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You may have the fanciest or most expensive toner around, but it’s just not the same without a good cotton pad. Here are all of the internet’s favourite cotton pads (and soon, yours) that will help you reach your 2022 goal of an A-game skincare routine.

1. Silcot Uru uru sponge

Uru Uru Sponge 40 Pieces 84677 1 1Although on the pricier side, this Japanese product has a unique spongy texture unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Raved about by online users on Reddit (see them here and here), Silcot’s cotton pads are separable, making it perfect for toner packs (the life-changing K-beauty practice where you load thin pieces of cotton with toner and place them on dry spots for a quick hydration boost. Thank us later!).

Silcot Uru uru sponge is available in various versions for different purposes, a box of 40 pieces retails at SGD2.70, available at Watsons.

2. dear, Klair’s Toner Mate 2 in 1 Cotton Pad

Toner Mate 1

If you’re more of a K-beauty girl, dear, Klair’s cotton pads are what you’ve been looking for. Yet another unique product, it comes with two types of textures, a thin and soft one for toner packs (see above) and a compressed one that gently exfoliates your skin without creating tiny tears that accelerate ageing.

If you’re an EXO fan, you’ll be happy to know that Xiumin was spotted using this exact model!

dear, Klair’s Toner Mate 2 in 1 Cotton Pad retails at USD6.50, available at Wishtrend.

3. Muji peelable cotton pads

Muji 1 1

Did you know that everyone’s favourite “everything” store has cotton pads that have a serious cult following? These cotton pads are much raved about on Reddit because it has great value for money.

Muji peelable cotton pads retails at SGD8.90 for a package of 162 pieces, available at Muji stores.

4. Shiseido facial cotton

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Home to holy-grail status skincare products, Shiseido has fervent fans of its cotton pads. Boasting a 4.6/5 score on Makeupalley, it is loved by reviewers for its soft and non-shedding texture that is perfect for removing makeup, applying toner, as well as micellar water.

Shiseido facial cotton retails at SGD6, at Shiseido counters and on Lazada.

5. Daiso cotton pads

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Despite its too-good-to-be-true price point, buyers on this Reddit thread recommend Daiso’s square shaped cotton pads because of its softness and no-frills approach to skincare. For a quality cotton pad option that won’t cost you a pretty penny, Daiso remains a forerunner so you can indulge in your routine and not feel bad about wasting cotton pads that cost way too much per piece.

Daiso cotton pads retails at SGD2, at Daiso stores.

6. Chanel Le Coton cotton pads

Chanel Le Coton 1

Feeling fancy? Try Chanel’s Le Coton pads! These luxurious cotton pads are thicker than what you can usually get, and the outer layer is made from Egyptian cotton and embossed with the iconic Chanel logo for a skincare routine fit for a royal. Unsurprisingly, its fan base thinks that the cost is a small price to pay for this luxury.

Unfortunately for us, Chanel’s cotton pads are unavailable in Singapore, so grab a box during your next vacation overseas at USD20!

7. Dear Dahlia 5 Layer Soft Cotton Pad

Closeup 2 Product 8809546841489 Dear Dahlia 5 Layer Soft Cotton Pad 70 Pads 1d3f13ee0cdb4df493fd1f19eaab73b65c955724 1565747217

If you’re a sucker for packaging, this fancy marble print, gold-embossed box of cotton pads from Korean brand Dear Dahlia will look perfect sitting on your vanity! What’s more, these five-layered cotton pads are also separable, vegan and cruelty-free, so you can do your skincare with a peace of mind without worrying about waste or harming animals.

Dear Dahlia 5 Layer Soft Cotton Pad retails at SGD9 for 70 pieces, and is available at Sephora.

8. Swisspers Cotton Wool Squares

123771 1 Zoom 1

This is everyone’s go-to cotton pad for a reason. These are known for being super soft yet durable, and at the same time loved for being versatile enough to perform multiple duties from removing makeup and nail polishes to applying skincare products.

Swisspers Cotton Wool Squares retails at SGD3.30 for a pack of 80, and is available at Guardian.

9. DHC Silky Cotton Cosmetic Pads

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Famous for their iconic Deep Cleansing Oil, this Japanese company definitely knows more than a thing or two about skincare. With these pads, you can be sure your face will be lint-free after cotton application thanks to the seals at the sides, which is a huge plus in addition to its softness that users on MakeupAlley praise.

DHC Silky Cotton Cosmetic Pads retails at SGD7.50 on Lookfantastic.

10. Sephora Organic Cotton Pads


Rated 4.5 stars on Sephora’s website, their house-brand cotton pads are unbleached, vegan and organic, making it a great choice for those with sensitive skin. According to the reviewers, these are thicker than others and are larger in size as well, so you’ll only need one cotton pad for makeup removal!

Sephora Organic Cotton Pads retails at SGD5 for a bag of 50, and is available at Sephora.

11. Albion Facial Cotton

Albion 2

If there’s any one brand that counts cotton pads among its bestsellers, it has to be Albion.

According to its Amazon reviewers, these popular cotton pads are made with organic cotton and are exceptionally soft so they don’t pull on your skin like some others do when you use them to put on toner or remove makeup. Albion even stated that these fulfil the international standard for babies’ use!

Albion Facial Cotton retails at SGD7 and is available at Albion stores (Robinsons Raffles City, Metro Paragon, Takashimaya Department Store) or on Amazon for SGD18.55.

12. Marusan Cotton Lab Care Clean Cotton Pads

Japanese Drugstore Beauty Products Singapore Marusan Cotton Pads

One of our favourite brands of cotton pads ever (read our review here!), these are five-ply, non-shedding sheets that are ultra affordable for their quality and softness, so they won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin.

Marusan Cotton Lab Care Clean Cotton Pads retail at SGD1.95 for 80 sheets, at selected myCK stores islandwide.

13. TONYMOLY 5-Layer Cotton Sheet

Reddit users say these are soft and gentle, making them perfect for toner packs. These cotton pads from TONYMOLY is also loved by reviewers on sites like Yesstyle, Cosmetic Love and Influenster. These sell out fast, so make sure to get your hands on this budget-friendly yet quality option whenever you can!

TONYMOLY 5-Layer Cotton Sheet retails at SGD8.48 for 80 cotton pads on Qoo10.