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Everyone wishes to wake up to perfectly curled and lush eyelashes. While we may not all be blessed with amazing lashes, we can seek some help from either falsies from a quality beauty store or lash extensions from reputable beauty salons.

It’s probably not surprising that the best lash extension technologies hail from Japan and Korea, the beauty meccas of East Asia. A great lash extension job can easily help you look more awake and ready to take on the day, even if you were partying out late the night before and your eyes look fatigued and lifeless.

Not to mention, having eyelash extensions is an easy way to shave off a few minutes from your makeup routine. This means more time to snooze and rack up those beauty sleep points – which is always a plus!

We’ve put together a comparison of popular lash extension salons in Singapore so that you can choose and decide for yourself which you think is the best.

You can also scroll to the end of the article for quick links to the featured salons’ websites and deal pages.

Summary of Websites and Deal Pages for the Best Lash Extension Salons in Singapore

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