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Working late into the night, and having to drag yourself up in the morning to go back to the office. Rinse and repeat for five days a week, and 52 weeks a year.

If you’re feeling exhausted and tired all the time, you would most probably also notice that your skin is starting to show visible signs of your mental state of being.

While you may not always be able to improve your sleep hygiene, you certainly can give yourself a good pampering session to relax and stop thinking about work for a couple of hours. These facial salons have identified the growing epidemic of fatigued and tired-looking skin, and they’re looking to make a difference. These are the treatments that are said to help restore that revitalised look to your skin without hassle on your part!

1. Annabelle Skin

Reviewer: Mandy Wong

tired skin facial annabelle studio

Annabelle Skin is located in the central location at The Adelphi, just a couple of minutes away from City Hall MRT, but tucked away in a corner of that building. My facial therapist, also named Mandy, explained to me about the facial salon’s signature anti-ageing treatment utilizing leading Polish skincare brand Norel Dr Wilsz.

tired skin facial annabelle studio

Before we began, however, she did a thorough assessment of my skin condition before proceeding with the treatment.

tired skin facial annabelle skin 1

This is a close-up shot of the skin on my jawline, which Mandy said was an example of good, healthy skin. The hallmark of well-hydrated, youthful skin, she said, was the presence of triangular patterns, the more the better.

tired skin facial annabelle skin 2

This is a shot of the skin on my cheek area, which Mandy said was starting to show signs of hyperpigmentation. It’s not that bad yet, but if I didn’t take care with appropriate sun protection and anti-ageing routine, it might develop into more intense freckles or age spots in the future.

tired skin facial annabelle skin 3

This is a shot of the skin on my forehead, which Mandy pointed out was not only dehydrated, but also beginning to show some slight wrinkling, or what is termed “expression lines”.

After cleansing with a hyaluronic-infused cleansing milk and toner, Mandy applied an exfoliating mask. It contains bromelain and papain enzymes which can break down the bonds between skin cells and slough off the top layer.

tired skin facial annabelle skin 4

It was followed by a Peat Mud Mask, a signature step from the Norel Dr Wilsz line of facial products. It went on very slightly warm, but it was a comfortable level of heat, almost akin to a warm towel being spread over my face. Aside from being deeply relaxing, it also detoxifies, destresses, regenerates, stimulates microcirculation, and boosts oxygen levels in the skin.

Next, Mandy chose two products from the “7 Wonders” cocktails in the Norel Dr Wilsz line that was the best suited for my skin type. She used a moisturizing cocktail, containing trehalose and hyaluronic acid, and a wrinkle correction cocktail, which contains peptides to stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis to smooth out wrinkles and furrows.

tired skin facial annabelle skin norel dr wilsz 1

This particular treatment seemed to have more masks than typical treatments, and some of those masks tingled on my skin for a couple of minutes before the sensation faded away. Because there were so many masks, the entire treatment took almost 2 hours, even though we skipped the extraction process (I had already done extraction the day before). Like most anti-ageing treatments and facials, it would certainly take more than session to see visible effects, but I enjoyed the entire process.

tired skin facial annabelle skin before after

Annabelle Skin
Website: Annabelle Skin
Address: 1 Coleman Street #02-42, The Adelphi, Singapore 179803 (nearest MRT: City Hall)

Book an appointment by sending a WhatsApp message or SMS to +65-8228-1454 with the format: <name> <ddmm> <time> <treatment>.

2. Spa Esprit

Reviewer: Kristen Juliet Soh

Spa Esprit Beauty Emporium is located at Dempsey Road, in a huge wood-themed store that’s nestled amongst flora and fauna. If you ask me, this is already a treat to help me take a scenic break from city life.

The latest treatment by Spa Esprit is the Beam Me Up Near Infrared Lifting Facial, which helps heal and renew skin, while treating a variety of skin concerns.

At the centre of this facial treatment is the Near Infrared (NIR) technology, which emits light waves through a lamp within the near infrared spectrum. These light technology works by heating tissue deep underneath skin’s surface in order to contract and tighten collagen fibres. The result? Firmer, lifted skin, with improvement in skin texture and more refined-looking pores.

During the treatment, a protective eye wear was put over me, and oil was applied to my face. My therapist passed the NIR handheld device over my face in a sweeping motion. She monitored my skin’s temperature closely with a special thermometer, and at the same time ask me if I was feeling comfortable.

While it sounds like some of the light treatments that other clinics and salons offer, I observe that the NIR light felt significantly gentler on my skin. I didn’t experience any pain or unbearable heat, which are often associated with other light treatments that I’ve done. There was just a little warmth, which actually felt soothing on my skin.

The facial was completed with a cooling herbal mask and a pampering neck and shoulder massage. These certainly helped me relax further.

After the 75-minute session, my skin looked significantly brighter and lifted, and felt taut and smooth. I thought I looked fresh, just like how I would have looked if I had managed to sleep for a full eight hours for a few consecutive days while on a holiday.

The Spa Esprit Beam Me Up Facial is only available at Spa Esprit’s Beauty Emporium outlet and you’re recommended to go for six treatments administered two to four weeks apart, with yearly follow-ups.

Spa Esprit Beauty Emporium
Website: Spa Esprit
Address: 8D Dempsey Road, #02-01, Singapore 249672
Book an appointment by calling 64790070.

3. Three Rhythm Spa

Reviewer: Kristen Juliet Soh

Holistic Japanese beauty brand Three has finally arrived in Singapore, and is located at Level 4 of Tangs @ Tang Plaza. With the opening of this new store in Singapore, Three has also introduced the Three Rhythm Spa; we’re lucky enough to be the only country with the Rhythm Spa in the world, apart from its flagship store in Japan.

Don’t expect the conventional when you’re at Three Rhythm Spa. Unlike most other facial spas that are more concerned about what your skincare concerns and routines are, Three is interested in your overall lifestyle. This is because Three believes that the human biological rhythm is interconnected with various functions of the body, and so, they take on a holistic approach to caring for your body, mind, and body using their products.

For instance, one of the questions in the form I had filled in was about the quality of sleep that I have. I was surprised by it because such questions are hardly asked by spas. I recognise that I had not been having restful nights, and the therapist took note of this. She later on recommended products that are infused with essential oils that can help me improve my sleep quality.

I was introduced to the 60-minute Balancing Facial, which uses the brand’s Balancing range of products to help improve skin’s condition so that skin looks fresher and brighter.

All of the products used in the facial, including the Three Balancing Lotion, Balancing Cleansing Oil, and Balancing Emulsion, have a soothing scent that I enjoy.

The therapist began the treatment by removing my makeup and cleansing my face,  and then placed the Balancing Lotion Mask on my face. She also gave me a relaxing massage on the neck and shoulder areas using a specially concocted body treatment oil. Shortly after she started the massage, I find myself drifting to sleep – and I allowed myself to do so because I’ve not been unable to fall asleep quickly in the previous few nights. The slumber was a very gratifying treat for me that day.

After the mask was removed, a facial massage using the Conditioning SQ Oil was done. This was also a pampering step that I appreciated.

The facial concluded with the moisturising step and sun care step.

When facial was over, the therapist served me tea, and told me to “take my time” to touch up my makeup using the products placed at the dresser in the treatment room. She closed the door behind her and left me alone. I was surprised once again, because most of the time, the after-facial beverage is consumed outside the treatment room since most spas would want to clear the space for the next customer. But I felt encouraged to really spend some me-time, while exploring Three’s makeup range and trying them out by myself.

Of course, the facial delivered benefits to my skin: it left my skin feeling very hydrated and looking radiant. But I think most importantly, it provided me with a much-needed respite. I was allowed to slow down my pace, treated to the soothing scent of essential oils in the products that relaxed me, and even managed to sneak in a power nap. Just like my skin, my mind felt calmer and more soothed after the session.

Three Rhythm Spa
Website: Three Cosmetics Singapore
Address: Level 4, TANGS at Tang Plaza
Book an appointment by calling 62352913.

4. EstheClinic

Reviewer: Mandy Wong

tired skin facial estheclinic 4

EstheClinic at Rochester

I visited the Tras Street branch of EstheClinic, located in the heart of the CBD just a 5 minute walk away from Tanjong Pagar MRT. Situated where it is, it’s no wonder that EstheClinic has found it important to introduce a new suite of aesthetic treatments known as Urban Skin Remedies, specially designed for busy and stressed individuals who desperately need a time-out for their skins.

The collection of treatments include “Beat the Heat” and “Beat the Clock” treatments, but I went for the one most relevant to me at this point: “Beat the Stress”. This treatment combines the use of LED and IPL therapies in order to reduce zits and breakouts that result from stress. It also soothes oily skin and clogged pores from all the humidity and traveling that you might be doing every day.

tired skin facial estheclinic 5

After cleansing off my makeup, the therapist pasted small stickers on the more prominent moles I had on my face, which she said was to facilitate the IPL process and prevent excess heat from being trapped by the pigment there. After that, she slathered on a thick cream all over the face, which felt rather cool and soothing.

The IPL machine was applied all over my face, and the therapist would always pre-empt me, telling me when she was about to start on my neck, or on my forehead, my nose, etc. My eyes were already being covered to protect it from the laser, so it was really comforting to know when she was going to move on to the next area. I was a little intimidated during my first treatment, as I didn’t know what level of discomfort I’m supposed to be expecting, so it really helped to be walked through the process by my therapist as she moved from step to step.

tired skin facial estheclinic 1

The IPL itself was surprisingly comfortable. It felt more like a chilled metal tool that was ran all over my face, and I only really felt some slight warmth if the tool happened to linger on the same area of my face for more than a few seconds. All in all, the process was so soothing that I fell asleep halfway for both sessions that I went for.

After the IPL was done, the therapist gently took off what was left of the cream she had applied earlier. After this, she started to do microneedling with a derma roller on my skin. I was very intimidated when I heard that this was to be part of my treatment, as I’m not a fan of needles. During the first treatment though, the therapist gently ran it over my neck so that I could have a feel of the sensation before she went on to my face, which really helped to put my mind at ease.

tired skin facial estheclinic 2

It was not painful at all! In fact, the microneedling part was the most comfortable part of the whole treatment. It felt a bit like Velcro, except that I find Velcro much rougher and sharper than microneedling. The microneedling helps to create tiny holes in the skin so that it can absorb serum and treatments better, and also stimulate regeneration of skin cells.

Microneedling is an add-on to the treatment, but it only costs SGD 40 more (to add it on for all your sessions in the package), and they will also present you with your own microneedling derma roller to use at home after you are done.

After the microneedling was finished, my therapist applied serums to my face before putting me under some lamps for the LED treatment. At first I felt a bit claustrophobic, as those lamps are three-sided and wrap around your head area. The lamps never felt warm or hot, however, and you may also find yourself falling asleep during this part of the treatment.

tired skin facial estheclinic 3

The LED treatment continued for about 20 minutes or so, before the whole treatment was over. It took a total of 60 to 90 minutes every time, and I always walked out feeling more rested. My eyes felt a bit blurry after the treatment was over, which lasted from 10 to 30 minutes, but the assistants assured me that this was normal.

This was partially because, even though my eyes had been covered for the LED treatment, it still needed some time to adjust back to normal light after. My eyes were also bound with an elastic band, which may have been slightly tight though by no means uncomfortable, and this may also have caused the post-treatment blurriness.

tired skin facial estheclinic before after

I was happy to see that my skin certainly looked visibly fairer in the mirror after the treatment! The treatment is said to rebalance the skin, reduce blemishes and inflammations, and refine the appearances of pores.

Website: EstheClinic

  • Tanjong Pagar: 72 Tras Street, Singapore 079011 (nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar Exit A) / Tel: +65 6221 4797
  • East Coast: 424 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427643 / Tel: +65 6344 0121
  • Rochester Park: 44 Rochester Park, Singapore 139248 (nearest MRT: Buona Vista) / Tel: +65 6254 9913

Book an appointment here.

5. d’Skin Oxygenating Treatment

Reviewer: Keith Toh

d’Skin at Heartland Mall

Homegrown spa, d’skin, believes in investing in top-grade equipment to ensure their customers are able to get the best possible treatments available in Singapore and near their homes. One of the latest investments is the Soft Plus, a high-end skin analysis machine endorsed and used by medical clinics and doctors used to assess the pH level of customers’ skins.

I went for the Oxygenating Treatment (a la carte price of SGD 198), which lasted for about one and half hours.

A high-pressure oxygen jet was used to “blast” my face. The cooling sensation stimulates the skin cell to work harder to regenerate. This treatment has been known to strengthen the skin’s elasticity, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pores. It has also been clinically proven to increase hydration level up to 40%!

After a series of oxygen treatments were done on my face, the therapist finished it off with a facial mask. While the mask was doing its job for the next 15 to 20 minutes, the therapist gave me a an incredibly relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage, with just the right amount of pressure and firmness.

I didn’t expect to see visible results with fine lines after only one session, especially since I don’t have many right now. However, there was a noticeable glow to my skin, and it felt more hydrated and healthier to the touch. Plus, what more could I have asked for than a pampering massage to end off the session?

Website: d’Skin

  • Heartland Mall: 205 Hougang St 21, #02-133/135, Heartland Mall Singapore 530205 / Tel: +65 6282 7388, SMS: +65 8181 7388
  • Novena: 238 Thomson Rd, #03-13/14/15, Velocity@Novena Square, Singapore 307683 / Tel: +65 6252 5822, SMS: +65 9456 9533
  • Seletar: 33 Sengkang West Avenue, #04-18, The Seletar Mall, Singapore 797653 / Tel: +65 6384 4788, SMS: +65 9772 7500

Book an appointment here.