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Nope, we’re not talking about sticking an actual piece of plastic over our brows, but, yes – we do mean a treatment that gives us brows with a “laminated” pressed-down and shiny finish.

An alternative to eyebrow embroidery, brow lamination is a semi-permanent treatment that brushes up the eyebrow hairs and “laminates” them for a slicked-back, “soap brows” style.

Unlike embroidery, which cuts into the surface of the skin to deposit dye pigments, this trending treatment isn’t invasive at all: brow lamination uses chemicals to set your hairs in an upwards direction, leaving your skin cut-free.


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So, if you’re tired of shimmying a soap-coated spoolie over your brows each morning – not to mention, feeling the brush’s rough bristles scrape against your skin, then this might just be the treatment you need to add to your “spa day” bucket list.

We share everything you need to know about this brow service, including the best places to visit in Singapore to get your eyebrows brushed up and on fleek!

What Does Eyebrow Lamination Do?

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A “soap brows” style. Photo source: Pinterest

Brow lamination takes unruly brow hairs and smoothes them out as well as lifts the tiny strands in a vertical direction. The end result is a pair of super-smooth brows that look like they’ve been brushed through with soap or wax – the perfect slicked-back soap brows.

Since no needles are involved in the treatment process, it is often touted as the non-invasive, pain-free alternative to eyebrow embroidery.

Instead, the esthetician softens the hair using chemicals and sets them into place. It’s similar to getting a perm on your mane, only no heat is involved in the process.


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Besides brushing up the hairs for a “clean” look, it can also help to hide the gaps in your natural eyebrows, lift your arch, or adjust the angle of the tails slightly.

And, as the treatment sets the brows in a vertical direction, it also gives more height and volume to your natural brows – even without drawing extra hair-like strokes on your skin.

The Brow Lamination Process

Photo source: jalizasbeautylounge, sydrenae_/TikTok

During your session, the esthetician will start off by coating your brows with a lifting cream, which breaks the bonds within each strand so that they can be moulded into a new shape.

Your eyebrow hairs are then brushed upwards into place before the esthetician applies a neutraliser to fix the strands to their new shape. Your brows will be covered with plastic wrap and left to set.


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Once your eyebrow hairs are in their brushed-up positions, the esthetician will trim the hairs and shape the lower arch of your brows. This can be done by waxing and plucking any of your stray hairs.

Typically, this treatment wraps up with the application of a nourishing oil or cream, which helps to soothe your skin and replenish moisture.

After all, brow lamination is a chemical treatment that will be a little harsh on your skin and slightly damaging to your hair.

Where to Get Brow Lamination in Singapore

How Long Does a Brow Lamination Last?

If you’re flawless-looking soap brows go back to becoming regular, messy eyebrows by the time you’re in the shower, you’ll be happy to know that the results of your treatment can last for about six to 10 weeks with the proper care.

Right after your appointment, you should avoid wetting your brows for 24 hours.

You should also ditch makeup for 24 hours after, as the hair follicles are still open and your makeup products can easily clog your pores, causing breakouts.

Can I Do Brow Lamination?

Since this brow service emphasises a tall, textured look, it’s just the right treatment for those with bushy brows, as it allows them to flaunt their eyebrows’ full volume. As thicker brows tend to be more unruly too, this treatment is also good for taming the messy strands.

Now, if you’ve got gaps in your brows or are still regretting your days of over-plucking, don’t shy away from this treatment as brow lamination is also an ideal treatment to cover up the naked patches! For those with really sparse brows, however, brow embroidery might be the better option.

As chemicals are used to “laminate” the hair, it may not be suitable for those with sensitive skin, eczema, or psoriasis. Your esthetician can perform a patch test prior to your appointment to make sure.

Those who’ve done semi-permanent makeup in the past six weeks should also wait for their skin to heal fully before they arrange for an appointment.

To err on the safe side, it’s always best to speak to your esthetician prior to the treatment.

Does Brow Lamination Destroy Brows?

As it uses chemicals to break the bonds in your hair, getting this treatment too often can cause your strands to become damaged, dry, and unrulier than before.

The key is to book an appointment only from time to time, rather than rely on it completely to give you the “soap brows” of your dreams.

Another thing to consider is this: the skin at the brows is thin and delicate, which means that lamination could also potentially irritate it, causing redness, dryness, itchiness, or inflammation.

It’s, therefore, important to consult a trained esthetician to make sure that the products used are suitable for your skin and brows before going ahead with the treatment.

How Much Does Brow Lamination Cost in Singapore?

On average, you can expect to pay about S$120 and above for this treatment. In comparison, brow embroidery typically costs upwards of S$300.

Featured image credit: @hayleetr/Instagram, @sydrenae_/TikTok

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