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About alche{me} Personalised Moisturiser

Alcheme Moisturiser

alche{me}’s Personalised Moisturiser is designed to improve skin’s moisture level affected by air-conditioning and the scorching weather by deeply hydrating skin while locking in moisture.

What makes this moisturiser unique is that it is customised and personalised to suit every unique customer. The moisturiser is created based on each person’s skin diagnosis, lifestyle, and skin priorities so that the solutions can address each customer’s unique skin concerns.

The brand’s formulation is said to focus on lasting long-term results, so users can expect results after 28-days. alche{me} even guarantees free re-formulation if the product isn’t able to solve your problem – a true dedication to ensuring that it works for you!

alche{me} Personalised Moisturiser was also voted as “Best Cream Moisturiser” in the recently concluded Daily Vanity Beauty Awards (DVBA) 2019 – read what the judges loved about it here,

You can get your very own personalised moisturiser here on alche{me}’s website.

alche{me} Personalised Moisturiser: Editor’s review

The concept of “bespoke skincare” is very novel and I’ve never heard of it before I knew about alche{me}.

So how does it customise your products?

In order to understand what your skin needs, alche{me} requires you to go through an online skin consultation. You upload a selfie for analysis and answer questions related to how your skin behaves and reacts, your day-to-day lifestyle, and the city you lives in (so the system can find out how badly pollution might affect you). And within five minutes, you get a report about your skin concerns!

But does the product really deliver what it promises: a moisturiser that addresses the skin woes that you have?

I find that the alche{me} Personalised Moisturiser has a comforting texture that absorbs quickly into skin. My skin feels instantly hydrated and supple upon application, and I like that it sits nicely under makeup, without interfering with it. I have combination skin and often notice my T-zone oiling up by mid-day. I notice that the moisturiser has a mattifying effect on my T-zone, and I don’t suffer as much shine as before since I started using the product.

Alcheme Personalised Moisturiser Editor Review

I’m ready for work with just light makeup.

On nights when I sleep with the air-conditioner on, I wake up with skin that feels less tight and dry. In fact, my skin has a subtle glow and a nice bounce in the morning – something that I certainly appreciate, because it means I can use less makeup and still look presentable for work.

alche{me} Personalised Moisturiser uses only natural ingredients, which is something that feels reassuring. As with any product that I’m using for the first time, I’m always cautious about whether my skin would react to it negatively. Thankfully, this product agrees very well with my skin and I didn’t see any irritation or redness throughout my trial period.

The positive experience that I have with the Personalised Moisturiser makes me want to try out the other products by the brand. It looks like bespoke skincare is not just a hype after all!

20 readers’ reviews on alche{me} Personalised Moisturiser

alche{me} Personalised Moisturiser


Many of the reviewers found that the online skin consultation was very convenient, and that it accurately pinpointed the skin concerns that they had.

They love the lightweight texture of the alche{me} Personalised Moisturiser, which they agree is easily absorbed and does not feel sticky or oily on the skin. The product is also very hydrating, especially for those with drier skin.

Most reviewers report that they did see results after using the moisturiser, and that their skin concerns have been alleviated to some extent, which they are satisfied with. For example, some of them who have acne and oily skin noticed that their breakouts are now under control.

Besides the ability to customise the moisturiser based on their skin concerns, the personalised touch in the packaging also delighted a few of our reviewers.

Alcheme Personalised Moisturiser Review Rachel Selfie

Rachel Low
Concerned with acne and dull skin

When I first received the alche{me} Personalised Moisturiser, I was experiencing very bad breakouts from stress and was looking for an effective solution. The online consultation correctly picked up the fact that I was under high stress, which was really affecting my skin badly. After using my personalised moisturiser in both the day and night, I found that my breakout is now under control! I will definitely continue using this during my evening routine, as I love its refreshing scent – it really sets the mood when I am getting ready for bed. Absolutely recommending this to others!

Alcheme Personalised Moisturiser Review Jasmine Selfie

Jasmine Tsoi
Concerned with oil production and uneven skin tone

I have combination skin, which tends to get oily. Through the online consultation, I found out that I also had an uneven skin tone, and needed to increase my skin’s protection against environmental pollution. I liked the texture, which was a gel that was quickly absorbed and felt comfortable on my skin. My skin felt more moisturised and my overall skin condition has improved. This is actually not my first time using alche{me}’s products – I really like the idea of having my moisturiser personalised through an online consultation. I also love the non-sticky texture that doesn’t make my skin feel oily.

Alcheme Personalised Moisturiser Review Dawn Selfie

Dawn Phua
Concerned with acne, pores, wrinkles, pigmentation

My combination skin and multiple skin concerns (from acne to wrinkles) can make it tricky to get a moisturiser that works. I really love this product, from the fact that I can customise a solution to my problems, and the scent of it. Will repurchase this one from alche{me}!

Alcheme Personalised Moisturiser Review Jessie Selfie

Jessie Quek
Concerned with pigmentation, wrinkles

After I apply the moisturiser, my dry skin feels immediately felt hydrated and looked significantly brighter. I’m fully aware that my dark spots are not going to disappear after short period of usage, but I believe that constant usage will help me to resolve my skin pigmentation issue. This lightweight moisturiser feels watery, and is great to wear under foundation. It is also nice to know that my personalised moisturiser does not contain any extra “ingredients” that my skin can do without.

Alcheme Personalised Moisturiser Review Kym Tey Selfie

Kym Tey
Concerned with pigmentation, sagging eyes

The online questions were easy and fast to complete, and the product reached me in good condition. Despite its thick creamy consistency, it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. In fact, I found that the product was readily absorbed and suitable for both day and night use. It is a very hydrating moisturiser that made my skin feel very smooth, and I don’t see my skin flaking at all. I can actually apply my makeup more easily in the morning. While I did not really see my pigmentation lightened, I am proud to be using alche{me}’s products, as the brand uses environmentally-friendly materials and plant-based ingredients, so I will repurchase this.

Alcheme Personalised Moisturiser Review Alicia Selfie

Alicia Ang
Concerned with dullness and uneven skin

I have dull skin, so I hoped to see brighter and more even skin after using alche{me}’s moisturiser. I like that the product is personalised and customised to my own skin issues, so it allows me to effectively treat the affected areas. Will I buy again? Yes!

Alcheme Personalised Moisturiser Review Candy Tan

Candy Tan
Concerned with fine lines, sagging skin, and puffy eyes

I wanted to improve the appearance of fine lines and get firmer skin with this moisturiser, and I was satisfied with the results. The product actually smells good even though it has no fragrance. It is lightweight and easily absorbed by my skin, so I will buy alche{me}’s Personalised Moisturiser again.

Nicole Tan
Concerned with oil control and acne

It took me a while to get used to the product as the moisturiser has a thick texture. It can be difficult to spread out, so I actually mix it with my serum, and it works! I opted for a fresh cucumber scent, which is really refreshing and different from the usual floral or sweet smell. I observed that my pores look smaller and my face does not get too oily, which I really like. I would recommend this personalised moisturiser because it actually caters to each person’s targeted problems.

Lim Li Ting
Concerned with oil control, acne, and large pores

My key issues are oily skin that is prone to acne and my large pores. I chose a non-scented moisturiser, but I do think there is a woody smell to it. I personally did not see a difference in terms of oil control, but I think I may need more time to try this product over a longer period of time to see more significant results.

Nicole Lee
Concerned with oil control and blemishes

Blemishes are my main skin concerns. In addition, I wanted to improve my skin’s oil control ability. The alche{me} Personalised Moisturiser met my expectations as a moisturiser – it was non oily with a gel-like texture, and my skin did feel more hydrated after usage. However, I will need more time using it to determine its efficacy.

Lim Hui Ning
Concerned with acne, pores, pigmentation

My personalised moisturiser has worked well and helped to improve the appearance of my pores, which was an area of concern identified by my online consultation. I am happy with the product, but I am not sure how well it works for some skin issues (e.g. skin tone) as these will take a longer time to observe. However, I am very satisfied with the results I have seen so far, and want to continue using this. I will also check out other products from alche{me}!

Trish Koon
Concerned with dry skin

Being able to do a skin consultation online was very convenient. I opted for a moisturiser with a fresh cucumber scent, which I did not personally enjoy. I did, however, like the packaging a lot, as there is a personal touch, having your name printed on it. I also felt that the product could be more hydrating, as I have drier combination skin.

Concerned with dry skin

The analysis told me that I have dehydrated skin, so I wanted to find something that can moisturise and balance my skin. I think this moisturiser does improve my skin. The concept of a personalised moisturiser done with an online skin analysis is very good, and I did see an improvement in my skin, so I will repurchase this.

Adelyn Chen
Concerned with dry skin, acne

I have acne caused by dry skin, so I wanted a moisturiser that could really hydrate my skin. This one from alche{me} certainly did the job: I saw an improvement in my skin just within two weeks. I think it definitely suits my skin, and I really love the personal touch provided. I would definitely recommend alche{me}’s Personalised Moisturiser to others. The whole purchase journey is just so convenient – it was quick, yet very personalised!

Amanda Wang
Concerned with dull, uneven skin and wrinkles

My online consultation was very convenient, and it correctly identified the skin issues I wanted to improve: dullness and wrinkles. I loved that the gel-like texture of the product: it was very hydrating, lightweight, and easily absorbed by skin. After weeks of using this, my skin tone and texture have definitely improved. I see that my scars have also lightened and my complexion is a lot more radiant. I definitely recommend this moisturiser from alche{me} because it’s highly customised to each individual’s skin problems, and it has worked very well for me.

Koh Jia Xin
Concerned with fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity

I did observe slight improvements in my skin, although there were not considerably significant as skin is generally okay, except for some minor problems like wrinkles. The good thing about a personalised moisturiser is that each individual’s area of concern focused on. This one also contains botanical active ingredients and feels comfortable on the skin – absolutely not sticky at all – so I will repurchase and recommend this moisturiser from alche{me} to friends who have sensitive skin, and have more skin concerns.

Farhanah Bte Mohamed Amin
Concerned with sagging eyelids, dark circles, puffiness, crow’s feet

My main skin concerns are mostly the skin area around my eyes. According to my consultation, I have sagging eyelids, dark circles, puffiness, and crow feet. I hoped to improve the elasticity of my skin with the personalised moisturiser from alche{me}, and I was not disappointed. I saw significant results in terms of my skin texture, which I was very satisfied with. However, I found the product texture to be rather thick and creamy for my oily skin.

Josephine Ng
Concerned with wrinkles and pigmentation

alche{me}’s Personalised Moisturiser was creamy and rather rich. It took quite a while for a layer on my upper lip to be absorbed, but was okay for the rest of the face. My oil production seemed to have reduced by a bit. I also experienced fewer breakouts during the trial – I’m not sure if it was entirely due to the moisturiser, though there were no other significant changes to my skin during the trial period.

Geraldine Song
Concerned with pigmentation

I opted for the fresh cucumber scent, which was rather comfortable. Personally, I had hoped that the moisturiser would reduce the pigmentation, but I did not manage to see significant results.

Alcheme Personalised Moisturiser Review Jady Selfie

Jady Tan
Concerned with sensitive skin

Because it was customised for my skin concerns, I did see a reduction in redness of my skin. Even though I have sensitive skin, the fresh cucumber scent that I chose was comfortable and did not irritate my skin. In fact. My face did not itch as much as before and my makeup also stayed on longer throughout the day. Besides the fact that the moisturiser works for me, I also love the nice packaging! It is such a cute touch to have my name printed on the label.

This article is brought to you by Alcheme.