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It’s hardly the sexiest product we stow in our bags and purses, but I think we can all agree that hand sanitisers have taken on a whole new allure over the past year.

These germ-killing formulas have become a welcome addition to our daily routine, leaving us with clean hands (and a clean conscience) as we carefully navigate through life during a pandemic. If you’re like me and have dry hands that are prone to eczema, however, you’re probably having a difficult time finding the right hand sanitiser.

The more I wash my hands with soap and reach out for alcohol-based hand sanitisers, the louder my sensitive, irritated skin cries for help. Constantly reapplying hand cream after is a fussy step that can leave my hands feeling greasy too – not ideal for someone who already has butterfingers.

bioderma biphase lipo-alcoolique review 1

Thankfully, the moisture-stripping formulas of the past have been re-imagined to offer the same bacteria-killing benefits, but in a way that’s much more gentle on our hands. Enter the Bioderma Biphase Lipo-alcoolique, a hand sanitiser that both cleans and moisturises.

What makes the Bioderma Biphase Lipo-alcoolique different from other hand sanitisers

The shelves of drugstores and beauty stores are spilling with hand sanitiser options, but these formulas are often harsh on dry, sensitive skin due to their high alcohol content. Keep reading to find out why the Bioderma Biphase Lipo-alcoolique is a cut above the rest.

1. It preserves the skin’s natural protective barrier

bioderma biphase lipo-alcoolique review shaken

A closer look at the biphase formula when shaken

Think of our skin’s natural protective barrier as a vital frontline –  it protects us against the perils of the environment, such as pollution, infection, toxic chemicals, and much more. It is largely made up of fatty substances, which act like bouncers at a club, but those dissolve each time we douse our hands with an alcohol-heavy hand sanitiser.

When our hands get drenched in alcohol every day for months on end, our skin barrier weakens and its defences lower, which could lead to dryness and irritation – something I experienced first-hand (no pun intended). This is why Bioderma formulated a biphase hand sanitiser that compensates for a weakened skin barrier caused by alcohol.

Now, we’re about to delve into some science here. The “lipo” you see in the product name refers to lipids (also known as fats), while “alcoolique” (French for “alcoholic”) refers to the alcohol in the hand sanitiser.

Thanks to the added biomimetic lipids, which are a close chemical match to that of our own lipids, the Bioderma Biphase Lipo-alcoolique cares for the skin beyond the surface as it eliminates harmful microorganisms.

2. It eliminates 99.9%* of germs in 30 seconds

bioderma biphase lipo-alcoolique review 3

One of the safest, most accessible, and effective ingredients, alcohol offers broad-spectrum anti-microbial effects to protect our hands against germs, and Bioderma has added 79.4% of ethanol into their Biphase Lipo-alcoolique.

Compared to other forms of alcohol like n-propanol and isopropanol, ethanol is much better tolerated by the skin, so it eliminates 99.9%* of germs in 30 seconds while being relatively gentle. Rest assured, it’s suitable to use on the hands of adults and children (aged 3 years and up).

*Caution: Flammable. Always read the product and label for more information before use.
1) European Standard NF EN 13727 + A2 (Dec 2015), France: Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics – quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of bactericidal activity in the medical area.

3. It nourishes and softens the skin

bioderma biphase lipo-alcoolique review palm

To counter the drying effects of ethanol in the formula, Bioderma has added two skin-loving ingredients to help the skin retain its moisture: shea oil and squalane. As mentioned, these two biomimetic lipids are similar to our skin’s own lipids, which is why they were chosen to nourish the skin, thereby preserving our skin’s protective barrier.

Shea oil is an excellent source of fatty acids that helps bring back moisture and suppleness to even the driest skin, while squalane is a lipid that’s naturally produced by our skin cells and can be found in our sebum.

Together, this tag-team of hero ingredients in the Bioderma Biphase Lipo-alcoolique replenish the lipids that are lost when we sanitise our hands.

How to use the Bioderma Biphase Lipo-alcoolique

bioderma biphase lipo-alcoolique review spray

A dermatologist I was seeing advised opting for an alcohol-free hand sanitiser to lower the risk of skin irritation. However, non-alcohol-based hand sanitisers aren’t as reliable when it comes to killing microorganisms. So, when Bioderma sent down their new Biphase Lipo-alcoolique for me to try, I was excited to meet my potential perfect match.

As soon as the Bioderma Biphase Lipo-alcoolique landed on my desk, I picked up the bottle and shook it well to mix both phases of the formula. Prior to using it, the brand also informed me that shaking the bottle well ups the product’s efficacy.

Then, I spritzed on two to three pumps of hand sanitiser in my palm and rubbed it all over my hands for about 30 seconds. The nozzle dispensed a fine mist that felt lightweight and watery on my hands, which made for an easy, mess-free experience.

Due to its moisturising benefits, you have to give the product some time to absorb into the skin. Otherwise, you may find it a tad greasy.

Bioderma Biphase Lipo-alcoolique review: First impressions

bioderma biphase lipo-alcoolique review hands

Credit: Daria Shevtsova/Pexels

After 30 seconds, my hands felt clean, soft, and moisturised – a stark contrast to how dry and red my hands become with other hand sanitisers. I liked that the formula was fragrance-free too – a relief for my sensitive skin and nose.

Having used the Bioderma Biphase Lipo-alcoolique multiple times over two days, I was surprised to see that the skin around my cuticles appeared less chapped. Plus, my hands looked and felt more hydrated without showing any signs of dryness or irritation.

Bioderma even conducted a study where they invited 20 volunteers to try the Biphase Lipo-alcoolique under medical supervision. After 14 days, they noticed a 23% reduction of transepidermal water loss (TEWL) with the Biphase Lipo-alcoolique, versus a glycerin-based formula, which pointed to a stronger skin barrier and more hydrated skin.

While I haven’t used it for 14 days, I’ve already started to see an improvement in my skin – an impressive feat despite using it for only two days. I’ll definitely be stocking up on this hand sanitiser once my current bottle runs out.

Bioderma Biphase Lipo-alcoolique retails for S$14.90 is available exclusively at Watsons stores and Watsons online, and will be available islandwide at leading drugstores and pharmacies from July 2021. 

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