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It’s no surprise that liquid lipsticks are highly-raved about and sought-after. Generally known for their matte finish and extended wear time throughout the day, liquid lipsticks are found in many brands with their own unique versions.

You’ve probably heard of liquid lipsticks from brands like Stila, MAC, Revlon and Silkygirl that are readily available in stores in Singapore. But have you checked out indie brands like Colourpop, OFRA Cosmetics and Color Kill that many beauty enthusiasts are swearing by?

Online cosmetics retailer Coma Makeup carries many much raved about cult brands such as Morphe, Girlactik and OFRA Cosmetics at affordable prices, so it’s not surprising that we were able to find all nine liquid lipsticks from the indie brands we wanted to try for this showdown on their website.

These nine liquid lipsticks are reviewed by three of us in the DV team, and we’ve rated them according to the following criteria:

  • Comfort (Is it sticky? Is it drying? How does it feel on the lips?)
  • Saturation and Colour (How does the colour look? Is the colour payoff good? How many swipes are needed to get the perfect look?)
  • Longevity (Is it long-lasting? How does it look like after food?)
  • Ease of removing the product (Can we remove with just a wet tissue? Does it stain your lips? Is it easy to remove? Excessive wiping of the lips can be painful!)
  • Bonus points (Nice packaging? Nice scent? Smart packaging?)

Our writers rated each category from 1 -10, 1 being the worst, and 10 being the best. The score from each category will then be averaged out and that will be the final rating for the liquid lipstick.

Let’s begin!

1. OFRA Cosmetics Longwear Liquid Lipstick in “Charmed” , SGD21

Juliet OFRA 10

This is my favourite liquid lipstick among the three I tested in terms of comfort. It’s easy to wear, feels really good, and it doesn’t hurt that it has a nice scent to it. I liked the colour that I tried too. However, this seems to transfer the most easily compared to the other two. It gets onto everything my lips touch, so I don’t recommend eating food like pau or burger that I had for breakfast and lunch that day. In fact, it even “double transferred” from the pau to my chin. But if you are sure you can have just “dainty food” that day, you’ll love the comfort and colour payoff of this liquid lipstick.

1. Comfort

This is extremely hydrated and feels good on the lips.

Juliet OFRA 7

2. Saturation and colour

Colour payoff is good and all I needed was one swipe to get all the intensity I needed on my lips. I also really liked the colour that I wore.

ofra liquid lipstick

3. Longevity

It stains everything that I eat very easily and everything comes off totally as soon as I finished lunch.

It stains all the food I ate

It stains all the food I ate

4. Ease of removing the product

It’s very, very easy to remove it. It leaves no stain on the lips afterwards too.

5. Bonus points

It smells like caramel, which makes it nice to wear. The applicator is also easy to use.

Average score: 8.25/10

Get the OFRA Cosmetics Longwear Liquid Lipstick here.

2. Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in “Bad Habit” , SGD13

Juliet Colourpop 7

I find this most drying, although the colour is the most intense. Even after eating and drinking, this continues to stay on as a nice stain and its colour doesn’t fade. I don’t think I might recommend it to first-time matte lippie wearers, but seasoned ones will love the colour payoff.

1 . Comfort 

It is very watery and doesn’t feel sticky at all. However, upon application, it dries quickly and goes matte immediately. Remember to exfoliate your lips because it might emphasise on the lines and dryness of your lips.

Juliet Colourpop 5

2. Saturation and colour

The colour was super intense. Definitely only need one swipe to get it right. I like the bold colour I was given, but it probably will scare off those who don’t wear bold lippies that much.

colorpop liquid lipstick

3. Longevity
While it stains easily onto anything my lips touched, it is very long lasting. After eating and drinking, it still looks pretty intense.

4. Ease of removing the product

Surprisingly, it was easy. I used a cleansing wipe and was able to get it off within one swipe. It also doesn’t stain the lips except for the parts where there’s dry skin, it clings on for longer.

It comes off easily after one swipe.

It comes off easily after one swipe.

5. Bonus points

Average score: 8.75/10

Get Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip here.

3. City Color Cosmetics Creamy Lips in “Mai Tai”, SGD12

This honestly doesn’t leave a deep impression because among the three, it doesn’t have an especially prominent stand-out point.

Juliet City Colors 12

1. Comfort 


It is very creamy and feels comfortable on the lips.

2. Saturation and colour

The intensity is great, and I needed just one swipe to get the look right. I don’t have strong feelings towards the colour.

Juliet City Colors 1

3. Longevity


It doesn’t last very long, like the Ofra one, everything disappears after one meal.

It comes off quite quickly.

It comes off quite quickly.

4. Ease of removing the product

It was very easy to remove the product from the lips without leaving any telling traces behind.

5. Bonus points
This is the cheapest of the three on COMA (SGD9.20 after discount, SGD12 before discount). It also has a nice citrus scent to it.

Average score: 7.5/10

Get City Color Cosmetics Creamy Lips here.

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