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Dealing with dry skin can be a real downer, at times.

There’s that tight, uncomfortable sensation every time you spend too long in an air-conditioned room, for one, and skin that feels flaky and rough every time you enter a new environment (we’re looking at you, cold weather countries). You can combat it with moisturisers and face masks and an elevated skincare routine, of course, but sometimes the answer lies in something a little more thorough: a facial.

Or, specifically, a facial meant for dry skin. With this in mind, we set out to find— and try! — some of the best dry skin facials in Singapore. Let us see how they measure up, shall we?

1. Tudor Laurel

Reviewer: Hilary 

I don’t frequent facials much due to my dry and sensitive skin that doesn’t react well to harsh treatments and products. But considering how this facial at Tudor Laurel is targeted for dry skin (and also considering their stellar reputation) I decided to give it a go.

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Dry Skin Facial Listicle Signage

The salon is located at Tudor Court, along the shophouses right next to Tanglin Mall. It is only a few bus stops from Wheelock Place, which makes getting there pretty convenient!

Dry Skin Facial Listicle Tudor Laurel Interior 1

Dry Skin Facial Listicle Tudor Laurel Interior 2

Upon arrival, I was immediately wowed by the gorgeous interior of the salon. With a wall full of lush greenery, fresh flowers, and soothing music playing in the background, it felt like a beautiful botanical hideaway. It was almost as if I was transported into somewhere much more tranquil away from the hustle and bustle of Singapore, which I loved.

Dry Skin Facial Listicle Shelving

Feeling drastically at ease in my (calm and soothing) surroundings, I was then informed that the facial treatment that I would be trying out is called the LPG Endermologie for Face. The whole process will last forty five minutes total.

After a quick consultation with my facial therapist, I was escorted into the room to begin my facial. The first step involved cleansing, of course! I was informed that they do triple cleansing over at Tudor Laurel, using products from Dermalogica that removes skin impurities and gunk gently. She then exfoliated my face.

Next, she used a machine to conduct further exfoliation with an oxygen spray. Rest assured, the exfoliating process was actually pretty mild, and didn’t make my skin feel tight or dry at all. In fact, I found myself enjoying the feeling of the oxygen spray working along my skin, soothing the dry and flaky patches greatly.

Dry Skin Facial Listicle Tudor Laurel Efg Machine

She moved on to using a machine that utilises LPG Endermologie, a French technology that stimulates dormant cellular activity within the skin to fight wrinkles and sagging skin. Essentially, it helps firm up your complexion as well as to reduce the appearance of fats and cellulite. Neat!

If you have ever used a hand-held back massager before, the LPG process felt similar to it, except that it is on your face! I was told that the intensity of the vibrations could be adjusted, too, and I liked how my facial therapist checked in with me several times throughout the procedure to ensure that it was at a comfortable level for me.

She started on my right cheek first, and it left behind a warm and tingly feeling after. There was a slight feeling of discomfort, but it went away by the time she started working on the other side of my face. My facial therapist also explained that it was normal to feel the warm and tingly sensation as it meant that skin cells were being activated and stimulated by the machine.

Dry Skin Facial Listicle Tudor Laurel Massage

After that was done, I was given a face massage with rose oil, which I am told helps soothe and relax the skin after the session. Known as the Energy Rose Pure Oil, it had a lightweight texture that absorbed into my skin effortlessly, plumping my skin and revitalising it almost instantaneously. The difference in my skin texture was stark prior to applying this oil on.

Dry Skin Facial Listicle Tudor Laurel Masking

The last step? Masking. A Japanese Silk Hydrating Mask was placed over my face to recover any moisture loss I experienced throughout the facial. According to my facial therapist, the mask is Tudor Laurel’s house brand, and it is known to be extremely hydrating. It had a nice herbal scent to it as well!

Dry Skin Facial Listicle Footwash

Honestly, the masking was probably my favourite part of the treatment. With my dry skin, I tend to use a sheet mask on alternate day as well as a thicker water mask once a week to keep my face hydrated, but this mask made me feel as though I had done a week’s of work in one session.

Dry Skin Facial Listicle Skin After

After the mask, the therapist then applied a thin layer of moisturiser as the last step, and I was good to go!

I met my friend right after the facial treatment and she mentioned that my skin looked super dewy and bright, which I loved. I also noticed that my skin felt firmer and smoother the next day, and that it was easier to apply my makeup in the subsequent few days.

The LPG facial package also comes with the additional steps of extraction (after the triple cleansing) and a head and shoulder massage (after the face massage with rose oil). It usually costs SGD300, but you can now purchase it at a promotional rate of SGD150. That’s right, DV readers get a whole 50% off! Plus, did we mention that the first 25 to sign up gets a free one hour body massage and LPG facial?

And that’s not all— you’ll also get to enjoy a complimentary full hour body massage as well as a free oxygen mist exfoliator spray!

Tudor Laurel also offers a 30-min LPG eye treatment at $88. You can stand a chance to win it with a minimum of SGD300 spent, by playing their Spin and Win challenge. It’s a sure-win system, so trust us, you’ll definitely be walking away with something.

Tudor Laurel

Address: 145 Tanglin Road, Tudor Court Shopping Gallery, #02-01/04, Singapore, 247931

Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 11am-10pm, Sun: 11am-8pm

Contact: 6733 7117 | Site

(This promotion has ended.)

2. Beyond Beauty International

Dry Skin Facial Listicle Beyond Beauty International Reception

Dry Skin Facial Listicle Beyond Beauty International Cabin

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With numerous outlets in both Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Beyond Beauty International is one of the best facial establishments around when it comes to providing top treatments and services. They are firm believers in a holistic approach when it comes to health and beauty, with them being driven to provide cutting edge technology and treatments based on their customer’s needs.

Their Idebenone Facial is known to be particularly great for those with dry skin. Not only does it provide instant hydration, it also protects and restores your damaged skin barrier, which it turn, prevents premature skin ageing. Oh, and did we mention that it targets aging at its cellular source, thus rejuvenating your complexion all while fighting free radicals? Sounds perfect already!

Beyond Beauty International: 

Address: Check out a full list of outlets here.

Opening hours: Varies per outlet. Check their full list of opening hours here.

Contact: Site

3. Elements Wellness

Dry Skin Facial Listicle Elements Wellness Reception

Dry Skin Facial Listicle Elements Wellness Cabin

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Dehydrated skin is soothed and made to feel reinvigorated at Elements Wellness, which provides one of the best dry skin facials in Singapore. Known as the Hydro-Repair Facial, the treatment nourishes and rejuvenates parched skin layers all while removing dirt and impurities, banishing dry and flaky spots instantly.

With a passionate and well-trained staff, a dedication to using the best of the best products, and outlets located in central areas for maximum convenience, Elements Wellness might just shape up to be your favourite spa and facial salon just yet.

Elements Wellness: 

Address: 176 Orchard Road, The Centrepoint, #02-28, Singapore 238843 | 2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard, #B1-30, Singapore 238801.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 11am-9pm, Sat-Sun: 10.30am-8pm

Contact: 6737 8488 (Centrepoint outlet) | 6738 3788 (ION Orchard) | Site | Facebook


Dry Skin Facial Listicle Jyunka

Dry Skin Facial Listicle Jyunka 2

Founded in 2008, JYUNKA firmly believes in bringing about a personal transformation from within. Dedicated to providing top-notch service, you can expect excellent treatment services and skincare products that helps treat common skincare concerns efficiently and effectively.

One of them is, undoubtedly, the JYUNKA V Absolute Hydration treatment. It quenches dry, parched skin by first removing the dead skin cells present on your skin before slowly replenishing the hydration elements your skin requires throughout the facial.

How does it do so? Well, it is mainly through the process of Electroporation, where a device helps penetrate and drive active ingredients as well as a Hydrating Serum Gel deep into skin. This helps accelerate the growth of new skin cells, encouraging the growth of elastin and collagen in your skin while strengthening muscle fibers. Dewy, glowing skin after is pretty much guaranteed.

JYUNKA even goes the extra mile to give all customers take-home products to help maintain their newly moisturised and hydrated complexion! After your facial, you will be given a JYUNKA Extreme Hydrant Serum, a JYUNKA Extreme Comfort Mask, and a JYUNKA Extreme Hydrant Cream, all of which serves to hydrate and protect severely dry skin. Talk about amazing service!


Address: For a full list of outlets, click here.

Opening hours: For a full list of opening hours, click here.

Contact: 6278 2633 | Site | Facebook

5. Hanbang Skin Solutions

Dry Skin Facial Listicle Hanbang Skin Solutions

Dry Skin Facial Listicle Hanbang Skin Solutions 2

The recently opened Hanbang Skin Solutions has already been making waves for its highly effective treatments, with their special Geunmak technique used in every facial helping to boost blood and lymphatic circulation, thus achieving smoother, firmer skin that allows for a more youthful appearance. Nice!

A facial that is recommended for dry skin by Hanbang Skin Solutions? The Hydro Boost Care treatment. Guaranteeing visible results, this treatment aids in retaining moisture within skin, with it eliminating wrinkles and fine lines. In short? It pampers your complexion so that appears more soft and supple as a whole. And isn’t that what we all want for our skin?

(Psst! And did we mention that you’ll also get to try out their legendary line of Geunmak Skincare products throughout the facial? We’d sign up quickly for a slot if we were you!)

Hanbang Skin Solutions: 

Address: 23 Serangoon Central, Nex Shopping Mall, #04-30 Singapore 556083

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 10am-10pm, Sat-Sun: 10am-7pm.

Contact: 6909 5383 | Site