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Song Hye-Kyo, Bae Suzy, and Park Shin-Hye. What do all three of them have in common apart from being gorgeous Korean actresses with effortless, bouncy curls? Their glowing complexions of course.

In a bid to get that plump, “chok chok” skin, we slather on hydrating essences and serums, but we don’t always reap the rewards of our efforts. Don’t give up just yet. There’s still another way to achieve luminous, dewy skin fast. Today, we’re casting the spotlight on the best Korean facials in Singapore.

These clinics and aestheticians have brought renowned Korean facials and aesthetic treatments right to our sunny shores so that we too, can achieve healthy, glowing skin just like our favourite celebrities.

If you’re due for a relaxing facial to clear up your skin and restore your glow, it’s high time you visited one of these spas and clinics.

Best Korean Facials in Singapore

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