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Cryogenics is the study of how elements react at low temperatures, and this long-researched subject produces technology that’s used especially in the medical field. The study of cryogenics also lends the basis for another interesting finding: fat cells freezes and break down at a specific cold temperature.

I went through a treatment recently that taps on this technology, and within two weeks, managed to see 5cm reduction around my tummy (the area where the treatment was administered yet). Read on to find out more about it and to see the before and after photos!

The result?

My tummy area felt firmer within the first week after the session. And while I had a lot to eat during a recent vacation, I didn’t puff up as I usually would, which seems to show that the treatment is still progressively working on my body.

marie france pro freeze review before and after

I went about my usual routine of eating right, and drank more water than I usually would. In just two weeks, I already saw a significant change – which my husband noticed too – my tummy appeared smaller and firmer than before. A measurement using the measuring tape shows that it has gone down from 87cm to 83cm. I think a 5cm change within two weeks is a very good result.

marie france pro freeze review before and after2

In fact, from I understand, the treatment will continue to work its potency on me for the next one and a half month, and I’m quite excited to see how much more my size will go down after that.

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How it all started with Pro-Freeze

bmf singapore reception

A recent Nielsen study shows that a high percentage of customers of BMF Singapore were happy with their treatments at the slimming centre, and have mentioned satisfaction, not just in the results of the treatments, but also in customer service. I was curious to see just how good my overall experience with them would be.

I reached the slimming centre at exactly the time my appointment was fixed at. I was quickly greeted by a friendly service personnel who served me tea. A consultant then came along to take my weight, and also through some questions, found out which problem areas I was most concerned with. I told her that I’m most insecure about my tummy area, and the final prescription from her was that Pro-Freeze will be administered at two points of my tummy (as opposed to one, right at the centre), as a way to eliminate the appearance of love handles.

I was ushered to a cosy room to get changed and very quickly, the treatment started. I had been to other slimming centres where there are a lot of waiting time in between activities, and I was very glad to see that at BMF Singapore, efficiency was observed and I didn’t feel like I was wasting any time.

How is Pro-Freeze done?

marie france pro freeze review

A “mask” was placed on my tummy as an “insulator” and then huge suction pads were applied onto it. The bulge gets “sucked” in tightly by the device, and while I feel some strong pressure, it wasn’t painful. After that, the device was left on my tummy for the next 60 minutes, as I leisurely read articles and replied to messages on my phone. When I got tired, I simply closed my eyes and rested. While it felt peculiar to have my tummy “sucked” by a device, there wasn’t much discomfort.

Pro-Freeze is able to only freeze fat cells, leaving surrounding tissues unharmed, which means that your skin will not be affected by the freezing process.

After freezing, fat cells degenerate and “die”. The degenerated fat cells will then be eliminated through the body’s own metabolism system. The great thing about this treatment is that it takes only one session to see results, and it can remove up to 25% of unwanted fat, thus reducing the thickness of fat layer, in that one session.

marie france pro freeze review

The therapist came in to check on me from time to time, and when 60 minutes was up, she removed the device from me and massaged the targeted area. The area now looks a little red (but not painful), and felt cold and hard (think frozen meat you buy from the supermarket). But with the massage, the targeted area quickly go back to normal again. There’s very slight bruising, but the bruises went off within three days.

marie france pro freeze review

I was advised to drink a lot of water, particularly in the next few days, to help my body flush out the dead fat cells.

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