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When it comes to staying healthy, finding the right product can be a challenge. Especially one that aims at supporting the maintenance of a healthy body weight and promoting regular bowel movements.

Known for a variety of supplements like Essence of Chicken, InnerShine Berry Essence, and more, BRAND’S® has been around for years, helping and aiding many in improving their overall well-being. And one of their newest products, the Innershine® Pre+Probiotics S continues to do so.

19 of our readers gave the BRAND’S® Innershine® Pre+Probiotics S a try over two weeks and we were impressed to find that they loved it! Read on as we share all of their honest reviews and everything you need to know about this supplement.

About BRAND’S®

You might have seen BRAND’S® products on the shelves of pharmacies, supermarkets, and even online retailers. They’ve been around for ages, and people trust them for good reason.

With a mission to inspire everyone to live life radiantly, BRAND’S® specialises in health and wellness products, particularly those aimed at supporting inner health. They offer a range of supplements designed to promote your overall well-being.

Now the brand offers Innershine® Pre+Probiotics S that supports a healthier, balanced lifestyle. The unique formula combines Prebiotics, Probiotics, Fiber, and the strength of Blood Orange Extract. The synergy of prebiotics and probiotics works wonders for your gut health, fostering the growth of beneficial bacteria and enhancing the balance of intestinal microflora.

Crafted to help you manage a healthy weight while also encouraging regular digestion, it is a must-have for your daily wellness routine.

Packed with the benefits of Blood Orange Extract, this product goes above and beyond by boosting fat cell metabolism, helping reduce abdominal fat, and supporting a healthy body weight.

BRAND’S® Innershine® Pre+Probiotics S retails for S$62.90 on Suntory Wellness Online Store.

BRAND’S® Innershine® Pre+Probiotics S: 19 Readers Gave Their Honest Reviews

BRAND’S Innershine® Pre+Probiotics S


Over a two-week period, 19 readers between the ages of 28 to 41 tried out BRAND’S® Innershine® Pre+Probiotics S.

Among them, 79% reported experiencing better bowel movements and feeling less bloated than before. Additionally, all participants unanimously agreed that the supplement was pleasant to consume and loved its taste. Some even looked forward to taking it again the next day after trying it for the first time.

Furthermore, they all found it easy to incorporate the supplement into their daily routines. Other notable changes reported included a reduction in abdominal fat and a flatter tummy.

Alicia, 28

Digestive Health Concerns: Bloatedness, Irregular Bowel Movement, Hard To Burn Fat Despite Diet and Exercise

When I first received this supplement, I wasn’t concerned about experiencing any side effects because I know this is a reliable brand, which made taking it easy for me.

I enjoyed its pleasant taste, and its convenient sachet packaging made it super easy to consume. Though I did not notice any visible changes in my body (weight or abdominal fats), or significant improvements to my digestion, I did experience a notable reduction in bloating. So, I’m really grateful for that.

Sherry Ng, 28

Digestive Health Concerns: Constipation, Bloatedness, Hard to Burn Fat Despite Diet and Exercise

Since starting the pre+probiotics supplement, I’ve experienced a reduction in bloating and smoother bowel movements. Overall, these changes have positively impacted my digestive health, and I’m pleased with the results I’ve observed.

Plus, I felt less guilty after having heavy meals because I know I’ve got BRAND’S® supplement to rely on and improve my overall wellbeing.

Celestine, 31

Digestive Health Concerns: Constipation, Bloatedness, Indigestion, Irregular Bowel Movement, Hard To Burn Fat Despite Diet and Exercise

I have tried a variety of products from BRAND’S® — everything from Essence of Chicken to Bird’s Nest to Lutein’s drink and jelly, which is why I have no doubt that the BRAND’S® Innershine® Pre+Probiotics S would benefit me.

I have to say, this supplement’s taste is a pleasant surprise compared to others I’ve tried before. And in just a short time, I’ve noticed some real improvements.

Adding this supplement to my daily routine has really helped my digestion. My stomach feels less bloated, and my trips to the bathroom are way smoother. Plus, I actually lost 1kg after only two weeks of consumption!

Seeing the positive changes like smoother bathroom visits and feeling lighter just makes me want to keep having it!

Joanne, 31

Digestive Health Concerns: Constipation, Bloatedness, Irregular Bowel Movement

After only two weeks of taking this supplement, I wasimpressed at the benefits it has brought to my health and the half kilo I’ve lost.

The immediate improvement in my constipation has been remarkable. It’s made a significant difference in my comfort and well-being, reducing bloating and ensuring my bowel movements are more regular. Previously, I’ve struggled with irregular bowel movements, often going only one or two times a week, but now I can almost go daily. Plus, it has helped curb my hunger, so I don’t find myself reaching for snacks as often.

And not forgetting, the supplement has a nice berry taste it has, which makes it incredibly nice to enjoy.

Lee, 32

Digestive Health Concerns: Bloatedness, Indigestion, Hard To Burn Fat Despite Diet and Exercise

After two weeks of taking this supplement, I noticed a few changes, though they may not be significant improvements, I’m still grateful about them.

I feel less bloated than before and the supplement has improved my overall well-being. Surprisingly, the supplement’s taste was pleasant, making it easy to incorporate into my daily routine.

The most surprising benefit was maintaining my weight despite eating more than usual. While I didn’t experience its impact on digestion and fat burning, the supplement’s positive effects on bloating and weight maintenance make it worth considering for those seeking relief in these areas.

Jacqueline Goh, 33

Digestive Health Concerns: Constipation, Bloatedness, Irregular Bowel Movement

While I haven’t noticed any drastic changes in my appearance despite binge eating during the festive season, CNY or my usual bathroom routine just yet, I’m hopeful that consistent use will lead to improvements in both areas.

However, I did notice that my digestion seems to be slightly better, and I didn’t pack on any extra weight during the holidays, which is a win in my book. The taste is great, and the sachet form makes it super easy to take with me wherever I go, and it’s hassle-free to consume.

While it’s been effective in helping me maintain my weight, I believe it’ll take a bit more time to fully address my constipation issues. But I’m optimistic about the journey ahead. Overall, I really enjoy having BRAND’S® Innershine Pre+Probiotics

Loh Wei Mun, 33

Digestive Health Concerns: Constipation, Bloatedness, Indigestion

This supplement has become a valuable addition to my daily routine. Despite experiencing no significant changes in my weight, I noticed that the supplement actually improved my digestive system. It’s incredibly convenient, especially when I’m in a hurry. I can simply grab it, pour it into my mouth, and then wash it down with water. It saves me a ton of time!

Plus, the taste isn’t as bitter as I anticipated; it’s more like enjoying powdered candy. After having it for just a couple of weeks, I no longer have any problems with constipation. It has truly made a huge difference in my life!

Jing Fang, 33

Digestive Health Concerns: Constipation, Bloatedness, Indigestion, Irregular Bowel Movement, Hard To Burn Fat Despite Diet and Exercise

One thing that pleasantly surprised me after just two weeks of incorporating BRAND’S® Innershine® Pre+Probiotics S into my routine was the noticeable weight loss of 1.5kg! Not only did I achieve a smaller waist, but my body also felt lighter,  and I’ve observed a reduction in abdominal fat. My stomach feels noticeably flatter than before!

I’ve also noticed a remarkable surge in energy levels and a significant reduction in digestive issues. I now enjoy smoother digestion and experience far less bloating, leading to an overall increase in comfort. Consistently using it has been a game-changer for me.

Tan Jiexin Felicia, 34

Digestive Health Concerns: Constipation, Irregular Bowel Movement

What I like the most about BRAND’S® supplement is its taste. It’s nice, very palatable, and reminds me a bit of Yakult powder. Additionally, the supplement is gentle to my stomach, making it easy to consume, even when I’m in a rush. It seamlessly fits into my daily routine and is convenient to carry around.

However, despite these positive aspects, I haven’t noticed any improvements yet, and it hasn’t led to significant bowel movements. There were still days where I experienced constipation.

Sally Sha, 34

Digestive Health Concerns: Constipation, Bloatedness, Irregular Bowel Movement

Before trying this pre+probiotics supplement, I experimented with other brands, but they didn’t do much for me and lacked taste. However, things improved after I started having this supplement. I noticed a reduction in bloating and smoother bowel movements. Surprisingly, I also lost 1kg which was a bonus.

What’s great is that it doesn’t have a laxative effect. Plus, I enjoy its taste with chilled water, which makes it really easy to consume!

Joanna, 34

Digestive Health Concerns: Bloatedness, Hard To Burn Fat Despite Diet and Exercise

Having tried other products from the same brand, I had high expectations for this supplement, and it certainly didn’t disappoint me.

After just two weeks of use, I’ve noticed a reduction in my tummy fat, which has significantly boosted my self-confidence. There were times when I forgot to take it, but when I do take it, I always feel less bloated!

It’s become a staple in my daily regimen, contributing to improved digestion, enhanced energy levels, and an overall sense of well-being.

Hui Li Chong, 36

Digestive Health Concerns: Constipation, Bloatedness, Irregular Bowel Movement, Hard To Burn Fat Despite Diet and Exercise

Since starting the pre+probiotics supplement, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my bowel movements. Although the scale didn’t go down, I did notice that my tummy felt slightly flatter after 14 days, perhaps due to reduced bloating.

Plus, I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of the supplement as I was expecting an artificial taste that is regularly found in health supplements. This made taking the supplement way easier than I had thought.

I feel better after consuming it and will likely repurchase the supplement in future.

Lim Ee Woon, 39

Digestive Health Concerns: Constipation, Bloatedness, Irregular Bowel Movement, Hard To Burn Fat Despite Diet and Exercise

Brand's innershine pre probiotics

One thing that I really appreciate is that it didn’t have any weird taste to it, which was a huge relief for me! Plus, I personally think it’ll be even better to have it first thing in the morning instead of having it with meals.

Though I didn’t notice any significant improvement in my bowel movements, but the absence of bloating was definitely a positive outcome. It’s possible that I might need more time to experience the full effects, especially considering my age and the fact that metabolism tends to slow down.

Ceresah, 39

Digestive Health Concerns: Constipation, Bloatedness, Indigestion, Irregular Bowel Movement, Hard To Burn Fat Despite Diet and Exercise

As someone who often finds it difficult to maintain digestive comfort, especially with issues like bloating and slow digestion, this supplement from BRAND’S® was amazing!

Since incorporating the pre+probiotics into my routine, I’ve noticed significant improvements in my digestive health. Plus, I burp less and experience less bloating, particularly after indulging in oily or spicy foods, and digestion feels easier and faster than usual. These changes have contributed to an overall sense of wellbeing which I truly appreciate.

Even though my weight hasn’t fluctuate, the noticeable improvement in my digestive comfort makes this supplement worthwhile for me.

Joanne Fah, 40

Digestive Health Concerns: Constipation, Bloatedness, Irregular Bowel Movement, Hard To Burn Fat Despite Diet and Exercise

Prior to this, I’ve tried out pre+probiotics supplements, but I did not enjoy the flavour it had and also the constant toilet break was just exhausting! However, this particular supplement had a nice refreshing taste to it. Plus, the ingredients used were great at supporting digestion.

My bowel movement has been more regular and it doesn’t make me feel bloated after every single meal I’ve had! I feel confident that I will see improvements in my weight as well as overall wellness if I continue taking BRAND’S® Innershine® Pre+Probiotics S.

Zoe Wang, 40

Digestive Health Concerns: Bloatedness, Irregular Bowel Movement, Hard To Burn Fat Despite Diet and Exercise

When I saw the brand’s name, I knew it was a product worth trying!

The packaging of the product was really nice and the individual wrapping turned out to be super convenient for my busy lifestyle. Plus, there’s a handy cut at the opening, so I don’t need to use a pair of scissors to open it.

I usually just pour the product straight into my mouth and wash it down with water. The taste isn’t overly sweet which makes it nice and easy to consume. However, after taking it on the second day, I did experience some tummy aches and diarrhoea. Thankfully, by the third day, my bowel movements were smoother. Now, I’m able to go daily without any issues, whereas before, it was every few days.

I haven’t noticed any weight loss yet, but I think I might need to give it more time to see better results. The only downside for me is the price; each packet only lasts for two weeks, which feels a bit pricey.

Joann, 41

Digestive Health Concerns: Constipation, Bloatedness, Indigestion

As a 41 year-old woman, I struggled with constipation, bloatedness, and indigestion before trying out BRAND’S® Innershine® Pre+Probiotics S.

My previous experience with other brands has left me dissatisfied. However, this particular supplement proved to be a pleasant surprise; it was easy to consume and tasted great. After two weeks, I noticed reduced in bloating, smoother bowel movements, and an overall improvement in my health.

I valued the brand’s reputation and found the supplement effective in maintaining my body weight despite the occasional indulgence. Incorporating it into my daily routine was effortless, and I would gladly recommend it to others.

Minyi Chia, 41

Digestive Health Concerns: Indigestion

This pre+probiotics supplement has positively impacted both my physical and mental well-being. I’ve experienced better digestion and improved sleep quality since incorporating it into my routine as my sleeping time were always affected by my poor digestion system. While my weight has stayed consistent, the overall improvement in my health is evident.

I feel more energised and balanced, thanks to the benefits of this supplement. After 10 days of trial, it improved my digestion system as I always have the digest issue in the past.I also appreciate that it comes in individual packaging as it’s convenient for me, especially when I travel overseas.

Charmé, 42

Digestive Health Concerns: Bloatedness, Hard To Burn Fat Despite Diet and Exercise

I actually enjoyed taking BRAND’S® pre+probiotics supplement. It dissolved easily and had a pleasant citrus taste, making it enjoyable to take. And I found myself looking forward to taking it each day after trying it for the first time.

And the best part? It really worked! I noticed my stomach getting flatter and I was eliminating more waste, which helped reduced my bloating. It was like a breath of fresh air for my digestive system!

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