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When I first heard about the Astronaut Facial by facial salon Caring Skin, I wondered about its eye-catching name. Learning more about what it does, I found out that it got its name from the iconic transparent dome that customers go under during the facial. Curious about it, I decided to make an appointment and try it out for myself.

Caring Skin Astronaut Facial Review 1

The 10-step Astronaut Facial uses a zero-extraction technology that utilises oxygen mist and infrared light therapy to rejuvenate skin. The advanced technology goes with the use of plant-based products and a relaxing drainage massage to help stimulate skin’s natural ability to self-heal and produce collagen.

Caring Skin Astronaut Facial Review 2

I particularly like the exfoliation process; a bubble foam is used for deep pore cleansing while a water activator and oxy-jet spray helped remove dead skin cells. Caring Skin is best known for their facial services that are suited for sensitive skin, and this step replaces the use of acids or scrubs to slough off dead skin cells. I find that this gentle approach felt more comfortable on skin yet was able to do an equally good job.

The oxygen-infused lymphatic drainage face massage was another highlight for me. This pampering step is designed to lift and plump up skin, and as a bonus, it really relaxes you and makes you feel rejuvenated. After I told my therapist that I’m a new mum and hasn’t been sleeping much, she told me she had one instruction for me during the facial: sleep. This was the step that officially lulled me into slumber-land.

Of course, at the heart of the facial is the LED light therapy that happens under the futuristic-looking dome. This is paired with oxygen mist therapy and the colour of light (red, purple, or blue) is used on you, depending on your skin concern.

It was actually kind of cool to go under the “space helmet”, because I felt like the mist could really go onto my face without dispersing to the surrounding. But a word of caution: if you have claustrophobia, this may not be the most exciting step for you. Let the therapist know if you have any concerns so they can tweak the treatment accordingly.

Caring Skin Astronaut Facial Review 3

The facial was completed and I felt like a new person. I was having a very bad skin week with lots of clogged pores, a pimple on my chin, and dull complexion. Thanks to the short nap I had and the pampering facial massages, I felt rested and I noticed how much brighter my skin looked. I looked refreshed and energised. I went to another event right after the facial without touching up any makeup. Surprisingly, everyone who saw me told me that I was glowing and that they couldn’t believe that I’ve been surviving on four hours of sleep consistently for the last few months since the baby came along.

The Astronaut Facial is dermatologically and hypoallergenic tested. It is suitable for all skin types and those with sensitive skin and post-laser treatment skin are going to find it especially soothing. The facial takes about 90 minutes in all, including a 30-minute skin analysis before the facial. This is available at SGD298 at all Caring Skin outlets: #07-07A International Building and #03-25/26 Bedok Point.