Best Highlighters For Beginners Featured

Mostly used by makeup professionals back in the days, highlighters are now considered an essential that every makeup enthusiast must have in her makeup pouch. Its popularity can also be easily seen on Instagram feeds where you see people showing off their blinding highlight and getting compliments for them.

So why highlight? Well, we’re guessing you’ve clicked on the article because you’ve already decided to ‘fess up that you need some highlight in your life. Other than blinding everyone with it, highlighters can also help create the look of healthy, glowing skin that everyone covets.

If you’re just beginning to try highlighter, we have the perfect list of highlighter recommendations for you. These picks retail at just under SGD 30 – relatively affordable, compared to many popular options out there – so you can build up your stash and preference at a comfortable rate. And for highlighting pros, well, you wouldn’t say no to affordable highlighters that actually work too, would you?

1. Colourpop’s Luster Dust Loose Highlighter

Best Affordable Highlighters Colourpop Luster Dust

Perhaps one of the most talked of brands when it comes to affordable makeup, Colourpop makes it right at the top of our list, for its affordability and its quality.

Colourpop’s Luster Dust Loose Highlighter comes in eight different colours, and are all rated extremely highly by the beauty reviewers on Colourpop, with it ranging from 4.5 stars, to a full 5 stars.

Adding to that, it’s also less than SGD 10, at SGD 9.50 (USD 7), cheaper than even drugstore brands, but boasting the quality of a top-tier brand. Consider us sold!

Price: SGD 9.50

Where to get: Colourpop is an online-only makeup brand, so check it out here.

2. Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter

Best Affordable Highlighters Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter

We’re so in love with Colourpop, we just had to feature it again. #notsponsored

Colourpop’s Super Shock Highlighter is a compact powder highlighter that can give you that Instagrammer blinding highlight and is only USD 8 – for y’all out there too lazy to convert that into SGD, that’s only SGD 10.90!

Plus, with 30 over different shades to choose from,you’re definitely spoilt for choice.

Price: SGD 10.90

Where to get: Colourpop is an online-only makeup brand, so check it out here.

3. Wet N Wild Color Icon Rainbow Highlighter

Best Affordable Highlighters Wet N Wild


Step aside Too Faced, Wet N Wild now has their own version of the unicorn, rainbow coloured highlighter that’ll have your friends knotted up in envy, but at a fraction of the price at SGD 12.90, compared to Too Faced’s SGD 45.

Get this highlighter for a high impact, rainbow sheen to impress your gal pals.

Price: SGD 12.90

Where to buy: Available in all Watsons and Guardian chain outlets.

4. NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator

Best Affordable Highlighters Nyx Born To Glow

A liquid highlighter that comes in two shades – the appropriately named Sun Goddess, and Pure Gold, this NYX highlighter is raved by reviewers as giving an intense blinding (depending on how you adjust it!) glow that will have you looking like a real Sun Goddess.

Price: SGD 16

Where to get: Any NYX outlets and Sephora outlets. Also available in Sephora stores online.

5. NYX Professional Makeup Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder

Best Affordable Highlighters Nyx Duo Chromatic

Despite its rather plain packaging, this duo chromatic highlighter really packs a punch with its use of holographic colours that will have your shine look different from every angle.

Holo-queens, this is where it’s at.

Price: SGD 16

Where to get: Available in NYX outlets, Sephora outlets and in online stores.

6. Canmake Tokyo Matte and Crystal Cheek

Best Affordable Highlighters Canmake Matte And Crystal Cheeks

Canmake’s version of a highlight comes in the form of a blush/highlight palette, where you apply the matte blush first, then top it off with the “crystal topping” on the left for a more shimmery, soft look to define your cheeks.

Price: SGD 16.90

Where to get: Available in all Watsons and Guardian stores.

7. Sigma Beauty Liquid Highlighter

Best Affordable Highlighters Sigma Liquid Highlighter Afterglow

Good for subtle looks and if you want something travel-friendly, this is the highlighter to get your hands on for a pearly, natural look that is easy to apply, and won’t look totally crazy if you accidentally dab on too much! Its subtlety and ease of application makes it a great highlighter for beginners.

Price: SGD 17

Where to get: Available in Sephora stores and in online stores.

8. Maybelline Gigi Liquid Strobe in Iridescent

Best Affordable Highlighters Maybelline

A collaboration between Maybelline and super-model Gigi Hadid, the liquid highlighter is promises to give you the perfect, iridescent glow-from-within skin that’ll get everyone talking.

Just mix the highlighter into your foundation, and dab dab dab for an illuminating, all-over strobing effect.

Price: SGD 18.90

Where to get: Available at all Maybelline counters

9. Sephora Collection Wonderful Cushion Luminizer

Best Affordable Highlighters Sephora

Always favoured makeup that comes in a cutesy packaging? Use the built-in cushion applicator and give your cheeks a little dab on the cheeks for a fresh, radiant finish, perfect for a no-makeup makeup look.

Price: SGD 20

Where to get: Available in Sephora stores and in online stores.

10. Sleek Makeup Face Form

Best Affordable Highlighters Sleek Makeup

There’s almost nothing better than having an all-in-one contour and highlight palette, so you don’t have to rake the extra cost (plus space!) of having buy both separately.

Plus, in addition to being an all-in-one and convenient as heck, reviewers on Sephora raved about the pigment on the highlight, so if you’re after a blinding highlight look that’s all the rage on Instagram, this is it.

Price: SGD 22

Where to get: Available in Sephora outlets and in online stores.

11. TheFaceShop Highlighter Beam

Best Affordable Highlighters The Face Shop Highlighter Beam

With a packaging that is similar to one of Benefit’s cult classic, the High Beam Highlighter, The Face Shop’s version not only gives you a natural looking, radiant complexion, but also naturally brightens skin complexion overtime with its use of natural ingredients like Quinoa Seed Extract, a well-known superfood that health-nuts go crazy over.

Price: SGD 20

Where to get: Available in all TheFaceShop outlets but we’ve found that Althea sells it at just SGD10 (discounted from SGD20).

12. Etude House Play 101 Stick (for Cheek and Highlighter)

Best Affordable Highlighters Etudehouse Play 101 Stick

Versatile and multi-functional, this highlighter can be used to give a pop of sheen on the cheeks for more dimension, as well as on the eyes. Plus, being in a stick formula means that touch-ups will be easy since you can just pop it in your handbag, easy-peasy.

Price: SGD 24

Where to get: Available in Etude House outlets and in online stores.

13. Zoeva Strobe Gel

Best Affordable Highlighters Zoeva

A bit less conventional than the usual powder or liquid formula highlighters tend to be, Zoeva’s Strobe Gel comes in a gel-formula that melds seamlessly into the skin for a natural, wearable, everyday look.

You could choose to adjust the varying level of intensity you want, from a natural, translucent finish, to a more vivid, dramatic look in the evening.

Price: SGD 25

Where to get: Available in Sephora stores and in online stores.

14. Sephora Collection Face Shimmering Powder

Best Highlighters For Beginners Sephora Collection

Apply this loose, shimmery powder on features that you’d like see pop to light them up subtly. The micro-smooth face powder feels weightless, and has a unique mirror effect that makes your skin look radiant. This is the one to go for if you want to create a naturally healthy glow.

Price: SGD 26

Where to get: Available in Sephora stores and in online stores.

15. BEAUTYMAKER Brightening Loose Powder

Best Affordable Highlighters Beautymaker

Another loose highlight powder, BEAUTYMAKER’s highlight gives you the radiant look that is so sought after, while also concealing the appearance of pores and retaining your skin’s moisture for a seamless, natural glow.

It is also jam-packed with minerals that your skin neither gets dry, nor overly greasy, the perfect solution in our tropical weather in Singapore.

Price: SGD 25.90

Where to get: Available in all Watsons chain outlets.

16. Benefit Cosmetics Dandelion Twinkle Powder Highlighter

Best Affordable Highlighters Benefit

A cult classic, Benefit is another surprising brand on the under SGD 30 list. While it retails at SGD 51 for its full-sized highlighter, its mini version, at 1.5g, retails only at SGD 26. This is perfect for you to try out the formula before committing to the full-sized one.

For those wanting a reliable highlighter that’ll be sure to give you the winning radiant glow that’ll have looks of envy coming your way, this is it.

Price: SGD 26

Where to get: Available in Sephora stores and in online store.

17. 3CE Marble Highlighter

Best Affordable Highlighters 3ce Stylenanda

If you weren’t already sold by its really pretty marbled swirls on the highlighter, 3CE is your solution if a pearly, natural sheen that all the K-Pop stars seem to be rocking, while all in a super pretty packaging.

Plus, according to Sephora reviewers online, totally not cakey at all. Win-win.

Price: SGD 26

Where to get: Available in Sephora stores and in online stores.

18. Cover FX Enhance Click

Best Affordable Highlighters Cover Fx


This may be no Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops, but Cover FX’s Enhance Click, one of their highlighters does a pretty good job at strobing to give you that all-over radiant look.

Not only is it affordable, it comes in a stick version, so it makes it easy for you to touch up whenever, wherever.

Price: SGD 28

Where to buy: In Sephora stores and in online stores.

19. Tartiest PRO Glow to Go Palette

Best Affordable Highlighters Tarte

Just barely making the cut for our list of SGD 30 and under highlights, Tarte’s Tarteist PRO Glow to Glow Palette is the palette you can reach for to do the entire she-bang – of choosing between a pearly or a sandier highlight from that lit-from-within glow you want to achieve, and a matte contour to complete the entire look.

Price: SGD 29

Where to get: Available in Sephora stores and in online stores.

20. Becca Shimmering Skin Protector

Best Affordable Highlighters Becca

A little lesser known than its sister Becca highlighters like its Pressed Powder Highlight (SGD 58) and its Liquid Highlighter (SGD 62), Becca’s Shimmering Skin Protector offers a more watery texture for a more polished, looking radiance that is less intense, and more suitable for a dewy, everyday look.

Price: SGD 29

Where to get: Available in Sephora stores and in online stores.

21. 3CE Back to Baby Glow Beam

Best Affordable Highlighters 3ce Back To Baby Glow Beam

Always admired the natural glow that 3CE models all seem to have? Apply this together or beneath foundation to achieve that dewy, glass skin look.

Price: SGD 30

Where to get: Available in Sephora stores and in online stores.

Bonus: theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

Best Affordable Highlighters Thebalm

Considered a holy grail amongst many, the Mary Lou highlighter is a champagne coloured powder formula that is INTENSE, pigmented, and most importantly, flattering on all skin colours.

While it may retail in local Sasa chains at SGD 39.90, its online stores is priced at USD24 (SGD 32.70), which is not SGD30 and under, but hear us out first!

So here’s the kicker: theBalm often has sales that occur twice per year, one at random, and the other usually during the Black Friday or Cyber Monday period where all items, including Mary Lou go for a whopping 50% off, site-wide.

That means you essentially can get this highlighter at only USD12 (SGD 16.40). What a steal!

Price: SGD 16.40 after 50% off

Where to get: the 50% off is only applicable in theBalm’s online website here.

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