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While there are many different reasons why you might be finding it difficult to trim the few centimetres off your belly – hormones, genetics, the wrong type of diet, it’s not always easy to pinpoint the root cause, and sometimes, even a #fitspo lifestyle isn’t quite enough to make those stubborn fats go away.

Slimming treatments are one way that you can reach your body goals quicker, and the best news is that today, they don’t always involve scary surgical procedures – no anaesthesia, incisions, or long periods of recovery after.

We’ve encountered a myriad of non-invasive slimming treatments, but this Japanese one, in particular, doesn’t cause much – or any – discomfort at all and lets you see a slimmer waist and more toned abs by the end of a single 60-minute session. Enter: Blush Official’s Slim & Sculpt!

How does Blush Official’s Slim & Sculpt work?

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Blush Official’s Slim & Sculpt Treatment is a Japanese slimming treatment that destroys the fat cells in the body and leaves it to the body to naturally flush them out over a few days, and it tones the muscles too.

This slimming treatment, unlike traditional Liposuction, is non-invasive, meaning that it doesn’t involve making any incisions in the body. Instead, it uses applicator heads to deliver two types of technology to the body: HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound) and EMS (electro-muscle stimulation).

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The HIFU technology uses high-frequency ultrasound waves to heat up the tissue underneath the skin, thus destroying the fat cells and resulting in a skin-tightening effect in the treated area.

At the same time, EMS directs electromagnetic waves through the skin and fat and to the muscle underneath. It stimulates quick, frequent contractions, building the muscles in a similar way as exercising, as well as reducing fat.

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Used together in one treatment, the two technologies help to trim stubborn fat and give more toned muscles in as quickly as one session; it’s a two-in-one result for those hoping to look leaner and fitter too.

Even though you’ll get to see results after a single session, Blush Official advises their customers to go for at least two to five sessions, depending on their body and goals.

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Results for a customer after two and five sessions. Photo source: Blush Official

But just because a slimming treatment is non-invasive doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt, right? After all, the thought of experiencing a burst of muscle contractions even as our fats are being melted and destroyed, well, doesn’t sound like a total breeze; it’s why we were eager to test this treatment for ourselves to find out.

Our chosen reviewer was Daily Vanity’s Eliza, who headed down to Blush Official to try the Slim & Sculpt Treatment for the first time!

Blush Official’s Slim & Sculpt treatment review

“Losing weight has been a concern for me since my teenage years. Even though I’ve tried slimming treatments, exercise, and dieting, I haven’t seen results.

For a period, I was on a keto diet (high-fat and low-carb diet) and did intermittent fasting at the same time, but it took me about four months to see my weight finally start going down on the weighing scale.

It was also challenging for me to keep to the keto diet as I am a vegetarian and have a limited selection of foods to replace my regular diet with. The diet also caused me to feel more tired and moodier at work, which is why I decided to go back to my normal eating habits.

I was also gymming two to three times a week, but wasn’t able to reach my body goals. With Blush Official’s Slim & Sculpt treatment, I hoped to get a more toned tummy and lower back, where I think it’s hardest to lose fats.”


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“When I first stepped into Blush Official’s studio, I noticed the warm lights and matching colour palette, which made it feel very cosy. There were also a few cute bear bricks peppered around the studio, which really cheered up the space and lightened my mood.

The therapist immediately greeted me with a smile and invited me to change out of my shoes and into Blush Official’s comfy bedroom slippers, before showing me to the treatment room.

There, she asked me to change into a set of disposable undergarments that were already laid out on the bed. As I was more comfortable wearing my own sports bra and tights for the review, I let her know and changed into my own (approved) attire instead.

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Once I was ready, my therapist took three measurements of my tummy area: the upper, middle, and lower – just above my hips and where my love handles are – sections.

She also took photos of my abdomen from the front, side, and back, so I could compare the results from before the treatment and after.

My therapist was thorough in observing my abdominal area and detailed in taking my measurements. When I shared my concerns about the fats on my lower back and tummy, she also assured me that she would customise the treatment to target these two areas.

As she guided me on what to do throughout, I didn’t feel awkward during the process.”

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“After the consultation, the therapist guided me to lie face-down on the treatment bed so that she could perform the HIFU and EMS treatment, starting with my love handles.

The treatment bed was comfy and the therapist used a blanket to cover my legs. Before she turned on the machine, she shared the steps that would follow, making me feel right at ease.

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First, she applied a gel on my skin, which felt a little cold.

When she glided the applicator heads across my skin, I felt a tingling sensation that came from the vibration of the machine and was surprised to find that the process was painless.

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Later, I was asked to turn over to lie on my back so that the therapist could perform the treatment on my tummy area.

The tingling sensation intensified in the areas that had less fat: when she ran the applicator heads across my upper abdominal area, it felt ticklish because of the increased vibrations.

I also felt some soreness – like I had just exercised – at my obliques because of the stimulated muscle contractions.

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Overall, the tingling wasn’t unpleasant and my therapist checked in with me to make sure that I was feeling comfortable from time to time; I felt relaxed from start to finish.

I appreciated that the therapist patiently answered the questions I had during the session. When I asked her whether the fats would return after the treatment was over, she said that I would be able to maintain the results as long as I did not overeat.

Tea was also served to me after to wrap up my treatment session.”


“I lost about two centimetres of lower belly fat and could feel that my stomach was less bloated by the end of the session. I was impressed to see not just a visible difference in the size of my belly, but improved muscle tone in my tummy area too!

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Eliza lost two centimetres from the lower section of her tummy after one session.

The soreness that I experienced during the treatment went away within less than a day, and I would say that there was no downtime because I could go about my usual activities afterwards.

Compared to a Coolsculpting slimming treatment that I did previously, Blush Official’s Slim & Sculpt was a lot more comfortable and let me see significant results by the end of the first session. I’ll be happy to go for this treatment again if I had the chance!”

First-timers, you can enjoy Blush Official’s Slim & Sculpt for just S$198 instead of S$388 (80 min, full body)! Snag this first trial promotion, here.

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