We have been seeing a video going around on Facebook, where influencer Amanda Leong tried on an eye mask and showed how the skin around her eye area improved dramatically.

What’s the mask in question?

The mask used in the video is the Youth Bank Eye Filler Mask by BMF Bella Marie France. The product is said to be enriched with patented ingredients that could repair and replace damaged connective tissues so that you could see results instantly. At the same time, the ingredients also stimulate stem cells so that healthy skin cells can be produced thereafter.

It sounds like an all-rounder that’s able to take care of several concerns around the eyes at the same time:

  • It helps prevent pigmentation so the eye area looks brighter
  • It activates fibroblast in the skin while stimulating production of collagen and elastin so that wrinkles can be visibly eliminated and the eye area look firmer
  • It also offers overall rejuvenation to skin as it refines skin texture and regenerate new skin cells

We put it to the test

We thought it looked rather incredulous and had to put the said mask to the test to see if it really works. We asked a reader, Melissa, to give it a try. She has been suffering from fatigue-looking eyes because of eye bags and dark eye circles.

Melissa’s usual routine is rather basic, but she is sure to use an eye cream, because eye bags and dark eye circles are among her top beauty concerns. However, it seems like she hasn’t been able to find a booster that can really perk up her eye area instantly and significantly.

She shares that the BMF Bella Marie France Youth Bank Eye Filler Mask feels cooling on her skin, and she likes that it feels moisturising. Most importantly, she finds that it delivers the results that she has always wanted to see. This is how Melissa’s eye area looked after one application:

Melissa notes that her dark eye circles looked visibly lighter, and was impressed that even her eye bags looked less puffy. People who saw her said it looked obvious.

“I like that the mask feels comfortable and hydrating, and it helped reduce the puffy look around my eyes,” Melissa says.

“I will keep using the products and look forward to more improvements to my eye area.”

Youth Bank Eye Filler Mask is retailing at SGD100 for a box of five. Promotions are available here.

For more information, call 1800-7777-111.

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