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We know that facials are the ultimate skin booster we should give ourselves regularly. This is why we’re always on the lookout for a facial treatment that can give us visible results instantly.

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Celmonze The Signature introduced to us their The Signature Facial + Signature Facelift Massage, a treatment that they said prevent four main skin problems: acne, pigmentation, sensitive skin, and sagginess. Calling it a non-surgical facelift, Celmonze The Signature told us that the treatment even boosts skin’s immune system and help firm seven muscles found on face to give a more lifted look.

Most importantly, we were told that the treatment deliver results visibly and instantly. Intrigued, we decided to send our writer Mandy to try out the facial treatment and tell us how it was like.

Celmonze review: How did we find The Signature Facial + Signature Facelift Massage

What was the process like

Before commencing on to the facial proper, my facial therapist had me fill in a form, from which she could gather more information about my skin type, skin concerns, and also what products I typically use in my routine. From there, she decided what products to use during my facial, and also removing steps in the facial might be overly stimulating for my skin.

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The facial began as usual with a thorough makeup and cleansing. Celmonze uses a Bi-Phase Gentle Eye Make-up Remover for this purpose, and thank goodness for that. I was wearing heavy eye makeup on that day, complete with intense eyeshadow, smokey eyes, tightlined eye liner and at least two coats of mascara.

Thanks to their gentle eye makeup remover, I never felt any stinging or blurring of vision throughout the process, and I also have to give props to my facial therapist who patiently removed every last bit of mascara and eyeliner from under my lashline with a cotton bud. All products used during the Celmonze The Signature Facial are from the Celmonze Paris skincare line.

After cleansing was done, the Herbal Toning Lotion was applied to the skin, which had a very pleasant, herbaceous scent. An Enzyme Peeling was done with facial brushes. It sounds scary at first, but I was relieved as soon as the brushes touched my face – it actually felt comfortable and even relaxing on the skin, and never painful or too gritty. I had flagged to my therapist before the facial that my skin was dry and a little sensitive, and I was happy that my skin’s individual needs were taken into consideration.

Because I had recently done an extraction facial, my therapist skipped the extraction step for me as it was unnecessary for my skin and may in fact put my skin under too much stress. I was relieved at the decision, and I was pleased that Celmonze facials were flexible and really put my needs as its priority, rather than rigidly sticking to a set of rules without considering the specific issues my skin was facing at the time.

Next, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. A Whitening Mask, and then an Avocado Beauty Oil & Hydrating Mask is applied before we jumped into the Celmonze The Signature Facelift Massage. This treatment actually uses a combination of massage techniques from ancient methods originating from Japan and India. The massage is suitable for all skin types, and is especially useful for those experiencing sagging skin, fine lines, and dull complexion.

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This was my first time experiencing a shoulder and decollete hot stone massage, and I was a little surprised at the heat of the stones. I don’t have very good heat tolerance, but after the initial shock, the stones were comfortable and never too scalding for my skin. In fact, the warmth, pressure, and weight of the stones felt surprisingly nice when my therapist sat three stones on my collarbones and chest.

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The stones were also used to massage my facial contours, specifically seven types of muscle on the face, in what is known as Energy Stone Therapy, but thanks to the Avocado Oil applied earlier, it never felt like it was tugging too hard at my skin. My therapist massaged the stones on to my face in circular, upward motions, stimulating my blood towards the lymph nodes, which is commonly the center of blood detoxification.

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Next, my therapist used a bone file, similar to facial guasha, to do a Manual Lift Up Muscle Contour Massage. If you have an impression that guasha is painful and it’s unthinkable to do it on the face, you’d be extremely surprised. This step of the facial was unbelievably gentle, soothing, and relaxing. Combining techniques with a Western method called Ironing Crinkle Away, the massage is said to stimulate skeletal facial muscles to support the shape of my skin, and reset my muscle positions.

The results and final thoughts

The Signature Facelift Massage by Celmonze may not be the only facial massage treatment on the market, but it is said to provide a longer-lasting effect on the face, making it look slimmer, younger, and with a healthier complexion.

I thoroughly enjoyed the massage, and my fears that it might be too painful for me were laid to rest after my experience. I was next treated to a Soft Mask, before my therapist used a special Ultimate Serum that is formulated by Celmonze Paris on my face, which claims to help skin cells renew faster, and refine the skin texture.

As you might be able to tell from the before and after photos, there was a dramatic and visual difference not only in the contour of my face, but also the brightness, luminosity, and hydration of my skin. The therapist had told me that a single session of Celmonze The Signature Facial would already yield visible results, and she wasn’t exaggerating.

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My skin felt tauter and more hydrated than before, such that it gives a firm bounce when I touched it. I observed that the fine lines on my forehead had become less visible and my pores appeared clearer. There’s also a glow in my complexion that made me look more refreshed. If you’re hoping to address several skin concerns at the same time within one facial treatment, Celmonze’s The Signature Facial + Signature Facelift Massage is definitely one you should consider.

Celmonze The Signature is located at three venues:

  • Heartland Mall Kovan, #03-10
    205, Hougang Street 2, Singapore 530205
    Call 88288287 / 62826287
  • Blk 406, Tampines Street 41 #01-19, Singapore 520406
    Call 8838 3223 / 67897879
  • Rivervale Mall, #02-01J
    11, Rivervale Crescent, Singapore 545082
    Call 88261082 / 63860757

Visit their Facebook and Instagram pages for more information.

This article is brought to you by Celmonze The Signature.