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Whether you’re looking to kick back and relax after doing some retail therapy, or simply want to know of the crème de la crème of salons in Singapore to deep-cleanse and nourish your skin, it’s always a good idea to check out the best facials in Orchard.

In particular, facials in town are known for being first-rate as they cater to locals and tourists, ensuring you get unmatched customer service and ambience.

Lucky for you, we’ve already done the digging and compiled a list of 25 highly rated spots for the best facials in Orchard. Read on to find the best one for you!

Signs You Should Get a Facial

facial orchard

1. Your Skin Looks Dull or Lifeless

Dryness, accumulated dead skin cells, and sluggish cell turnover can give the complexion a dull and worn-out appearance. The right facial in Orchard might help things get better and restore your skin’s natural glow.

2. You Have Acne or Recurrent Breakouts

An occasional spot or two every now and then is no major cause of concern. However, if you frequently experience breakouts, you probably need a facial (or professional assistance) to treat the issue.

You can discover more about your options for enhancing your skin quality by visiting an aesthetic clinic!

3. Your Fine Lines Are Becoming More Visible

Through an anti-ageing facial in Orchard, your skin can become more hydrated, thereby reducing your visible fine lines. You can also ask the professionals at your spa or clinic for other non-surgical treatments that can give your skin a more youthful appearance overall!

Best Facials in Orchard Under S$200

Ceramique Aesthetics BB Brightening Glow Facial

facial orchard spas: the lifestyle clinic

Looking to get evenly-toned, radiant, and youthful skin? Ceramique Aesthetic’s BB Brightening Glow Facial aims to achieve just that.

Using a laser treatment technique, any facial pigmentations left from acne, photoageing, and age spots will be effectively targeted. By reaching deep into the epidermis, this treatment eliminates these imperfections, revitalises damaged skin, and stimulates collagen production.

Rated 4.8/5 stars on Google Reviews from more than 600 customers, Ceramique Aesthetic has become a favourite amongst town goers.

Address: 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central, #03-13/14, Singapore 238896
Opening hours: 10am – 9pm (Mon to Sun)
Contact: 6011 0011 or 8313 7866 (WhatsApp)
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Yakson Singapore Golki Therapy

Facial orchard spa: yakson singapore

Want to have a V-shaped jawline without surgery or invasive procedures? Yakson’s Golki Therapy, a technique based on Wolff’s law, claims that applying shock and pressure can enhance calcium absorption and, as a result, increase bone density.

The beauty salon, founded in Korea in 1981, also provides other face-slimming facials, such as the Small Face Care.

This facial in Orchard includes a 15-minute “facial golki”, in which your face is remodelled and your jawline is reshaped through a series of deep massages, in addition to an hour-long back, arm, and décolletage massage.

This add-on is available for S$138 per session, and further discounts are given in their 10- and 20-session packages!

Address: 501 Orchard Road, Wheelock Place, #05-12A, Singapore 238880
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 7pm (Sat to Sun)
Contact: 6908 5523
Website | FacebookInstagram

Freia Aesthetics Bespoke Facial

Facial orchard spa: frezia

A custom one-hour facial in Orchard that’s less than S$100? Yes, please! Freia’s personalised facial treatments are a skincare enthusiast’s dream come true.

The aesthetician at Freia will analyse your skin and provide a thorough cleansing facial tailored to your preferences and unique requirements.

A full cleanse, exfoliation, deep tissue massage, and a daytime skin treatment are all included in the entire S$98 treatment to protect your skin from external aggressors.

Address: 252 North Bridge Road, Raffles City Shopping Centre, #B2-26, Singapore 179103
Opening hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 7pm (Sat)
Contact: 6258 0233
Website | FacebookInstagram

My Cozy Room Ultimate Pore Extraction Treatment

facial orchard spa: my cozy room

Blackheads and stubborn whiteheads can be a pain to remove, and the team at My Cosy Room understand this.

The boutique spa, located at a short distance from Orchard, is well-known for its extraction facial, which guarantees to fully and painlessly remove the bacteria trapped within your pores.

You’ll walk out with a smooth, glowing complexion that will endure for days, so don’t worry about dealing with any redness.

Acclaimed for being one of the best extraction facials in Singapore, their Ultimate Pore Extraction Treatment is a must-have for acne, blackheads, and clogged pores and will purify, clarify, and hydrate your skin.

Address: 442 Orchard Road, Claymore Connect, #02-09, Singapore 238879
Opening hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 8pm (Sat to Sun)
Contact: 6732 0030
Website | FacebookInstagram

Elements Wellness Essential Stem Cell Facial – Anti Aging

Facial orchard spa: elements wellness

Rewind the clock a couple of years by going for Elements Wellness’s Essential Anti-Aging Stem Cell Facial, available in Orchard.

The ability of stem cells to regenerate and mend skin is well known. A stem cell infusion can rejuvenate ageing skin and aid in the replacement of damaged cells with new, younger-looking skin cells.

For smoother skin, the face treatment also uses turmeric, vitamin C, liquorice root, and resveratrol – four clinically-proven natural skin brighteners.

Address: 176 Orchard Road, The Centrepoint, #02-28, Singapore 238843
Opening hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon to Fri) | 10.30am – 8pm (Sat to Sun, PH)
Contact: 6737 8488 or 9357 8183 (WhatsApp)
Website | Facebook

Sulwhasoo’s Essential Facial Treatment

facial orchard spa: sulwhasoo

The skincare line created by Sulwhasoo draws inspiration from Korean herbal remedies and conventional Asian healing methods.

Their spa was designed so that you might benefit from that kind of organic healing. If you visit Sulwhasoo, both your skin and your mind will feel at ease.

Don’t miss Sulwhasoo’s S$140 essential face treatment if you’re in town! This facial in Orchard is among the best for hydrating and revitalising the skin.

Address: 2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard, #B2-02, Singapore 238801
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon to Sun)
Contact: 6509 9979
Website | FacebookInstagram

Face Plus by Yamano Singapore Age Defying Facial

facial orchard spa: face plus

If you believe in Japanese facial treatments, this is a reputable Japanese facial salon to add to your list of places to get a facial in Orchard.

It has a five-star rating on Tripadvisor and advertises “omotenashi no kokoro”, a Japanese service philosophy that prioritises the requirements of the consumer.

Due to the special firming and contouring massage that its therapists use, its Age Defying Facial, an award-winning facial from Japan, is able to “magically” firm and sharpen your face shape without surgery.

This facial in Orchard retails for S$170 for a 75-minute session, and you’ll leave with a smoother and more sculpted face!

Address: 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central, #04-02, Singapore 238839
Opening hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon to Sun) 
Contact: 6509 3393

Aesop Facial Appointment

facial orchard spa: aesop

Aesop’s facials, which are available in a few chosen cities across the world like Tokyo and Hong Kong, are made to nourish the skin and the senses.

Want a treatment recommendation? Try the Parsley Seed Intensive, which transforms the brand’s popular Parsley Seed line into the ultimate anti-oxidant pampering treatment.

Your skin is first deeply cleansed, followed by a mild exfoliation, and then intensive hydration. Aesop’s distinctive Parsley Seed Extract (which you may buy afterward) helps to combat the effects of urban pollution and prolonged exposure to air conditioning.

Priced at just S$190 for a 60-minute session, this bespoke facial in Orchard is the mid-afternoon rejuvenating facial you need.

Address: 310 Orchard Road, TANGS at Tang Plaza, Level 1, Singapore 238864
Opening hours: 11am – 9.30pm (Mon to Sat) | 11am-9pm (Sun)
Contact: 6836 4748
Website | Instagram

iBeauty Skin Boutique’s Intensive Aroma Detox Treatment + Guasha

iBeauty Skin Boutique, which specialises in aromatherapy facial treatments, provides soothing facial treatments that take care of your skin concerns at an affordable cost.

Their Intensive Aroma Detox Treatment + Guasha session is one such facial in Orchard to schedule an appointment for. This aids in enhancing blood circulation, skin rejuvenation, skin radiance, anti-ageing, and lifting.

Priced affordably at S$180, the treatment includes extraction, gua sha, two masks, a soothing facial massage, and even a shoulder massage!

Address: 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, #04-38, Singapore 228213
Opening hours: 11am – 7pm (Mon to Wed & Friday) | 10.30am – 6pm (Sat to Sun)
Contact: 8874 2835

Best Facials in Orchard Over S$200

Le Beau Spa Acne Extraction Facial

best extraction facial le beau spa outlet

For a good extraction facial in Orchard, consider Le Beau Spa’s Acne Extraction Facial treatment. Known to be one of the best facials in Orchard for those with acne, this particular treatment has gotten an impressive 5-star Google review rating from over 100 customers.

Whiteheads and blackheads, both superficial and deep, are extracted during the procedure using their thorough procedure. This facial treatment can help reduce your blemishes as well as roughness, dullness, and overall poor skin quality.

A first-trial promotion of this facial in Orchard starts at S$58 net, and it’s also available for S$268 for returning customers!

Address: 360 Orchard Road, International Building, #05-03, Singapore 238869
Opening hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon to Fri) | 9.30am – 7.30pm (Sat)
Contact details: 9780 0878

La Source Spa 5-in-1 Super Facial Treatment

facial orchard spas: la source spa

If you’ve been dreaming of waking up with naturally glowy, youthful skin, La Source Spa’s comprehensive 5-in-1 facial has got you covered.

This facial in Orchard makes use of Geneo+, the unique facial technology that causes your skin’s natural oxygenation process.

In order to give you a goddess-level skin glow, it also includes a special blend of technologies like Tripollar RF, OxyGeneo™, and ultrasound.

For a personal touch, you can even choose an Oxypod capsule that is best suited to your skin type. With its active ingredients penetrate deep into your skin, you’ll acheive your most radiant skin yet!

Address: 581 Orchard Road, voco Orchard Singapore, #02-17/18, Singapore 238883
Opening hours: 10am – 7pm (Mon to Sun)
Contact: 6732 1318
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Skin Pple experiential facials

facial orchard spas: skin ppl

Looking for a facial in Orchard unlike any other? Check out the interactive facials by Skin Pple, the first of their kind in Singapore which combine cutting-edge skin technology with visual and aural components to create an otherworldly experience.

Treatments like their Chasing Rainbows and Star Gazing facials are designed to rejuvenate not only your skin but also your mind and body. After settling into the bed, your aesthetician will cover you with a comfortable weighted blanket.

Thereafter, relaxing music and oh-so-calming visuals are projected onto the room’s ceiling to transport you into a soothing zen oasis. It’ll be hard not to doze off, and completely okay if you do.

Once you do awaken, you’ll even be directed to a vanity room stocked with items like makeup and lint rollers. You’ll be equipped with everything you need for a quick touch-up before continuing your shopping and dining activities in Orchard.

This 80-minute facial in Orchard is priced at S$324, and is one of the more unique options on the list.

Address: 391 Orchard Road, Takashimaya S.C, Ngee Ann City, #03-08C, Singapore 238872
Opening hours: 10am – 9pm (Mon to Sun)
Contact: 6011 0011 or 8313 7866 (WhatsApp)
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Avante Face Body Yoga INDIBA Exclusive Treatment

Facial orchard: avante body and wellness

Avante is another facial in Orchard that provides a range of treatments that soothe your skin while unwinding your mind in the tranquil setting of a yoga studio.

Treat yourself to the innovative INDIBA Exclusive Treatment, which combines INDIBA Proionic Deep Beauty technology to help achieve anti-ageing effects.

Regularly receiving this face treatment might not only provide the skin with quick, visible effects but also long-term results, including increased skin elasticity, improved metabolism, and cellular regeneration.

The facial in Orchard is priced at S$298 for a 45-minute session, though there’s a 50% discount for first-timers, so make sure to head over to their website to catch this deal!

Address: 402 Orchard Road, Delfi Orchard, #05-03 to #05-07, Singapore 238876
Opening hours: 12pm – 9pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 6pm (Sat to Sun)
Contact: 6365 6869 or 9299 1993
Website | FacebookInstagram

SW1 Spa 24k Uplift

orchard facial: SW1 Clinic

Get the royal treatment when you visit Dr Low Chai Ling’s SW1 Spa. You’ll walk out of their 24k Uplift, a superb 90-minute hybrid facial fitting, looking (and feeling) refreshed.

You’ll start the session off with the scent of lavender essential oil, which opens up the pores before cleansing and steaming are performed. The next step? It’s an aqua-dermabrasion treatment employing three solutions to exfoliate, tone, and target your T-zone.

The ultrasonic procedure known as the Sygmalift Technology will then tighten and lift the skin impeccably. Lastly, get pampered with a 24k gold face mask that serves to brighten and hydrate your skin!

One 90-minute session of this luxurious treatment is priced at S$540, and a six-session package is available for S$2,700.

Address: 290 Orchard Road, Paragon Shopping Centre, #13-03, Singapore 238859
Opening hours: 10am – 8pm (Mon to Fri) | 9am – 4pm (Sat to Sun)
Contact: 6817 8888 or 8218 3273
Website | Facebook | Instagram

The Lifestyle Clinic’s Hollywood FacialFacial orchard spa: the lifestyle clinic

Looking to get A-list level glowy skin before attending a social event? The “Hollywood Effect” facial at The Lifestyle Clinic is one facial in Orchard that will prep and pamper your skin.

In this 3-in-1 facial, all-time favourites are blended to leave the skin bright reverse skin ageing and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and acne scars.

Hyaluronic acid is simultaneously infused into the skin while thorough microdermabrasion is performed on the skin in order to exfoliate dead skin cells, clear blocked pores, and stimulate collagen.

The skin is treated with a Yag laser in the second step, which improves skin texture, reduces pore size, and lessens wrinkles and acne scarring. Finally, a light glycolic peel offers gentle exfoliation and more collagen stimulation.

At S$350, this thorough treatment is worth every dollar!

Address: 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central, #03-13/14, Singapore 238896
Opening hours: 9am – 5.30pm (Mon to Fri) | 9am – 1pm (Sat)
Contact: 6733 0788 or 9826 3926
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Bud Cosmetics The Living Nature Detox Facial

Facial orchard spa: bud cosmetics

Credit: @nihaonewyork/Instagram

If your skin is stressed out from the pollution in the air or you simply have oily, blemish-prone skin, the Living Nature Detox Facial by Bud Cosmetics is the ideal facial in Orchard for you.

The renowned Halloysite clay from New Zealand is used in this extraction facial to unclog pores and leave skin clear and balanced, while Manuka honey, which has antibacterial properties, helps cleanse and heal the skin before nourishing and repairing it.

Ensure your skin gets the detox it needs without breaking the bank! This affordable facial in Orchard is priced at just S$128.

Address: 333A Orchard Road, Mandarin Gallery, #03-32, Singapore 238897
Contact: 6733 5782
Opening hours: 11am – 8.30pm (Tue to Sun) | Closed on Mondays
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Victoria Facelift’s Power-Lift Facial Therapy

Facial orchard spa: victoria facelift

With so many product options available today, our standards for skincare are at an all-time high. Not to mention that every person has a unique set of skin concerns to deal with.

Victoria Facelift’s patented Power-Lift Facial Therapy may quickly tighten drooping skin and smooth out small wrinkles without the use of Botox or fillers.

Originally priced at S$398, first-time customers can try this facial in Orchard for just S$48 via their website!

Address: 68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura, #04-58, Singapore 238839
Opening hours: 10am – 9pm (Mon to Sat) | 10am – 8pm (Sun and PH)
Contact: 6684 3232
Website | FacebookInstagram

SkinLab Medical Spa Customized Facial Treatment

Facial orchard spa: skin lab

This is the ideal facial in Orchard for first-timers! With cutting-edge technology that can identify your unique skin type and even skin issues, you’ll leave not just with better skin but also with better knowledge of what works on your skin.

You can customise the treatment to meet the unique needs of your skin with this facial during the 90-minute session, which is available for S$218.

Address: 68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura, #03-33, Singapore 238839
Opening hours: 10am – 9.30pm (Mon to Thurs) | 10am – 8.30pm (Sat) | 10am – 7.30pm (Sun)
Contact: 6336 1106
Website | FacebookInstagram

IDS Aesthetics Dew Mist Mi Hydrating Facial

facial orchard spa: IDS aesthetics

The oxygen-infused facial is available for S$270, and is one of the salon’s most well-loved treatments. Dew Mist Mi gives your skin a velvety smooth finish while delivering an ultra-hydrating blast of moisture!

The spa employs its specifically designed IDS Dew Mist Solution to hydrate your skin and replenish its hydration.

In the final stage, an LED light mask will be applied to your face in order to stimulate collagen production and extend the duration of your skin’s enjoyment of the revitalising effects of this hydrating facial in Orchard.

Address: 360 Orchard Road, International Building, #02-01, Singapore 238869
Opening hours: 10am – 8pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 5pm (Sat)
Contact: 6450 3555
Website | Facebook

Skin Inc Turn On The Power Of Customisation Tri-Light™ Treatment

Facial orchard spa: skin inc

Have just half an hour to spare? Then you might want to try Skin Inc’s 30-minute facial in Orchard! Skin Inc, renowned globally for its regenerating serums and skincare tools, offers the Turn On The Power Of Customisation Tri-Light™ Treatment.

Available for S$125, this quick but effective treatment uses targeted LED lights to stimulate skin cells and increase circulation, creating a healthy glow.

Address: 2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard, #B3-43, Singapore 238801
Opening hours: 11am – 9pm (Sun to Thurs) | 11am – 9.30pm (Fri to Sat)
Contact: 6222 7428
Website | FacebookInstagram

Celmonze The Signature’s Signature Plus Facial Treatment

Facial orchard spa: Celmonze

This is the facial to choose if you want to pamper your skin with Celmonze’s most popular treatment.

Celmonze’s Signature Treatment, which employs a variety of methods to help work seven facial muscles, is the main unique point of this tailored facial in Orchard. This process enhances lymphatic drainage, blood circulation, and skin immunity naturally.

After just one session, you should see immediate lifting results! There is an ongoing promotion for the facial on their website, and it’s available for S$158 instead of S$258. Don’t miss out on this sweet deal!

Address: 277 Orchard Road, orchardgateway, #03-16A, Singapore 238858
Opening hours: 11am – 9pm (Tue to Fri) | 10am – 7pm (Sat to Sun)
Contact:8838 8287
Website | FacebookInstagram

Facia Ginza Singapore’s Signature Small Face Care

If you long for a V-shaped chin, better facial symmetry, and firmer skin, head down to Orchard to try Facia Ginza Singapore’s Signature Small Face Care cosmetic treatment!

This treatment, which was created by Facia Ginza’s own team of osteopathic doctors, is based on traditional beliefs about bones and beauty. The treatments aim to stimulate the facial muscles to correct bone placement.

Facial orchard spa: facia ginza

This facial in Orchard not only gives you a more sculpted face in one session but also gradually restores the symmetry of your face. It’s originally priced at S$287, and is available for S$188 nett for first-time trial customers!

Address: 402 Orchard Road, Delfi Orchard, #04-20, Singapore 238876
Opening hours: 10.30am – 9pm (Mon to Fri) | 10.30am – 7pm (Sat to Sun & PH)
Contact: 8588 2563 (WhatsApp)
Website | Facebook | Instagram

OS Aesthetic 5D Antioxidant Glow Facial

Facial orchard spa: OS aesthetic

Although OS Aesthetic is conveniently located in the heart of bustling Orchard, its tranquil atmosphere offers a nice respite from city life.

With a strong commitment to helping their clients achieve their health and beauty goals through their tried-and-true treatments, this newly refurbished minimalist salon has offered beauty services for over 20 years.

The 5D Antioxidant Glow Facial, an extraction facial treatment, stands out among their service. This procedure uses non-invasive, risk-free methods such as oxygen infusion to help you achieve hydrated, refreshed skin.

Priced at S$328, the salon also offers a 50% off discount for first-time customers!

Address: 181 Orchard Road, 03-16-17-18 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
Opening hours: 11am – 8:30pm (Mon to Fri) | 11am – 8pm (Sat) | 11am – 7:30pm (Sun & PH)
Contact: 9636 3822
Facebook | Instagram

Kuko Beauty Signature Fascia Re-sculpting Treatment

Facial orchard spa: kuko beauty

Another great facial in Orchard to check out is at Kuko Beauty, which is loved by customers for its comfortable ambience and friendly therapists.

This therapy enhances your fascia (which refers to your circulation, muscles, fascia, and nervous system) with its patented TCM x Aesthetic Re-sculpting Method.

Without undergoing surgery, you can alter your muscle line, tighten the area behind your eyes, and address sagging skin!

Each 90-minute session retails for S$398.

Address: 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central, #03-12, Singapore 238839
Opening hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 7pm (Sat to Sun)
Contact: 9673 1611
Website | Facebook | Instagram