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We can all agree that nobody likes having acne, yet it always comes at the worst possible timings (think about those zits that grew out right before your Big Day). However, that doesn’t mean you should just resign to fate and hope that those pimple patches can work miracles on your worst acne breakouts.

Bookmark this article and pull it out whenever you desperately need an effective acne facial to get rid of those pimples. You can thank us later for this handy facial guide that you cannot do without.

1. Porcelain

I’ve been struggling with acne for as long as I can remember – the onslaught of hormonal acne in my twenties, coupled with the fact that I had sensitive and acne-prone skin, meant that many acne treatment products and facials have never really managed to effectively clear my acne.

Some acne facials that I have previously visited also used improper extraction techniques, which resulted in acne scars on my face that would not go away completely despite all the methods I’ve tried over the years.

Hence, I was very interested when I heard that Porcelain prides itself on the fact that extraction facials are only performed by therapists who have honed their skills over a compulsory 6-month training period. Each therapist is personally trained by Porcelain’s co-founder, Jenny Teng, to ensure they are using the right angle, technique and pressure in order to reduce scarring.

I heard that Quintessential Facial Treatment is Porcelain’s signature, award-winning bespoke extraction facial that is designed for severely congested and acne-prone skin. Many people have raved about getting brighter skin with reduced acne and less congested pores, which sounded exactly like what I needed to clear my persistent acne, so I was curious to see how well it would work for me.

The interior of the place made a very good impression on me – it looked very professional, without losing any of the comfortable elements that would put customers at ease.

Porcelain Origins Interior

Before proceeding with the facial treatment, a thorough skin assessment was carried out in a consultation room so that my therapist could better understand my current skin condition and needs. This was the most detailed analysis that I have undergone at any facial place, and I was quite shocked that they could even pick out all the clogged pores and bacterial acne that I myself had never noticed before!

Skin Analysis Conducted At Porcelain

Skin analysis conducted at Porcelain

After identifying my skin type (combination-oily) and current issues (clogged pores, dehydration, and bacterial acne), I was ushered into the treatment room to carry out the Quintessential facial.

My skin was first double-cleansed and exfoliated – I was told that this would allow the full benefit of the treatment to penetrate the deeper layers of skin to restore skin’s equilibrium.

The next step was the full-face extraction to decongest and clear clogged pores, which was the main cause of my acne. This step took up the bulk of the treatment, where my therapist spent time carefully picking out the gunk and pus from my pores and existing acne spots.

The extraction was far from painless – in fact, I would honestly say that this was one of the most intense extractions that I have ever experienced. However, the truth is that a painless extraction does not necessarily mean that it is good, as it could just mean that the therapist only did a superficial extraction that did not clear all the gunk from your pores.

Hence, even though the extraction process was very painful, I was quite impressed because it showed that Porcelain indeed focused on deep cleansing – I could tell that my therapist did not miss a single clogged pore on my face, and I could see that my pores were absolutely clean by the end of the treatment – something I had not seen from my previous extraction experiences! Porcelain’s extraction was definitely much more thorough in comparison to other facial places that did only the bare minimum, which is also why this extraction step is also much lengthier in comparison (about an hour).

Depending on your skin type, a custom-blended mask is then concocted and applied at the end of the treatment to target specific concerns of each individual. After this step, the therapist will end off by applying a moisturiser and sunscreen (you can opt not to have this step).

Before I went for this facial treatment, I struggled quite a bit with clogged pores, blackheads, acne, and some acne marks, mostly due to the fact that I had just returned from a harsh winter climate.

Although my skin did look quite red and bumpy right after the Quintessential Facial Treatment, my therapist actually gave me very good advice on how to speed up the recovery process (avoiding seafood for a few days), as well as skincare tips for my blemished skin (using products with lower SPF because they are less oily, making sure I stay hydrated). I was also given a complimentary Porcelain’s Soothe Aloe Vera Gel to apply on my face religiously over the next couple of days, which definitely helped to calm those red patches much faster than I initially feared!

I started seeing a much brighter skin tone the day after, while the clear and smooth skin came about four to five days later. I was really surprised to see that my skin already looked so much better after just one facial session – the acne I had previously cleared up after the gunk from my pores was thoroughly removed, and even my stubborn acne marks had faded by quite a fair bit! My skin texture also became smoother as the bumps from congested pores were gone, which made it so much easier for my foundation to go on.

I’ve also never received so many compliments on my skin after a facial treatment before – even my family and friends were impressed because they have never seen me with such good skin before. I was even able to go out confidently without foundation and/or concealer on a few occasions – something which I had not been able to do in a long time because I always needed something to cover my acne!

Porcelain Quintessential Facial Before After 1

Porcelain Quintessential Facial Before After 2

This facial treatment requires a certain level of pain tolerance in order to see the extraction through, as well as some patience (and diligent effort!), but I promise that you’ll definitely be extremely satisfied with your upcoming good skin days.

Note: After the extraction is completed, you may also be recommended to follow up with other treatments in order to make sure that your skin recovers well. Due to the fact that I had very clogged pores and bacterial acne, I followed up with an Intense Pulse Light (IPL) and Sun Rescue Facial Treatment – the former helped to sanitise my skin with LED therapy, while the latter soothed my dehydrated skin with a combination of Oxygen – and Cryo – therapies.

Address: See full list of addresses here.
Opening hours: See full list of opening hours here.
To book an appointment: call +65 6227 9692, SMS +65 97211008, or book an appointment on

2. Kuko Beauty

Reviewer: Eli Alias

Best Acne Facial Kuko Beauty

Kuko Beauty is a cozy beauty salon situated in Orchard Central. At first glance, the salon may seem small. However, it is actually a lot roomier than it appears as the treatment rooms are concealed behind the curtain covers.

Best Acne Facial Kuko Beauty Consultation

Before the treatment, I underwent a skin analysis by my beauty therapist. The skin analysis was very thorough: it measured my skin’s moisture level, elasticity, exposure to UV light, and provides a microscopic view of my skin.

During the analysis, I also learnt something new about my skin: I have always known that my skin was oily, but I never knew that it was due to dehydration! I was told that my dry skin actually produces more oil to compensate for the lack of moisture, which really surprised me. My oily skin, together with my lazy skincare habits, resulted in clogged pores and in turn, a constant battle with acne.

With this in mind, my therapist recommended that I undergo the Acne Treatment Plan. As acne outbreaks are mainly caused by bacterium, the Acne Treatment focuses on killing the bacterium while sanitising the deep, inner layers of skin. At the same time, inflamed lesions and clogged pores would be treated to prevent the formation of acne scars and pits.

Best Acne Facial Kuko Beauty Cleansing

The treatment started off with gentle deep cleansing. My therapist gently massaged a Purify Scrub Cleanser all over my face to remove any dirt and makeup. This cleanser also acted as a micro exfoliator to help remove dead skin cells. I liked that the cleanser didn’t feel harsh on the skin – in fact, my skin felt really hydrated right after this step.

The next step, warm mist steaming, helped to soften the skin and open up the pores in preparation for the next step. This was also a key step in ensuring maximum absorption of active ingredients used in the facial treatment.

Best Acne Facial Kuko Beauty Extraction

After my pores were opened up, my therapist proceeded to carry out the extraction. This step was conducted in a very meticulous and thorough manner to ensure optimal results: my therapist spent at least half an hour removing the comedones, blackheads, and whiteheads. I would be lying if I said it didn’t hurt. However, on the bright side, the pain was temporary!

Best Acne Facial Kuko Beauty Cooling Hammer

To soothe the irritation caused by extraction, my therapist proceeded to apply the Hydrating Serum Gel. This was further amplified with the use of a cooling hammer, which helped to tighten pores while locking in moisture from the serum into the skin.

After my skin was soothed and the redness started to subside, she applied the Purifying Mask all over my face. The rich mixture of camphor ingredients and glycerin in this mask helped to detoxify and smooth my skin – great for clearing any other gunk in my pores.

While the mask set in, I underwent the LED Repair treatment. This non-invasive treatment used blue light therapy to kill the acne-causing bacterium on the skin and prevent future outbreaks from occurring. This took about 15 to 20 minutes and before I knew it, we were almost done with the facial. For the final touch, my therapist applied the Aqua Matte Cream, which deeply hydrated and left a velvety finish on my face.

Best Acne Facial Kuko Beauty Gua Sha Extra

If you have more severe acne problems, you can also choose to add on 2 extra steps: a body detox through Gua Sha on the neck and back. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, problems in the liver, gall, intestines, and stomach are the main causes of recurring acne outbreaks. Ancient Gua Sha techniques can be used to detox and clear any congested toxins along the meridian channels so that blood circulation is improved.

After the treatment, I was brought back to the consultation room for another skin analysis. Overall, there was an improvement in moisture level. The blackheads around my nose were also noticeably gone, which showed that the extraction process was truly thorough.

To complete the experience, I was given a few packets of repair cream to bring home for post-treatment. It was crucial that I took proper care of my skin after an intensive treatment such as this, as it affected the length of recovery time. I found that applying the cream regularly for a week helped to speed up the healing process of open wounds from the extraction.

Best Acne Facial Kuko Beauty Review Before And After

My acne treatment at Kuko Beauty has certainly given me valuable skincare knowledge and more confidence in taking better care of my skin. A week into the treatment, I definitely noticed significant results. My skin has never looked better, with my acne almost completely cleared up and my skin looking a lot smoother, now that those tiny bumps are gone!

Website: Kuko Beauty
Address: 181 Orchard Rd, #03-12, Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
Book a treatment at Kuko Beauty on Salon Finder.

3. SOTHYS Premium Salon

Best Acne Facial Sothys Premium Salon

If your acne is caused by the clogging of pores, it will usually clear up after you go for an extraction facial. However, for those who are suffering from more severely inflamed acne, you may want to consider going for a facial treatment that specifically targets this skin issue instead.

SOTHYS is a 73-year-old brand from Paris, and most people will be familiar with this professional spa chain. They offer a Matt-Stabilizer Synergy Treatment, which addresses sensitive, inflamed skin and reduces excessive sebum. It aims to soothe the skin and promote healing.

Best Acne Facial Sothys Premium Salon 1

Source: I Love Bunny

The treatment involves aromatherapy techniques, where you are first made to relax over the soothing scent of lavender oil. The therapist then proceeds with the treatment, starting from a double cleanse, optional extraction, application of serum, and the star procedure – application of not one, but TWO ampoules.

At the end of the acne facial, you will be further rejuvenated with a facial point massage, multi-masking, followed by a blissful shoulder massage. All your frustrations about the acne – and of course, the acne itself – will disappear by the end of this acne facial.

Judging by the high ratings and good reviews of SOTHYS Premium Salon we’ve seen online, we are certain that their acne facial is worth checking out when you need help with those pesky zits.

Website: SOTHYS Premium Salon
Address: See full list of outlets here.
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4. Face Shower Bar

Best Acne Facial Face Shower Bar Store

Ever been puzzled by the lack of results seen after a facial, or never had the time to actually go for one because you just can’t afford to take a longer break from work? Face Shower Bar is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Face Shower Bar offers the unique concept of a “dry bar facial”, where modern women can keep up with pampering for their skin with facials that only takes 30 minutes to complete. Its signature treatment is the Quick Shower Facial, which uses hydra-dermabrasion, an advanced exfoliation technology that removes clogged pores and blackheads.

Best Acne Facial Face Shower Bar Process

This facial treatment follows a three-step patented DermaSOS, a programme that was designed by Face Shower Bar, together with an A*STAR researcher.

The first step is Dermabrasion, where a gentle vortex liquid wash dissolves impurities and softens dead skin cells. It is then followed by the second step, Dermaopen, which sloughs off dead skin cells and unclogs blemishes with a painless suction. The last step is called Dermasoothen – it eases irritated and dehydrated skin with a calming solution through vortex infusion.

Our reviewers who tried this acne facial at Face Shower Bar were all very impressed by the instant results they had seen after the facial treatment. The blemishes they had were not as obvious as before as the pores were thoroughly unclogged during the (painless!) extraction, and their skin continued to feel soft and smooth in the next few days after the acne facial too.

Impressed already? You can read full reviews of Face Shower Bar’s facial by our reviewers here.

Website: Face Shower Bar
Address: One Raffles Link, B1-17A, Citylink Mall (near Marina Square Exit), Singapore 039393

5. Lavish Beauty

Best Acne Facial Lavish Beauty

Lavish Beauty is famous for their knowledgeable therapists, as well as effective and extensive range of treatments provided at affordable prices. If you urgently need an acne facial to keep your zits under control but don’t have much cash to spare that month, check out the salon’s Purifying Acne Facial Treatment.

The Purifying Acne Facial Treatment is a thorough service that takes about one and a half hours. It starts off with cleansing, followed by exfoliation and micro dermabrasion to remove the top layer of dead skin cells and reveal clearer, younger skin underneath.

Gentle extraction is then carried out to remove all that gunk from your pores, which could be causing your acne breakouts. Reviewers say that this step is as gentle as the salon claims – perfect for those who have lower pain tolerance!

As the previous steps may cause a little redness in your skin, the therapist will help to calm it down with a purifying serum, before doing a detoxifying face massage to improve blood circulation in your face for better skin complexion. The last step will be a mask that packs all the hydration and nutrients you need for healthier skin in the long run.

Satisfied customers love the professionalism shown by the therapists throughout the treatment, and the noticeable improvement in their acne condition after the facial.

Website: Lavish Beauty Facebook page
Address: 10, #03-08 Anson Rd, International Plaza, 079903
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