on top of superior quality, you’ll be able to find them here.

Pretty in shades of pink are the BaByliss Curl Secret Gold Gift Set (S$233.99), BaByliss Berry Crush Straightener (S$73.18), and BaByliss Berry Crush Hairdryer (S$54.47), to name a few.

ASOS offers standard delivery with seven working days of tracking for S$12.01. You can also enjoy free delivery if you spend more than S$64.99, which is easy to hit especially with the many other brands that you can shop on ASOS.

Shop BaByliss on ASOS.


babyliss singapore - midnight blue

Lookfantastic carries over 500 premium brands for beauty on its site. It’s no surprise that you can find a substantial range of products from BaByliss here!

It’s also easy to sift through the store to find products that suit you, as they’re organised according to categories like Hair Care, Male Grooming, and Set & Kits. You can also search according to price range to keep within your budget.

Pssst! If you love deep blues, then you’ll be happy to find BaByliss’ Midnight Luxe DC Hair Dryer (S$74) and Midnight Luxe Titanium Ceramic Hair Straightener (S$129.50) on Lookfantastic.

Lookfantastic charges a Standard Delivery fee of S$8.50 without tracking, and provides free Standard Delivery if you spend over S$51 on your orders. Tracked Delivery costs S$12 and takes eight to 12 working days.

Shop BaByliss on Lookfantastic.


babyliss singapore - rose blush

Boohoo offers the best of fashion and beauty products online, and has been doing so since 2006. It’s got 11 million followers on Instagram, so you can trust that it offers the hottest and best-loved items that you’ll want to get your hands on.

The store currently carries a total of 14 BaByliss products, including brushes, hairdryers, and rollers. We also think that the BaByliss items on Boohoo are all super stylish – you can find the Rose Blush Styling Brush (S$16) and Rose Blush Curling Wand (S$51) in pretty pastel pink, as well as the Volume Waves Tong Hair Styler (S$38) that’s in pale gold.

Shop BaByliss on Boohoo.


Amazon offers a very limited selection of BaByliss products, which include the BaByliss Miracurl Hair Styler (S$90), BaByliss Pro Curl (S$56.02), BaByliss Salon Light Dryer (S$61), and BaByliss Pro 235 Straightener (S$65).

However, if any of these are the products on your must-have list, and especially if you’re an Amazon Prime member, then it might be worth ordering from Amazon. Amazon Prime members enjoy free shipping for Standard Delivery, whereas non-Prime members will enjoy free shipping with orders above S$40.

Shop BaByliss on Amazon.


babyliss singapore - deep waves (1)

HQhair sells a plethora of beauty products ranging from hair care to fragrances. Under haircare, they have products from over 80 cult-favourite or niche brands such as Moroccanoil, OUAI, and of course, BaByliss.

You’ll find hair wands, hairbrushes, hair curlers, and more sorted into clear product and price categories that make it easy for you to navigate. You’ll have to pay a standard cost of S$7.70 for orders under S$76.96. However, for orders above, the standard cost doesn’t apply.

On top of that, Standard Delivery is priced at S$18.86. For orders above S$184.71, Standard Delivery is free.

Shop BaByliss on HQhair.


You’re probably no stranger to Lazada, one of Southeast Asia’s leading e-commerce platforms. You’ll also be able to shop BaBybliss products from Lazada, of which many of the items can be delivered to your doorstep for free. Since BaBybliss items on Lazada are sold by different sellers, you can also view customer reviews to check the reliability of the seller or products.

Shop BaByliss on Lazada.

Best BaByliss products and where to get them in Singapore

BaByliss Big Hair Airstyler

babyliss singapore - big hair

There’s no denying how luscious hair feels right after a professional blow-dry at the salon. Well, with BaByliss Big Hair, you can now achieve salon-worthy locks every day and right at home.

BaByliss Big Hair is a rotating hot air brush that’s designed with a 50mm ceramic barrel and dual-rotating action. It uses a mix of soft bristles that comb through your hair to give you smooth, frizz-free locks without breakages.

Here’s how the appliance works: you divide your towel-dried hair into sections, then use the Big Hair brush to comb through starting near the scalp. As you comb downwards, press the rotation button so that your hair holds glorious, natural waves as it dries.

We’ve seen before-and-after pictures of hair that have been styled by BaByliss Big Hair, and hair really does look like it’s been transformed into silky-smooth tresses with nice, natural waves!

Of the recommended stores, ASOS offers the best price at S$88.99 and with free shipping. This is accurate at the time of writing.

This product is also available at Lookfantastic

BaByliss Titanium Brilliance Waves

babyliss singapore - brilliance waves curling iron

Bring out your natural waves or refresh your hairstyle with BaByliss Titanium Brilliance Waves wand!

With a 28mm true-titanium barrel that provides fast-action heat transfer, the BaByliss Titanium Brilliance Waves wand creates bouncy waves that last all day. It has six digital heat settings that go up to 210°C, giving you precise control over the temperature applied to hair.

All you have to do is wrap each section of your hair around the curling iron and hold for a few seconds, then make your way through the various sections of your hair. The result is gentle curls, much like the subtle wavy locks spotted on our favourite Korean celebrities.

Of the recommended stores, HQhair offers the best price at S$58 with S$18.86 for Standard Delivery. ASOS matches the price closely at S$77.99 and with free delivery. This is accurate at the time of writing.

This product is also available at Lookfantastic

BaByliss Deep Waves

babyliss singapore - deep waves

If you much prefer tighter curls, then BaByliss Deep Waves is the curling iron that you need to add to your shopping cart instead.

BaByliss Deep Waves uses a tong design where you put your hair in between, then clamp down on it with the device. Made with large tourmaline-ceramic plates, the iron quickly creates tight zig-zagging curls on your hair whilst giving it a smooth, frizz-free finish.

The appliance also has a super chic black and bronze design to elevate your experience as you style your hair each morning!

Of the recommended stores, ASOS offers the best price at S$79.67 and with free shipping. This is accurate at the time of writing.

This product is also available at HQhair and Boohoo

BaByliss Straight and Curl Brilliance Hair Straightener

babyliss singapore - straight and curl brilliance hair straightener

Switch up your hairstyle every other day with the BaByliss Straight and Curl Brilliance Hair Straightener that lends you two-in-one straightening and curling action for salon-worthy styles.

With long 120mm titanium plates, the straightener glides through your hair easily without tugging at it or causing strands to break. It also uses ionic technology to retain your hair’s moisture and give it a lustrous glow.

You don’t even have to tap your fingers as you wait for the device to heat up. This BaByliss straightener has a quick 15-second heat-up time so that you can prep your hair in the shortest possible time in the mornings.

The five temperature settings that go up to 235°C gives you control over straight and curly styles – whatever suits your mood for the day!

Of the recommended stores, HQhair offers the best price at S$222 and with free shipping. ASOS offers the next best price at S$233.99 and with free shipping. This is accurate at the time of writing.

BaByliss Smooth Pro Wide 235 Straightener

babyliss singapore - BaByliss Smooth Pro Wide 235 Straightener

The BaByliss Smooth Pro Wide 235 Straightener is everything you need to manage long or thick hair.

Made with wider (35mm) and longer styling plates, the iron clamps down on and slides through the sections of your hair easily. Instead of struggling with the iron as your hairs fall from its grasp, you’ll be able to straighten large sections of your hair at a time with absolute ease.

The BaByliss Smooth Pro Wide 235 Straightener isn’t just good for saving you precious seconds in the day. Using its unique Advanced Ceramics technology, it also gives satin-smooth results that last longer!

Of the recommended stores, Lookfantastic offers the best price at S$111 and with free shipping. This is accurate at the time of writing.

This product is also available at ASOS and HQhair

BaByliss Thermo Ceramic Rollers

babyliss singapore - thermo-ceramic rollers

Another way to create your curls each morning is to use the BaByliss Thermo Ceramic Rollers.

The soft-touch rollers come in a set of 20 and in small, medium, and large sizes that let you create either smaller, tighter curls or larger, softer waves. They’re also infused with ceramic to retain high heat for longer-lasting curls. Each roller has a heat indicator dot that turns from red to white once the ideal temperature is reached and it’s ready to be used.

The set also comes complete with 10 super clips and eight large metal pins for securing the rollers in place.

Of the recommended stores, Lookfantastic offers the best price at S$74 and with free shipping. This is accurate at the time of writing.

This product is also available at ASOS and HQhair

BaByliss Super Power Pro 2400 Hair Dryer

babyliss singapore - BaByliss Super Power Pro 2400

Dressed in elegant matte black with rose gold details, the BaByliss Super Power Pro 2400 Hair Dryer gives your hair a velvety, salon-quality finish fast.

With 2400-watt power, a nimble blow and tousle of the hair will soon transform your wet locks into flowing tresses. Along with a concentrator nozzle as well as three heat and two temperature settings, the hairdryer delivers strong, concentrated airflow so you can dry your hair effortlessly and within minutes.

The hairdryer also uses ionic frizz control and ceramic technology for a high-shine finish. Reviewers also give their thumbs up to this hairdryer, saying that it doesn’t just dry but it also leaves the hair smooth and shiny.

Of the recommended stores, this product can only be found at ASOS for S$116.99 and with free shipping. This is accurate at the time of writing.

BaByliss Men Super Clipper

babyliss singapore - men super clipper

BaByliss is not just for the ladies. The brand also carries excellent products made for men: clippers and trimmers. The BaByliss Men Super Clipper is a fan-favourite, earning 4.8 stars out of five on ASOS and with reviewers liking the slick feel of the clipper.

They were also particularly impressed with the quality as well as evenness of the cut. It’s praised for being easy to use and having a battery that lasts for ages too.

The BaByliss Men Super Clipper is a cordless hair clipper that uses Japanese-style blades to deliver a smooth and effortless cut. Its eight attachments also allow you to adjust according to the length, so you can achieve any hairdo that you desire!

Of the recommended stores, HQhair offers the best price at S$123 and with S$18.86 for Standard Delivery. This is accurate at the time of writing.

This product is also available at ASOS and Lookfantastic

Feature image credit: @babyliss/Instagram