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Moisturiser is possibly the most basic and essential element to any skincare routine. We all know that it is important to restore the water content that was stripped away during cleansing but it seems that more often than not, moisturising ends at our faces and we forget the importance of keeping the rest of our body hydrated.

Most people shun the idea of body lotion as it can make your whole body feel sticky and unbreathable, but for those with dry skin, it is an inevitable process to prevent our skin from peeling and itching. For those troubled with dry skin, here is a list of the best body lotions that you have to check out.

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1. Lush Sleepy Lotion

Body Lotion Lush

Lush body lotions are known for their unique blend of butters and oils, each giving a different feel to the skin. Lush Sleepy Lotion is made with oatmeal, cocoa butter and almond oil which are popular ingredients used for moisturisation. Special ingredients in this lotion areki lavender and Tonka, providing calming properties that makes this the perfect night cream. On top of moisturisation, this is also going to help lull you to sleep every night.

Lush Sleepy Lotion retails at SGD26 for 95g and SGD45 for 225g, and is available at Lush online and retail stores.

2. Fresh Life Body Lotion

Body Lotion Fresh Life

Vitamin C aids the body in repairing and regenerating tissues and cells while Vitamin E functions as an antioxidant that helps to promote healthy skin. With both vitamins combined, Fresh’s Fresh Life Body Lotion is the supplement that your skin needs to maintain soft and supple.

Fresh Life Body Lotion retails at SGD36 and is available at Sephora.

3. Skinfood Lemon Verbena Body Lotion

Body Lotion Skinfood

Dry skin tend to act up against scented lotion but Skinfood’s body lotions are surprisingly mild to the skin while still smelling like sweets. Made of herb lemon verbena extract, the Lemon Verbena Body Lotion comes with a fresh citrus scent to keep your skin feeling refreshed.

Skinfood Lemon Verbena Body Lotion retails at SGD20.90 and is available on Redmart.

4. Aesop Protective Body Lotion

Body Lotion Aesop

Aesop Protective Body Lotion does not only protect against skin dryness and irritation but also protects from harmful UV rays. If you are looking for a body moisturiser to apply before you head out for the day, this lotion contains high SPF50 so you don’t have to use another sunscreen separately.

Aesop Protective Body Lotion retails at SGD53 and is available on Aesop online and retail stores.

5. The Australian Paw Paw Co. Natural Paw Paw Multi-Vitamin Lotion

Body Lotion The Australian Paw Paw Co.

The Natural Paw Paw Multi-Vitamin Lotion is packed with vitamin B5 and E to protect skin from pollutants and enhances the skin liquid barrier. This means that it’ll prevent water loss and retain hydration from deep within. No wonder this is such a cult favourite!

The Australian Paw Paw Co. Natural Paw Paw Multi-Vitamin Lotion retails at SGD24.90 and is available on Redmart.

6. Belif Body Bomba Ylang Ylang

Body Lotion Belif

Ylang Ylang is probably the second to Lavender in its stress-relief properties. Belif Body Bomba has a formulation that feels more like an emulsion. If you are not a fan of body lotions that have a more creamy texture, you could give this a try.

Belif Body Bomba Ylang Ylang retails at SGD42 and is available at these retail stores.

7. Beyond Total Recovery Body Moisturiser

Body Lotion The Face Shop

Beyond Total Recovery Body Moisturiser does not only recover moisture and hydration to your skin but also helps to provide firmness to the skin and slow down signs of ageing caused by dry skin. It contains hibiscus extract and yeast fermentation extract and is recommended for use after shower.

Available at The Face Shop – Nature Collection retail stores.
SGD24.90 / 200ml.

8. Philosophy Amazing Grace Body Firming Emulsion

Body Lotion Philosophy

This is Philosophy’s best-selling moisturiser and comes from its award-winning Amazing Grace collection. Amazing Grace started out with a range of perfumed hair products, sprays and hand products that aims to change the way women wear fragrances. Infusing its signature soft feminine scent into body care products, the result is the Amazing Grace Body Firming Emulsion that you have to look out for when you are at the Philosophy counters.

Philosophy Amazing Grace Body Firming Emulsion retails at SGD60. Philosophy products are available at Sephora.

9. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

Body Lotion First Aid Beauty

As its name suggests, First Aid’s Beauty Ultra Repair Cream is the solution to dry skin including irritated and eczema skin. The plus point is that this product comes in three different sizes so you can choose the smaller sizes if you do not want to commit just yet.

Available at Sephora online and retail stores.
SGD19 / 56.7g, SGD50 / 170g and SGD60 / 226g.

10. The Body Shop Aloe Calming Multi Rescue Gel

Body Lotion The Body Shop

Aloe Vera is often cited for its soothing and hydrating benefits. If you prefer moisturisers that have cooling and refreshing effects, and prefer gel-type of moisturisers, this body gel lotion will be the one for you.

The Body Shop Aloe Calming Multi Rescue Gel retails at SGD26.90 and is available at The Body Shop online and retail stores.

11. MUJI All in One Body Gel

Body Lotion Muji

Formulated with natural water from Kamaishi, this Japanese all-in-one body gel combines toner, milky lotion and cream to provide sensitive skin the maximum protection. What makes this product the love of sensitive skin is in its alcohol-free, mineral oil-free and fragrance-free content.

MUJI All In One Body Gel retails at SGD17.90 for a small tube and SGD26.90 for a big tube, and is available at MUJI online and retail stores.

12. Eau Thermale Avène Body Lotion

Body Lotion Avene

Dedicated to dermatology and the treatment of dry skin conditions, Avène developed various skincare products targeting at different degrees of dry skin. Nourishing, moisturising and soothing, this body lotion is made with cold cream and Avène Thermale Spring Water to provide instant comfort to dry skin.

Eau Thermale Avène Body Lotion retails at SGD30.50 and is available at Watsons online and retail stores.
SGD30.50 / 400ml.

13. Aveeno Creamy Moisturising Oil

Body Lotion Aveeno

Aveeno has a whole range of body lotions with different formulation and variations. If you’re suffering from dry skin, this Creamy Moisturising Oil will be the most suitable. It contains natural oatmeal which is an effective ingredient in treating itch and inflammation, and pure oatmeal oil which helps in cleansing of the skin and calms itchiness caused by fungal infection.

Aveeno Creamy Moisturising Oil retails at SGD12.90 and is available at major drugstores and on iHerb.

14. Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Body Lotion

Body Lotion Physiogel

The science behind Physiogel is the BioMimic Technology that contains lipids which are natural fats in the body that surrounds the skin cells to prevent water loss. Physiogel products that contain the BioMimic Technology replicate the way lipids work in our body to enhance moisture retention in the skin. By applying Physiogel’s Daily Moisture Therapy Body Lotion, you can feel assured that your skin cells will feel restored and smooth.

Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Body Lotion retails at SGD19.90 for 100ml, SGD36.90 for 200ml, and SGD60.90 for 400ml, and is available at Watsons online and retail stores.
SGD19.90 / 100ml, SGD36.90 / 200ml and SGD60.90 / 400ml.

15. Eucerin Daily Hydration Lotion

Body Lotion Eucerin

Eucerin is dedicated to producing different skincare for various skin concerns such as acne-prone skin, ageing skin, uneven skin, sensitive skin and dry skin. With understanding of the problems of dry skin, the Daily Hydration Lotion is developed with natural sunflower seed oil and no added fragrance.

Eucerin Daily Hydration Lotion retails at SGD14.25 and is available on iHerb.

16. La Roche-Posay Lipikar Fluid

Body Lotion La Roche Posay

Made in France, La Roche-Posay created a hydrating fluid that is safe for even babies and children. It is soap-free, fragrance-free and paraben-free, with an ultra-light texture that is easily absorbed into the skin.

La Roche-Posay Lipikar Fluid retails at SGD29.90 and is available at Watsons online and retail stores.
SGD29.90 / 400ml.

17. Bath & Body Works Water Hyaluronic Acid Body Gel Lotion

Body Lotion Bath Body Works

Hyaluronic Acid is probably the best friend of those with dry skin. A natural substance that are found in the human body, hyaluronic acid is the key substance that holds moisture in your body. Keep a look out for this Water Hyalluronic Acid Body Gel Lotion, which contains a generous amount of Hyaluronic Acid, the next time you visit Bath & Body Works.

Bath and Body Works Water Hyaluronic Acid Body Gel Lotion retails at USD16.50 and is available at the Bath & Body Works website.

18. Dove DermaSeries Replenishing Body Lotion

Body Lotion Dove

The familiar household brand, Dove, has a DermaSeries that aims to provide relief to dry and eczema-prone skin. Clinically tested, fragrance-free and non-sticky, you can grab one while you are doing your Dove body care shopping.

Dove DermaSeries Replenishing Body Lotion retails at SGD25.90 and is available at Guardian online and retail stores.

19. Sebamed Moisturising Body Lotion

Body Lotion Sebamed

Sebamed is known for creating products with a pH level of 5.5, the optimal value of healthy skin. The formula of this body lotion is an oil-in-water emulsion that is light and mild to the skin, so you won’t have to be afraid of any grease and stickiness.

Sebamed Moisturising Body Lotion retails at SGD18.65 and is available at Watsons online and retail stores.

20. Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion

Body Lotion Nivea

Sometimes we wish our body lotion could instantly fix the problems such as itchiness and redness caused by dry skin. And if you have, then this might be the body lotion to go for. Formulated with sea minerals and Hydra IQ (Nivea’s patented intense moisturisation technology), this lotion promises to be absorbed so quickly by the skin that it provides relief and hydration in a few seconds.

Nivea Express Hydration Body Lotion retails at SGD9.95 and is available at Watsons online and retail stores.

21. Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion

Body Lotion Cetaphil

Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion is fragrance-free and non-greasy, making it an ideal lotion to be applied all over the body for maximum hydration. It is suitable for all skin type and safe to be used on the face as well.

Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion is available at major drugstores.

22. Babo Botanicals, Moisturising Baby Lotion, Comforting Oatmeal & Calendula

Body Lotion Babo Botanicals

Sometimes when sensitive and dry skin acts up, it is good to put a pause on all fancy products and use baby and children’s products that usually come with milder and gentler formula. Made with pure flower and plant extracts, Babo Botanical’s Moisturising Baby Lotion is hypoallergenic, gluten-free, cruelty-free, paraben-free and dairy and soy-free.

Babo Botanicals Body Lotion retails at SGD11.96 and is available on iHerb.

23. Sierra Bees, Hand & Body Lotion with Manuka Honey

Body Lotion Sierra Bees

We all know that Manuka Honey has healing and anti-bacterial properties. Added with other key ingredients such as olive oil, safflower seed oil and shea butter, the ingredients work together in this product to provide pH balance and moisturisation for the skin. Sierra Bees’s Hand & Body Lotion has gained bonus points for being unscented, environmentally-friendly and the cheapest lotion on this list.

Sierra Bees Body Lotion retails at SGD4.46 and is available on iHerb.

24. Kiehl’s Superbly Restorative Argan Body Lotion

Body Lotion Kiehls

The star ingredient of Kiehl’s Superbly Restorative Argan Body Lotion is the Argan Leaf extract which contains antioxidants, allowing the skin to be resilient to pollutants and damage. It also works deep into the skin, improving skin texture and tone.

Kiehl’s Superbly Restorative Argan Body Lotion retails at SGD60 for 200ml and SGD100 for 475ml, and is available at Kiehl’s online or retail stores.

25. Vaseline Lotion Intensive Rescue

Body Lotion Vaseline

Vaseline is that old school brand that you can trust for all your dry skin problems. The Vaseline Lotion Intensive Rescue is hypoallergenic and unscented, providing long lasting moisture with its unique ability to promote the skin’s ability to repair itself.

Vaseline Lotion Intensive Rescue retails at SGD8.95 and is available at Watsons online and retail stores.

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