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If you have been researching into slimming procedures, you’d probably know that many of them focuses on getting rid of fats.

This is why the new Bodyter Premium offered at Healing Touch, an award-winning spa, sounds like a step up from the other treatments out there.

Besides burning fats, Bodyter Premium also helps firm muscles so you can achieve a more contoured silhouette. Each treatment is supposed to simulate the completion of 900 lunges, 2,000 crunches, and 3,000 Russian twists. These are body weight exercises typically done to strengthen muscles and achieving a more toned body.

The full programme includes coaching on healthy eating to help you achieve optimal results that are sustainable. After all, we know that maintaining a good body shape is never easy; it involves a healthy diet and fitness routine, and as a bonus, treatments to give us that final push towards the desirable result!

To find out how the Bodyter Premium treatment is really like and if it’s really possible to shave off a few centimetres within one session, I decided to try it out for myself and share with you what it was like.

Bodyter Premium review: How is the process like and what are the results?

Before the treatment

When I entered Healing Touch Spa, I was warmly welcomed by staff that were well prepared for my visit. After confirming my appointment, I was swiftly ushered into a comfortable room for consultation on my current physique and the goals I hope to achieve through this treatment.

Relevant questions such as how many glasses of water I drink per day and whether I liked exercise were also included to better understand the lifestyle I led. I felt that the consultation was thorough in assessing my needs, while the friendly health coach aided in creating a relaxed environment for the treatment.

How Bodyter Premium works

After the consultation, I was led to a private room to begin my session. My health coach provided me with undergarments to change into and proceeded to take my measurements. This was my first time going through a slimming treatment so I was slightly nervous before the appointment. But due to my health coach’s unassuming demeanour, I did not feel self-conscious and was at ease throughout the process.

After preparing me for the treatment, she shared with me how the procedure works and what I could expect from it.

I was told that the Bodyter Premium treatment targets excess fats through three powerful functions: Muscle Stimulation, Electroporation, and Thermoactif. The innovative combination of these three operating modes stimulates gymnastics and physical training, delivering key benefits such as body remodelling and contour definition.

It was especially intriguing to me how a machine could help my body look toned, as if I had been working out, when in reality I was just lying comfortably on a bed. And we’re not just talking about any regular workout. The Muscle Stimulation process consists of five different types of currents that contract the muscles at different frequencies such that they mimic how your muscles would be stimulated if you had done 900 lunges, 2,000 crunches, and 3,000 Russian twists concurrently in 45 minutes. Of course, all these happen without me actually lifting a finger – how impressive!

She added that this works well with the Thermoactif function, which increases body temperature to boost metabolism and weight loss.

As the newest addition to Healing Touch Spa’s slimming treatments, Bodyter Premium is the only non-invasive technology that can tone up muscles while reducing fats deposit at the same time. Compared to other popular slimming procedures out there which utilise radiofrequency or cryotherapy to target cellulite concerns and reduce fat tissues, Bodyter Premium betters these methods by working on muscle fibres to deliver a toned shape that is hard to achieve even through exercise alone.

With the stellar results they were promising to deliver, I was excited to see the results after my first slimming session.

How the treatment went

The treatment started off with dry brushing to exfoliate and get rid of dead skin cells on my body. There was a tingly sensation, but it wasn’t painful.

This step helped to prepare the body for better absorption of the fat melting gel they would later apply on. My health coach then carefully placed black panels with the gel onto my tummy and thigh areas, and securely strapped them in place with elastic bands. These panels were then linked to the machine, and were responsible for delivering the currents and muscle stimulation.

My health coach preempted me that the sensation would be slightly uncomfortable at first, but would become less so after my body was exposed to it for a minute or so. She was right! There was a little discomfort initially, but I felt comfortable once my muscles got used to the feeling.

It was an extremely interesting experience that I find hard to describe simply because I have never felt anything like it before! Initially, I could feel currents gently caressing my skin before my chubs were being massaged deeply by the panels. I felt steady contraction and kneading of the muscles, along with a slightly prickly feeling at certain points of the treatment.

I was worried that there would be bruising, but after voicing this concern, I was relieved to hear that there was no downtime. I was also promptly informed that the sophisticated technology was designed to prevent discolouration to the skin while providing effective results, which set my mind at ease.

Throughout the process, my health coach stayed by my side to adjust the settings to make sure I wouldn’t feel discomfort or pain during the treatment. I really appreciated the thoughtfulness towards the individual needs of their clients, since everyone would have differing tolerance to the machine! Furthermore, I felt at ease with the friendly and informative conversations she supplemented, and the session flew by before I even knew it.

Rounding off the 45-minute machine treatment is Bojin, a massage technique to help balance the Meridien channels for better digestion, detoxification, and an increase in metabolism.

bodyter premium review

The massage was done on the waist seen on the right of this picture.

This part was quite ticklish for me, but this could be because I am rather sensitive on my sides. But aside from that, this step was incredible in bringing about visible results to my shape. After my health coach was done with one side of my waist, she asked me to compare both sides and I was shocked that I could feel a significant difference!

Healing Touch Bodyter Premium Review

After Bojin, I had my measurements taken and – lo and behold – my waist, hips, and thighs were smaller than before. In fact, I lost 12.5cm in all within one session!

If you ask me, the instant, measurable results were something that removed any skepticism that originally had about slimming treatments. I was pleasantly surprised that the Bodyter Premium treatment doesn’t just work, but delivered results so quickly.

If you want to see even more improvements from the treatment, you can also consider adding on the Micool Fat Freeze treatment. This freezes fat cells at selected problem area and reduce up to 25% of fats.

The best part about this FDA-approved medical device is that it is suitable for multiple areas on the body, including the hip line, love handle, love handle, bra line, abdomen, and thighs.

What this means is that you’ll be able to achieve spot reduction to sculpt the silhouette that you desire!

Post-Treatment Consultation

After my treatment, I met with my health coach again to go over my results. After which, she also shared with me something I thought was a nice touch to end the session with – motivational affirmations to encourage myself throughout my weight loss journey. She shared that slimming is a mind game, and believes that to help their clients reach their ideal weight, a positive mindset is just as important as any other steps. Because of this, their clients also have access to their health coach’s WhatsApp so that they can contact them any time should they need any help or encouragement.

The coach also shared with me a detox programme reserved for customers who have signed a package with them, which promises to leave your body 3kg lighter after a week. I have been practising this programme for about three days now, and I have shed 1kg so far. I am excited to see where this would take me at the end of the week!

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