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As the weather gets more frustrating to manage, so do our dry and frizzy hair situations. All we want is to have smooth, perfect, and Instagram-worthy hair that’s worthy of envy.

Whether you’ve got damaged hair or not, sometimes using the right hair products and taking care of your hair properly still doesn’t do it justice.

If you’ve tried everything and been doing all you can to get rid of unruly, frizzy tresses but to no avail, it’s high time to look for effective hair treatments.

Stop ruminating on what you could be doing wrong in your hair care routine and invest all that time, energy, and dollars into a solution that’s proven with glowing reviews!

Read on to find out more about the highly raved Bada Hair Cinderella Treatment and one Daily Vanity team member’s honest review.

Cinderella Treatment: The popular Korean hair treatment that gives you hair like K-pop stars

bada hair cinderella treatment review

Credit: Bada Hair Korean Hair Salon

We’re well aware that there are plenty of hair treatments available everywhere, but we’re here to narrow down for you the best keratin hair treatment from Korea.

If smooth, straight, and celebrity-like hair is the style you’re going for, the Cinderella Treatment is right up your alley!

Lauded as a treatment that can revolutionise frizzy hair, this trendy Korean hair treatment lets you see visible results and achieve silky tresses in just one session.

Key ingredients

More than just a regular keratin treatment, Bada Hair’s Cinderella Treatment contains organic ingredients like onion and aloe vera.

Yes, you read that right. The mighty, tear-inducing onion that’s commonly found in our kitchens has moisturising properties! It helps to repair the hair before a plant-based hydrolysed keratin is infused into your hair strands.

Other beneficial ingredients include wheat, peach, lemon, orange, and coconut oil.

Award-winning treatment with long-lasting results


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Bada Hair’s Cinderella Treatment has won multiple awards over the years, from Women’s Weekly’s 2017 Hair Awards to Harper’s Bazaar’s Hair Awards.

The salon has a nearly perfect 4.9-star rating on Google with over 5,800 reviews. And this keratin treatment has garnered over 40,000 satisfied customers too!

Here’s what a happy customer, Lilian, had to say about the treatment:

“Highly recommended! My hair stylist Zac Kam recommended a keratin Cinderella Treatment for my frizzy hair with natural curls. Now my hair looks healthier, feels much softer, and smells good!”

Plus, based on how you treat your hair after, your silky-smooth hair will last up to three months! The less you wash your hair, the longer the protective coating on the strands is preserved.

Safe and free of formaldehyde

bada hair cinderella treatment review

The Bada Hair Cinderella Treatment uses the only keratin product that promotes hair growth.

It also doesn’t contain formaldehyde, which studies have shown can lead to cancer and is typically found in several keratin treatments or hair smoothing products.

For the uninitiated, formaldehyde is a colourless, pungent, and flammable chemical that is made industrially and used in building materials like plywood.

Not something you’d want to be applied to your hair since side effects of formaldehyde exposure range from eye problems and sore throats to chest pain and rashes.

Suitable for all hair types

bada hair cinderella treatment review

Unlike regular rebonding hair services that many undergo for smooth, straight hair, the Cinderella Treatment doesn’t use any harsh chemicals.

Meaning to say, it’s absolutely safe and suited for all types of hair, including coloured and bleached hair.

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Cinderella Treatment review: The process

Hair analysis and hair prep

bada hair cinderella treatment review

“After getting ushered to my seat, I was introduced to my stylists, senior director Issac and his assistant. He introduced the Cinderella Treatment to me and explained the steps and how it will benefit my hair.

Isaac checked on my hair type and mentioned how it was thick. He also added about how long the treatment might take based on my hair type, which in my case will take around 90 minutes.”

bada hair cinderella treatment review

“After the analysis, Issac’s assistant brought me to the hair washing station and started to double cleanse my hair, which was to shampoo my hair twice with warm water to get rid of all the possible product buildup I have. This includes hair serums, leave-in conditioners, or any hair styling products.

I liked that they double-cleansed my hair. I can’t deny that the hair wash steps have always been my favourite part of visiting the hair salon and the wash at Bada Hair was so therapeutic!”

Application of keratin treatment product

“When the hairwashing was done, I was brought back to my seat while the assistant towel-dried my hair. Issac starts to comb and detangle my hair, making sure that there aren’t any knots in my hair.”

bada hair cinderella treatment review

“At this point, his assistant brought a pair of ear covers and a face cover. I assume this is so the treatment doesn’t get on my face and ears when they’re applying it.”

bada hair cinderella treatment review

“Once he sectioned my hair, he applied the treatment to my damp hair with the help of his assistant. I didn’t feel any discomfort and also felt that both Issac and his assistant were really meticulous in handling my hair.”

bada hair cinderella treatment review

“After that, they placed cling wrap over and around my hair to let the treatment seep in and oxidise for about 10 to 12 minutes.”

Here’s also when I could feast on my complimentary hot Yuzu tea and snacks, which is one of the supporting factors for their promise of world-class customer service.”

Hair straightening: Removing the frizz

bada hair cinderella treatment review

“I think the Cinderella Treatment is really unique. For most treatments, the product is rinsed off after keeping it on the hair for a period of time.

However, for Bada Hair’s keratin treatment, the product is left on my hair during the blow-drying and straightening steps.”

bada hair cinderella treatment review

“After letting the treatment oxidise, they started to blow dry my hair. Throughout the whole treatment process, Isaac gave me a heads-up on what he was about to do next for each step.

He was attentive to my needs and made sure I was always comfortable, especially for the blow-drying step since some customers have commented that the product tends to smell or feel a little “spicy” (making their eyes water).

He advised me to close my eyes and let me know when it was okay to open them. However, in my opinion, I didn’t really notice a smell or had any eye reactions.”

bada hair cinderella treatment review

“It took a while to dry my thick hair but once it dried, they started to work on my hair and tame the frizz with a hair straightener.

I wasn’t too worried about my hair being damaged with the application of heat onto my tresses, as I was told by my hair stylist that it’s necessary to seal the treatment in and that the keratin product requires heat to be activated.”


bada hair cinderella treatment review

“My hair was rinsed with warm water after straightening it. Then, Issac sprayed a hair cuticle sealer onto my damp hair as the final step. This is to protect my hair strands and seal the treatment in.”

bada hair cinderella treatment review

“Lastly, they blow-dried my hair and started to style it lightly and naturally as the finishing touches of my now celeb-worthy tresses!

This was also one of my favourite parts of the Cinderella Treatment as I could already see the difference in my hair texture.”

Cinderella Treatment review: The results

bada hair cinderella treatment review

“Personally, I have done Olaplex treatments and rebonded my hair when I was younger. I find it rather interesting how the treatment uses heat since it’s normally thought that heat would damage the hair rather than help it.”

My expectations were managed well as Bada Hair’s stylists made sure I understood how the treatment works. Although my hair was straightened, I was informed that it’s different from rebonding and won’t make my tresses pin straight.

Instead, it helps to keep my mane frizz-free and make it more manageable. So, as someone with hair that’s wavy at some parts, I can still expect to see some waves.

My hair is usually poofy, frizzy, and dry-looking since the bottom half of it was bleached and dyed before. It was nice to see my hair straight and transformed to look very healthy. It felt really soft and smooth and I couldn’t stop brushing my hair with my fingers too!

Two days after the treatment, I washed my hair and was quite amazed by how soft and smooth it still is. Since the treatment is heat-activated, I noticed how my locks felt really good and soft to the touch after blow-drying my hair on my own.

This is something I rarely see in my normal hair treatments. In the past, my hair wouldn’t feel the same after the first wash. Sometimes, it even reverts back to its original condition.”

bada hair cinderella treatment review

“I’ll have to see how my hair holds up for the next few weeks but for now, I’m really impressed with how my hair was made smooth, shiny, and frizz-free immediately and how lasting the effects are. I can see why it’s Korea’s No.1 keratin treatment.

I also like how the keratin treatment is partially (70%) organic, which means you can do other chemical hair services together with the Cinderella Treatment despite the use of heat.

I would recommend the Bada Hair Cinderella Treatment to my friends, family, and all Daily Vanity readers! If you have the means to do so, it’s undoubtedly a treatment you should try.”

About Bada Hair Korean Hair Salon

bada hair cinderella treatment review

This Jeju-inspired Korean hair salon is possibly the most wondrously relaxing beauty lounge in Singapore.

Nestled in bustling Orchard Road with a cosy nature interior featuring real birch tree trunks from Korea, it’s a nice contrast to the busy streets and high-rise buildings.

A go-to hair salon to treat yourself after a day of work or shopping therapy.

bada hair cinderella treatment review

‘Bada’ is derived from the Korean word 바다 which means Sea, mimicking their stylists’ innovative ideas and limitless creativity.

Some hair services that Bada Hair specialises in are haircuts, perming, rebonding, colouring, and hair and scalp treatments.

The salon puts the customer’s comfort as the top priority while being committed to providing premium products and services.

There’s even an 8-day promise where you can go back to the salon to have any beauty service corrected should you find yourself less than satisfied with the results.

Enjoy S$50 OFF the Cinderella Treatment when you mention the promo code <DV50C>!

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Bada Hair Korean Hair Salon Cinderella Treatment is priced from S$300 to S$450 (before GST).

Address: 333A Orchard Road, Mandarin Gallery, #03-13, Singapore 238897
Contact: WhatsApp 8133 0818 here or book online here
Opening hours: 10am – 8pm (Mon to Thu, Sat and Sun) | 10.30am – 8pm (Fri)
Website | Facebook | Instagram

This article is brought to you by Bada Hair Korean Hair Salon. 

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