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Ask any skin expert what their favourite barrier-restoring ingredient is and chances are, ceramides will emerge a clear winner. This popular ingredient can be found in a slew of skincare products on the market. In fact, your favourite moisturiser is likely to contain it too.

And while most of us first got acquainted with ceramides through skincare, only a few of us know that the ingredient does more than bless us with a healthy, glowing complexion.

Yup, we discovered that ceramides work wonders on our hair too. Read on, because we’ll break it all down by sharing what ceramides are, and what they can do for our tresses, as well as introduce a ceramide-rich haircare product that you’ve gotta try!

What are ceramides?

Bee Choo Origin Ceramide Hair Treatment Oil what ceramides are

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In skincare, ceramides work to repair your natural skin barrier so that it can hold moisture better. Perhaps the best way to understand how ceramides work is to imagine the outermost layer of your skin (i.e. the stratum corneum) to be made up of bricks and mortar.

Picture your skin cells as bricks, and the lipids (fats) in between are the mortar. Just like how a stack of bricks wouldn’t hold up without the mortar holding everything down, your skin cells wouldn’t be able to do their job without ceramides.

That is why it’s incredibly important to replenish our skin’s ceramide levels. It strengthens your barrier and seals all of that hydration in for supple, plump skin.

Ceramides naturally make up over 50% of our skin’s composition, but they can also be found in the hair cuticle, which is the outermost layer of each hair shaft.

What can ceramides do for our hair?

Bee Choo Origin Ceramide Hair Treatment Oil what ceramides do for hair

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Ceramides act as a kind of protective film or laminating agent on our hair fibres. A raised hair cuticle can allow more moisture to escape the hair, which leads to breakage.

Meanwhile, ceramides help to keep the hair cuticle closed, helping to retain moisture and shield it from any external damage.

Once that layer has been repaired, you should immediately notice smoother, softer, shinier tresses since the hair scales are “glued” back down, so to speak.

Besides that, ceramides reinforce the hair structure, which ultimately makes your strands more resilient to external damage from harsh factors like UV rays and heat styling.

So when it comes to ceramides, it’s all about creating a protective barrier. Once that’s in place, other benefits, such as shine and healthy texture, will follow.

Additionally, ceramides are easy to add to your haircare routine because they play nice with pretty much every other ingredient.

A ceramide-rich hair oil that’s lightweight and nourishing

Bee Choo Origin Ceramide Hair Treatment Oil 2

Just like how you’d apply a ceramide-rich cream as the last step of your skincare routine, it’d also be wise to do the same with our tresses, starting with Bee Choo Origin Ceramide Hair Treatment Oil.

Created to address the concerns and preferences of their customers, Bee Choo Origin Ceramide Hair Treatment Oil is a lightweight oil that nourishes and smooths your hair without weighing it down.

It not only conditions and moisturises your strands for stronger, smoother locks, but it also protects your hair from sun damage while treating fragile hair ends. The result? Silky, shiny, and sleek hair.

The cruelty-free formula cleverly taps onto the benefits of four key ingredients.

A perennial plant (which means it lives for more than two years), Inula Crithmoide is also known as Golden Samphire. The plant is chock-full of antioxidant properties that coat every strand, bolstering its protective barrier to improve shine and softness.

You’ll also find avocado oil in the blend. This versatile, nourishing oil boasts a slew of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and essential fatty acids to moisturise and repair delicate strands. The oil even contains biotin, which strengthens the roots and prevents hair breakage when applied topically.

And last, but certainly not least, are two forms of ceramides: ceramide NS and ceramide AS. These essential fatty acids form a natural barrier around the hair shaft to protect it from an onslaught of environmental aggressors such as UV rays and pollution.

Together, these ingredients revive dull and damaged hair, sealing in moisture to keep your tresses healthy and strong.

Simply apply some of the hair oil to damp or dry hair. To protect your hair from heat, apply it to damp hair before blow-drying or styling. For a sleek, smooth, and extra shiny finish, apply the oil to the ends of dry hair.

To find out if Bee Choo Origin Ceramide Hair Treatment Oil really helps to transform frizzy, damaged hair into smooth, silky tresses, we invited Swee Qi, a Daily Vanity team member, to put it to the test over five days.

Bee Choo Origin Ceramide Hair Treatment Oil review: First impressions

Before Swee Qi shares her experience with Bee Choo Origin Ceramide Hair Treatment Oil, let’s get to know more about her current hair condition and concerns.

“As someone with dull, damaged, and coloured hair, I feel a little uneasy if I leave the house without applying some hair oil.

I often dread visiting the salon too, as I always get comments from hairstylists about how thick and damaged my hair is. Having frizzy hair has definitely limited the ways I style it too. I can’t try a new hairstyle that requires perming, straightening, or colouring as it may further damage my hair.

In a bid to fix my tresses, I’ve tried a few hair oils in the past, but they’re often too greasy and heavy. This is why I was excited to try the Bee Choo Origin Ceramide Hair Treatment Oil, which I heard is really lightweight.”

Bee Choo Origin Ceramide Hair Treatment Oil texture

“The packaging looks clean and simple with a pop of pastel pink here and there. The bottle doesn’t take up much bag space, which is perfect if I want to apply some hair oil while I’m on the go.

Bee Choo Origin Ceramide Hair Treatment Oil has a very similar texture to other hair oils I’ve tried before, but it’s much less greasy in comparison. Plus, it absorbs really fast and doesn’t leave my hands oily after application. I like that it has a fruity scent too.

When I used it the first time, I applied it on damp hair before blow-drying. My hair felt smoother, less frizzy, and more manageable after – I only used a pump of product! It felt really hydrating and protected my hair from heat styling without weighing it down.”

Bee Choo Origin Ceramide Hair Treatment Oil review: Results after 5 days

Bee Choo Origin Ceramide Hair Treatment Oil review before after

“After five days, my hair feels softer and smoother. Damaged strands look healthier and less frizzy, and the oil has made my hair much easier to style and manage.

Another surprising thing I noticed is that my hair doesn’t feel as “fried” after stepping out into the sun, which meant that it effectively protected my hair from UV rays.

During the five days, I would apply Bee Choo Origin Ceramide Hair Treatment once before blow-drying my damp hair in the morning, and one more time at night after shampooing and letting it air-dry. My hair stayed smooth and soft throughout my trial.

When I reapplied the hair oil during the day, my hair didn’t feel greasy or weighed down at all, which really surprised me. It tames my hair for a longer period compared to other hair oils I’ve tried. My hair looks less puffy and frizzy at the end of the day.

I can totally replace my current hair oil with this as it actually improves my hair condition without weighing my strands down, whereas my current one only makes my hair look good temporarily.

Bee Choo Origin Ceramide Hair Treatment Oil’s reasonable price also makes it a winner among other hair oils I’ve tried.

I give this a five out of five stars! I would definitely recommend this hair oil to everyone and purchase a bottle once I run out.”

Bee Choo Origin Ceramide Hair Treatment Oil retails for S$28 (40ml) at Bee Choo Origin outlets and Bee Choo Origin online

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