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If you live in hot and humid Singapore, this routine may sound familiar: wake up, refresh hair with some water, go about your day, come home, wash hair, and go to bed. Day two hair? Never heard of her.

However, if you have an oily scalp that inevitably weighs your hair down throughout the day, dry shampoo is likely your BFF for morning or midday touch-ups. Or, if you’re like me, you probably shampoo twice a day occasionally in a bid to keep the grease at bay.

Yup, I feel you. But what if I told you I’d found a solution that effectively balanced my scalp so I didn’t have to go overboard with the daily washing?

Keep reading, because I’m sharing all the deets!

Finding the Right Shampoo for an Oily Scalp That’s Prone to Blemishes

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I’ve dumped hundreds of dollars into the bottomless pit of shampoos, each promising to rescue me from a greasy scalp that makes my hair look limp and lifeless.

From the snazzy salon brands that made my wallet cry to the drugstore bargains that left my hair feeling like a haystack, I’ve tried them all. Some were too harsh, leaving me with a dry and irritated scalp, while others simply couldn’t stand up to the challenge of keeping my hair fresh for more than a few hours.

It’s like a bad game show where the prize is always disappointment, and my hair is the unwilling contestant.

I also started developing pesky pimples on my scalp a few months after I bleached my hair, which was a major sign that my scalp was completely thrown off its balance.

Having shelled out that much money for oily scalp shampoos throughout the years, I was ready to throw in the towel. That was until I was asked to try Bee Choo Origin Rebalance Amino Shampoo.

Is This Herbal Shampoo a Worthy Investment?

bee choo origin rebalance amino shampoo bottle

Armed with a powerhouse blend of amino acids, the proprietary Bee Choo Essence, and anti-dandruff prowess, Bee Choo Origin Rebalance Amino Shampoo claims to be the ultimate solution for a variety of hair concerns, targeting an oily scalp, pimples, and even dandruff.

It’s rich in amino acids

The foundation of Bee Choo Origin Rebalance Amino Shampoo lies in its amino acid-rich formula, with arginine and sodium lauroyl sarcosinate taking centre stage.

They maintain the scalp’s natural pH levels, ensuring that your scalp is in its healthiest state. The pH alignment with your optimal levels not only cleanses gently but also preserves the natural oils crucial for a balanced and nourished scalp.

It uses a proprietary herbal concentrate

Bee Choo Essence ginseng

One of the star players in this shampoo is the Bee Choo Essence – a proprietary herbal concentrate born out of years of fine-tuning and Madam Cheah’s expert touch.

It’s a herbal symphony featuring premium Chinese herbs like ginseng, dang gui, ling zhi, and he shou wu.

But this herbal concoction is not just a random mix; it’s a result of meticulous research aimed at stimulating hair growth, promoting blood circulation, reducing inflammation, and addressing various scalp issues.

It has anti-dandruff properties

For those who battle the relentless snowfall of dandruff, Bee Choo Origin Rebalance Amino Shampoo comes armed with piroctone olamine. This ingredient brings potent anti-dandruff properties to the mix, offering relief to those plagued by the persistent flakes.

Intrigued by its promises, I decided to put it to the test for two weeks. Stick around to see the difference in my scalp scans!

Bee Choo Origin Rebalance Amino Shampoo Review: An Editor’s First Impressions

bee choo origin rebalance amino shampoo review texture

With a pixie cut, I’m used to needing just a fraction of what’s recommended on most shampoo bottles. A single pump of Bee Choo Origin Rebalance Amino Shampoo proved to be more than sufficient for my entire head.

The moment I lathered the shampoo in my palms, a herbal, minty fragrance enveloped me. Unlike some overpowering scents that linger indefinitely, the shampoo’s aroma is a brief but refreshing interlude.

The herbal notes are soothing, and the cooling formula added a touch of invigorating freshness. It’s like a mini spa session for my scalp every time I wash.

After rinsing off the shampoo, my scalp felt clean and balanced without any of the dreaded dryness or tightness. The amino acid base seemed to have found the sweet spot, cleansing effectively without stripping away the natural oils.

A true testament to Bee Choo Origin Rebalance Amino Shampoo’s prowess was the post-wash texture of my hair. Compared to my previous shampoo, my hair felt undeniably softer. The herbal infusion and amino acid goodness seemed to be doing wonders.

Bee Choo Origin Rebalance Amino Shampoo Review: Results After 2 Weeks

It’s time to spill the tea on the long-term effects.

Two weeks into this shampoo switch, my hair feels much smoother under my fingertips. It’s a delightful upgrade from the slightly coarse texture I had grown accustomed to with my previous shampoo.

Bee Choo Origin rebalance amino shampoo before after oily

The “before” and “after” scalp scans speak for themselves. Two weeks of Bee Choo Origin Rebalance Amino Shampoo have translated into a visibly cleaner and clearer scalp. My scalp looks balanced and revitalised, a testament to the herbal goodness packed into each wash.

The once stubborn scalp acne has either shrunk in size or disappeared altogether. The herbal wonders of Bee Choo Essence and the shampoo’s gentle cleansing have worked like a charm.

Perhaps one of the most liberating outcomes of this shampoo experiment is the significant reduction in scalp oiliness. The shampoo has managed to keep my scalp in check, providing a day-long freshness that feels like a game-changer. I no longer find myself contemplating an extra morning wash.

If you’re on the lookout for a shampoo that goes beyond mere promises and delivers tangible results, Bee Choo Origin Rebalance Amino Shampoo might just be the hero your hair has been waiting for.

It’s safe to say that this shampoo has earned a permanent spot on my shower shelf.

Bee Choo Origin Rebalance Amino Shampoo retails for S$35 on the Bee Choo Origin website

This article is brought to you by Bee Choo Origin.

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