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On paper, makeup wipes sound like a lazy girl’s dream come true. You mean I can remove my makeup without having to drag myself to the bathroom to do a whole double-cleansing ritual every time? Where do I sign up?

And yet, after trying a few makeup wipes brands, I’ve sworn off them for good. Not only did the material of the sheets feel rough against my skin, they also didn’t do a good enough job removing the makeup. I had to really rub at my skin including my eyes (yes, I know. Horrible.) to take my stubborn waterproof makeup off.

All the tugging and rubbing combined with the harsh ingredients in these wipes was a recipe for skin irritation, which the convenience factor just couldn’t justify.

So you can understand my skepticism when I heard about the new Bifesta Perfect Clear Makeup Remover Wipes. They sound like everything I wish makeup wipes could be, but I just didn’t think they could live up to their claims.

Still, I gave these wipes a fair try, and here are my thoughts on it.

Bifesta Perfect Clear Makeup Remover Wipes Review: What do I think of it?

Bifesta Perfect Clear Makeup Remover Wipes Pack Shot

While I have not used anything from Bifesta before, I’m well familiar with their reputation as a specialist in makeup removal, with an extensive range of products from wipes to micellar waters.

For makeup wipes alone, Bifesta offers six different variants, including two for waterproof makeup, of which the Perfect Clear Makeup Remover wipes are one.

My first impression of the product was that I rather liked the air-tight cap. Unlike the sticker type that would lose its adhesiveness after a while and let out the moisture, the air-tight cap will be able to keep the sheets from drying out for longer.

While many of the makeup wipes that I’ve tried come with a pleasant floral scent, the Bifesta ones don’t; this may make some people think less of the experience, but I attributed it to the fact that there was no artificial fragrance used to mask it. My sensitive skin also loved that these sheets are colourant-free and have been allergy-tested to be safe for all skin types.

Bifesta Perfect Clear Makeup Remover Wipes Review Before After

Before and after using Bifesta Perfect Clear Makeup Remover Wipe. Everything came off easily!

My favourite thing about these sheets is that they are generously moistened to effortlessly lift makeup off the skin without me having to tug very hard. For waterproof makeup, I only needed to press the sheet against my eyes for a few seconds before wiping away, and the mascara and eyeliner easily came off. Yay to no unnecessary wrinkle-causing tugs!

While other makeup wipes tend to just smear the makeup around on your skin instead of actually removing it, the Bifesta Perfect Clear Makeup Remover Wipes are specially formulated to hold onto makeup stains and prevent them from transferring back onto the skin. They are also infused with artichoke extract and rice bran oil to cleanse and soften your skin without clogging your pores.

Bifesta Makeup Perfect Clear Makeup Remover Wipes

Each pack of the Perfect Clear Makeup Wipes comes with 46 sheets in an extra-large size (150mm x 200mm), and one single sheet was enough to take all of my makeup off.

Bifesta Perfect Clear Makeup Remover Wipes Review: What is my verdict?

After trying out the Bifesta Perfect Clear Makeup Remover Wipes, I have definitely reconsidered my negative stance towards makeup wipes. Not all of them are bad, and you just have to try and find ones that work for you.

For me, even though I will continue with my double cleansing method, I’ve reserved a place on my vanity for the Bifesta Perfect Clear Makeup Remover Wipes for when I’m too tired or I need something to take off my makeup when on the go. Because I know I won’t have to trade my skin health for convenience any more!

Bifesta Perfect Clear Makeup Remover Wipes retail for SGD14.50 per pack (46 sheets), and are available at leading drugstores, supermarkets and department stores including Watsons, Guardian, Fairprice, DON DON DONKI, and Welcia-BHG. Find out more about Bifesta’s full range of products on their website here.

The Bifesta Makeup Remover range has six variants: Moist, Sebum (new), Bright Up, Enrich, Oil In, and Perfect Clear (new).

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Learn more about Bifesta and their products on their website, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

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