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As a beauty magazine that believes in dispensing fuss-free (and fun!) makeup advice, we have to walk the talk. This is why we asked Tiara, our writer, to prove that we are able to create different makeup looks, using very few beauty products.

We threw Tiara a makeup challenge

Her challenge: Create three distinctively different makeup looks using just five ETUDE HOUSE Play 101 Blending Pencils.


The ETUDE HOUSE Play 101 Blending Pencils are available in 25 shades and she has picked the shades #12 (a glittery brown shade), #15 (a pearl shade in creamy finish), #17 (a glossy pink shade), #21 (a bold glossy red shade) and #25 (warm copper red in powder finish) for this challenge.


Let’s see if she could pull it off!

Look 1: Everyday Korean makeup look

Etude House Play 101 Blending Pencils - Look 1
Eyes: #12 is a glittery brown shade that is highly blend-able and look great on the eyelids for everyday wear. Apply it directly onto the eyelids and blend it out gently using your finger or a brush.

Face: A glossy pink shade, #17 helps add a subtle radiance to the cheeks.

Lips: Tiara created a Korean gradient lip look using #15 (pearl shade) on the outline of the lips and #17 doubles up as lipstick this time on the inner part of the lips, creating a wearable gradient look.

DV Tip: To achieve a dewy look to your complexion, use a product with glossy finish, which draws light to itself!

Look 2: Edgy chic look


Eyes: #15 was used in Look 1 as the nude shade for the lips, and in this look, it transforms into a beautiful highlight on the eyes! Tiara also introduced #25 (a warm copper red shade) as eyeshadow. Apply your favourite eyeliner if you want to amp up the look!

Face: To give this look more edge, Tiara chose #21 (a bold glossy red shade) as blusher.

Lips: We loved how this turned out! #12, which was used as an eyeshadow on the previous look, works beautifully as a stylish lip colour that is a surefire conversation-starter. Check out how differently the colours look on Tiara’s eyelids (previous look) and on her lips (this look) – the difference is dependent on how much you blend it out!

DV Tip: You can pull off any lip colour you want – as long as you choose one with the same undertone as your skin tone!

Look 3: Glamorous evening look


Eyes: Tiara used #25 again (which was used in Look 2) as eyeshadow. Since this look is intended for a glamorous night out, she intensified the eye makeup by adding more product and blending it out accordingly – yes, it’s that easy!

Face: The creamy #15 makes an appearance again. (How versatile!) In this look, Tiara used this pearl shade as a highlighter for her brow bones, along her nose, at at the cupid’s bow. Did you know that #21, which is used on the lips, was also used on the cheeks? Don’t be intimidated by its bold shade when you look at it on the product; this shade blends out to become a beautiful blush.

Lips: #21 doubles up as a gorgeous, bold lip colour. We are in love with its great colour payoff and glossy finish!

DV Tip: Apply highlighter at your cupid’s bow to accentuate the shape of your lips. This step doesn’t just make your lip shape more defined, it also enhances your pout.

Watch how Tiara created the looks

The ETUDE HOUSE PLAY 101 Blending Pencil retails at SGD16.90 each at ETUDE HOUSE stores island-wide.