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You may have clear skin, closed pores, and no under-eye circles (share your magic with us?!) but you’re still missing that one all-important key to beauty: a healthy radiance to your skin.

A brighter complexion gives that special something to any skin type, and gives you that happy glow to your entire person – who wouldn’t want that, right? Thankfully, besides a great skincare routine, regular brightening facials may be the key to achieving a radiant complexion.

The Best Brightening Facials in Singapore: We Try a Few of Them

Many facial salons nowadays have treatments that help you achieve that brightened complexion, but which ones should you be trying out? We saw great reviews from a few salons and sent our writers down to try their brightening facial treatments – just to see if they’re as good as people say.

Read on to find out what each of the processes is like and see before-and-after photos so you know how they’ve worked for us.