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Eyebrows make a big difference in anchoring your face shape. And unless you have a tried-and-true method to beef up your natural arches, achieving feathery-looking, defined brows is no effortless task.

For those with sparse brows, it may feel like an uphill battle. This is particularly true for one of our Daily Vanity team members, Shirlyn.

Having tried pencils, powders, pens, and tints, she’s learned that nailing bold, even brows can be incredibly tricky and time-consuming. However, that’s all a thing of the past.

Curious to know how she now wakes up to fuller, natural-looking brows? Keep reading!

The struggles of having sparse brows

Browhaus Brow Resurrection review shirlyn before brows

Shirlyn’s bare brows

“I didn’t like my natural brows as they looked sparse and bare, which made me appear dull and less lively. My brows differ in shape, so I either had to draw them on or have my beautician trim and shape them.

Despite having done it for so many years, I am not skilled at drawing on my brows and often struggle with finding the most suitable brow tools. I’ve tried plenty of methods and products, yet my brows always seem to turn out asymmetrical, too thick, or straight up unflattering.

When I get my adrenaline fix from water sports, my drawn-on brows would fade significantly after each session, going from bold to sparse in a few hours. I would feel so embarrassed about it, and my brows didn’t look good and consistent in photos.

So when I was invited to try the Browhaus Brow Resurrection treatment, I was extremely excited yet apprehensive.

I was excited to resolve my brow woes at a well-established brow salon, but at the same time, I was worried that it would hurt a lot during the process and concerned that I wouldn’t be happy with the results since it’s a semi-permanent treatment.

Still, I decided to bite the bullet and try Browhaus Brow Resurrection for myself!”

Browhaus Brow Resurrection review: The consultation

Browhaus Brow Resurrection review storefront

Browhaus’ ION Orchard outlet

“The sleek, lush interiors made the brow and lash grooming outlet look chic and edgy, yet welcoming and comfortable at the same time. There’s also a small section right after the entrance where customers can help themselves to a cup of tea.

The open concept features reclining beds that are laid out next to each other, work stations arranged neatly in between. Brightly lit, the space also has mirrors hung on the walls, so you can take a quick look at yourself from time to time.”

Browhaus Brow Resurrection review consultation form

“As I waited at a cosy nook, I was asked to fill in a short indemnity form to declare any medical conditions and share my personal details.

Before my session started, I decided to share my desired look with the therapist, who immediately understood my preference.

And since I have sparse brows, I was recommended the Browhaus Brow Resurrection Classic, because the individual strands created would help mimic the look of my own brow hairs for fuller-looking brows.”

Browhaus Brow Resurrection review measurement

“Once I settled on the treatment bed, she cleaned my brows with a cleansing lotion. She then started shaping my brows with a shaving tool and made sure they were symmetrical using a ruler.”

Browhaus Brow Resurrection review drafting

“The therapist then continued to tweak the design and presented two different brow styles, which really helped me visualise the outcome and choose my preferred brow look.”

Browhaus Brow Resurrection review drafting brows

“She also explained that my left brow bone protrudes a little more and I only have a double eyelid on my right side, which added to the challenge of having even brows.

Hence, my brows may not be symmetrical, but she would ensure they complement each other visually. After all, brows are sisters, not twins.”

Browhaus Brow Resurrection review: The microblading process

“To kick off the Browhaus Brow Resurrection session, the therapist cleaned her tools with a hospital-grade sanitiser, which assured me of Browhaus’ hygiene standards.

In fact, they don’t ever reuse their multi-pins. Each pin comes individually sealed and sterilised, disposed of right after the treatment.”

Browhaus Brow Resurrection review numbing cream

“She then applied a layer of aesthetic-grade numbing cream, which was left on for approximately 20 minutes.

As I waited for the cream to take effect, the therapist swatched the recommended brow colour on the back of my hand to show me what the pigment and expected colour would look like once it has faded.

I was informed that Browhaus Brow Resurrection uses safe, semi-permanent colours that are suited for my hair colour and skin tone to give the hairlike strokes the perfect shade.”

Browhaus Brow Resurrection review microblading

“Once the numbing effect kicked in, the brow therapist went ahead to perform the Browhaus Brow Resurrection treatment.

When the treatment began, I felt a fine point scratching upwards in a diagonal motion. My therapist started etching in fine strokes that mimic my brow hairs into the epidermis layer of my skin.

I was actually surprised by how comfortable and relaxing it was. On a scale of one to 10, I would rate the pain factor a one! My therapist was also very attentive and meticulous – she kept checking in to ensure I wasn’t feeling any pain.

To prevent any soreness, she applied a second layer of numbing cream and left it on for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then, she proceeded to enhance the brow shape and colour intensity.”

Browhaus Brow Resurrection review adjustments

“Towards the end of the session, I was asked to sit up for the therapist so that she could view my brows at different angles. She was incredibly professional and a true perfectionist, constantly striving to make sure both brows complemented each other.”

Browhaus Brow Resurrection review microblading completed

“When I finally took a good look at my brows, I was amazed. My brow shape looked wonderful, and although my brows appeared dark and bold, they still looked presentable and natural-looking, so I could still hit the streets confidently right after.

Browhaus recommended returning for a Tune Up within three months of my initial treatment, so I arranged a follow-up session with them.”

Browhaus Brow Resurrection review: Aftercare and healing process

Browhaus Brow Resurrection review aftercare kit

“After my session, I was given a Brow Resurrection Kit, which contained everything I needed to keep my fresh brows in tip-top shape.

My therapist went through the contents of the Brow Resurrection Kit and explained each step of the aftercare, which would help me keep my brows fresh throughout the recovery period.

The Build serum contains moisture-preserving genes, which help repair and regenerate new skin cells that may have been damaged or weakened during the embroidery process.

I dab a small amount of that on my brows before using a cotton bud to apply Fix, an anti-scarring balm that’s enriched with vitamin A, vitamin D, and lanolin to heal wounds. I did that twice a day or as and when needed.”

browhaus brow resurrection review day 1 3

“Even after 10 to 14 days, both brows still felt a little itchy. Thankfully, Fix was able to help soothe the sensitivity and itch.

My therapist told me to keep my brows away from water for seven days – something I found a little troublesome as I had to tilt my head back while shampooing my hair.

I used a headband and dabbed my brows to soak up any sweat too. The wait and hassle would be worth it, I told myself.”

Browhaus Brow Resurrection review: Results after 1 month

Browhaus Brow Resurrection review shirlyn before after

“The results speak for themselves! Now, my brows look amazing and natural. I don’t have to draw and perfect my brows every morning, which saves me so much time every day.

I truly had an enjoyable and relaxing time at Browhaus. I was initially worried about the pain and outcome of Browhaus Brow Resurrection, but it turns out, there was nothing to be distressed about.

The therapist helped a lot in that regard, as she made my comfort level and preference a top priority. She also explained every step of the treatment and aftercare thoroughly so I wouldn’t be clueless. Plus, she shared Browhaus’ hotline with me so I could call in if I needed any help.

You can have total confidence in Browhaus Brow Resurrection – it’ll make your brows look great and tailored perfectly to your face shape and preference.”

Why Browhaus Brow Resurrection is a cut above the rest

1. The advanced embroidery technique

Browhaus Brow Resurrection review embroidery technique

So, how exactly is Browhaus Brow Resurrection different from traditional microblading?

For starters, it is still a form of semi-permanent eyebrow embroidery, except Browhaus Brow Resurrection uses an advanced embroidery technique that’s unique to the brand, which makes all the difference.

This technique was developed and perfected by Browhaus’ dedicated research and development team, and it grants you realistic, natural-looking hair strands that produce a finer finish, unlike other semi-permanent brow treatments that weave in parallel hair strands.

Browhaus Brow Resurrection also uses top-grade anaesthetics, so you can lie back, relax, and enjoy a painless, comfortable treatment.

2. The use of fine multi-pins and lasting pigments

Browhaus Brow Resurrection review pigment swatch

A swatch of the brow pigments on Shirlyn’s hand

As told to Shirlyn, Browhaus uses the finest, sterilised multi-pins to craft intricate brow strands. The high-quality pin needles will also ensure the colours do not leave a red base as your embroidery fades.

What’s more, they use safe, semi-permanent colours that perfectly complement your hair colour and skin tone to bring out the best of your natural beauty.

Made in the USA, these long-lasting colours contain hamamelis (a.k.a. witch-hazels), which moisturises the skin and helps speed up recovery.

The range of new colours Browhaus offers has also been improved to last much longer and suit all skin tones, particularly Asian skin tones.

3. Experienced experts and brow artists

Browhaus Brow Resurrection review brow artist

With 18 years of industry experience under its belt, Browhaus has cemented itself as a go-to for all things brows.

The therapists have all undergone training under strict guidelines and are required to go through a stringent evaluation, even after their training.

While their services are certainly top of the line, Browhaus doesn’t rest on its laurels. The team continues to research new techniques to improve and maintain existing treatments and high standards, so you know you can trust your brows with Browhaus Brow Resurrection.

Browhaus Brow Resurrection: Prices and locations

Ready to achieve the brows of your dreams? Check out Browhaus Brow Resurrection’s price list below!

Browhaus Brow Resurrection Packages (Semi-Permanent Eyebrows):

  • Classic (with one Tune Up) – S$1,300
  • Soft (with two Tune Ups) – S$1,600
  • Full (with three Tune Ups) – S$2,000
  • Ombre (with two Tune Ups) – S$2,200

*First Tune Up within the package should be done within three months of the first Brow Resurrection treatment.

Get a complimentary brow design by our brow experts to find out which Brow Resurrection type suits you!

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