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Finding the perfect facial can be tricky, especially when you have more than one skin issue that you want to resolve. The problem, however, is that most facials usually focus on just one skin concern, and you may have to go for different facials so that all your skin concerns can be addressed.

What makes Celmonze’s Signature Plus Treatment different from its counterparts is that instead of only solving one issue, it actually tackles four main skin problems with just one solution: acne, dullness, sensitive skin, and sagging of skin.

It uses the latest technology (Signature Plus machine) and premium Celmonze Paris skincare products, while employing best practices accumulated from 18 years of industry experience. Celmonze’s professional know-how and application of technology make it possible for clients to see instant results after the facial, be it a radiant glow that lasts, or more supple and hydrated skin.

Each facial treatment consists of steps including cleansing, signature exfoliating gel, extraction, machine application, and double mask application. As Celmonze tailors the Signature Plus Treatment to each and every customer’s current skin condition, the machines and steps used may differ from person to person.

20 readers’ review of Celmonze Signature Plus Treatment

Celmonze Signature Plus Treatment
  • Overall satisfaction


All the reviewers agreed that the Celmonze Signature Plus Treatment was a very pampering and relaxing experience for them, especially after a long day at work. In particular, they enjoyed the hot stones massage, which was an interesting step that not many reviewers have received before in other facials.

Many of the reviewers felt that the facial was targeted at their skin concerns, particularly acne, blackheads, or dull skin. A majority saw radiant skin that actually lasted, as well as reduced blackheads and whiteheads after the facial treatment. Some also pointed out that the instant results were so impressive that even other people have pointed out that their skin complexions looked much better.

The professional service and great service by the therapists were also highly praised by the reviewers, who were pleased that their needs were well-taken of during the entire facial. Every step of the treatment would be explained so that the reviewers understood the process that they were undergoing, which was appreciated by majority of reviewers.

Although some reviewers have pointed out that this treatment may be a little expensive, others feel that Celmonze’s Signature Plus Treatment is definitely value-for-money, considering that the beauty salon provides high-quality service and satisfactory results.

Celmonze Signature Plus Facial Review Allyn

Allyn Tang, 24
Concerned with dry & dull skin, acne, and blackheads

I loved how attentive the beautician was and how she explained each step to me so I know what she is doing. She was very skilled in removing stubborn blackheads. The hot stone massage was also something extremely relaxing, so both my skin and body felt thoroughly pampered. I notice that my skin is very well hydrated and plump after the facial. Because of that, there was a overall glow and brightening effect to it as well! It is really one of the more comprehensive and quality facial services I have experienced and I believe it will be a treat for everyone.

Celmonze Signature Plus Facial Review Eunice

Eunice Chia, 27
Concerned with acne scars

This is certainly one of the best facials I’ve been to! As the facial was very well suited to my skin type and concerns, I saw that my skin became better after just one session. It was smoother, brighter, and more hydrated as well! I really appreciated how rejuvenating this facial session has been for me – the hot stones massage, in particular, was very nice! I would like to recommend this to my peers, although I do feel that it is a bit expensive.

Celmonze Signature Plus Facial Review Shan Shan

Shan Shan, 33
Concerned with dull skin, blackheads, and whiteheads

Celmonze’s Signature Plus Facial gave me skin that was very hydrated and much smoother. I want to point out that the products they use in the facial are one-time use, so it is very hygienic. The massage steps were also very special and not too stimulating, so it felt very relaxing. The therapist was also very friendly and knowledgeable. I definitely feel that this facial is value-for-money, given the effort and number of steps involved. I would certainly share about this facial with other people.

Celmonze Signature Plus Facial Review Graclyn

Graclyn Wong, 34
Concerned with wrinkles

I am so impressed and satisfied by my facial experience at Celmonze! Results-wise, I saw that my jawline actually became more defined and my smile lines were slightly reduced after guasha during my treatment. Not only that, the therapist gave clear information on what was happening before every step. Hence, I felt more comfortable knowing what exactly was happening. It is such a pampering experience for me, who holds a desk-bound job and sits in front of a computer for 8 hours daily. I was able to relax during the massage and actually caught some sleep too! I would also like to give my compliments to my therapist, Grace – she was very detailed, skillful, and clearly well-trained to do her job.

Celmonze Signature Plus Facial Review Nicole

Nicole, 32
Concerned with dull skin, blackheads, and acne

I definitely saw an improvement in my skin, with it looking brighter and more hydrated. There were also fewer blackheads and pimples on my face after the facial at Celmonze. I thoroughly enjoyed the massage and the masking steps during the facial treatment, and I think it is something I really need, especially with my busy lifestyle. I would recommend this to other people because I feel that it is really effective, and the results actually lasted quite a few days after the first trial session – impressive!

Amanda Chia, 25
Concerned with blackheads and whiteheads

I wanted to see if Celmonze could help to reduce my blackheads, because I have been to many other facial salons but none of them managed to do so. I was pleasantly surprised to see that not only were they able to remove some of my whiteheads and blemishes, I also had much brighter skin! I was quite impressed by the skills of Celmonze’s beauticians, and that they try to tailor their facial to suit my skin needs. The whole facial was very comfortable, and I deeply appreciate the fact that the beauticians here don’t do hard-selling. I would definitely recommend Celmonze’s Signature Plus Treatment – it is not the cheapest, but if you set aside a budget for facial treatments every month, I think you should go for this one.

Kate, 26
Concerned with dull skin and blackheads

The hot stones massage was very relaxing and it’s a nice finish to the facial. The therapist also mentioned that the massage has lymphatic drainage benefits which is like an exercise for your face. I also enjoyed the BioWave machine which Celmonze uses to enhance the absorption of serum. It’s very cooling and comfortable. I like that the treatment encompasses facial and a mini massage session, so you don’t have to go to 2 places separately and can enjoy both services together at one place. This is one of the best facials I’ve experienced, as my skin continued to glow in the next few days. It was a pampering session that I would highly recommend to others.

Wing Kee Lui, 29
Concerned with dull skin

I was concerned about my skin looking dull and wanted to brighten it, which I definitely observed in this facial treatment I also loved the ambience of the room, it was so comfortable and relaxing that I fell asleep during the facial! However, I do think that my skin looked red after the treatment, and while the therapist had good skills, there is still room for improvement.

Christine Toh, 31
Concerned with dull skin

For people like me who lead busy lives, it feels very good to enjoy a facial treatment as pampering as Celmonze’s. It was something I really needed, not just to relax, but also to improve my dull skin. I saw that my skin looked better and more radiant after one session, and actually continued to glow for a few days after that! I think that this is a great facial for brides-to-be, because it really makes your skin glow and resolve all your skin concerns before your big day.

Dorin Goh, 32
Concerned with dry skin and uneven tone

I felt that the Celmonze Signature Plus Treatment gave me brighter and more even skin tone, which resolved my biggest skin concerns. Plus, my beautician was very professional and I think she did a good job. Considering that it was so soothing and that I could see an immediate difference after just one session, I would give this facial a high rating and recommend it to my family and friends.

Celmonze Signature Plus Facial Review Kym

Kym Tey, 43
Concerned with dull skin, pigmentation, and fine lines

My skin instantly looked brighter and more radiant after my Signature Plus Facial, which amazed me. Overall, I really liked my facial at Celmonze because the room was very nice to relax in. The hot stones massage was also a pampering experience that I enjoyed. It is such an indulgent way to wind down, and the fact that it gives instant results for dull skin is definitely worth recommending. However, I think pigmentation issues may take a few more sessions before more obvious results can be seen.

Celmonze Signature Plus Facial Review Jenny

Jenny Lim, 41
Concerned with dull skin

I was very happy with the Signature Plus Treatment at Celmonze! Firstly, the duration was just nice and I could relax well under the good service of my beautician. Secondly, I saw that my skin actually became clearer and brighter, and it continued to glow for the next few days!

Celmonze Signature Plus Facial Review Irene

Irene, 43
Concerned with sensitive and dry skin

I felt that this facial at Celmonze was much better than other facial salons that I’ve been going to. It was suitable even for sensitive skin like mine, and made my skin sufficiently moisturised and definitely more radiant. Being able to see results immediately after just one treatment would convince me to get my friends and family to try this out.

Celmonze Signature Plus Facial Review Christina

Christina Seng, 57
Concerned with sagging skin

I experienced hot stones massaging my face for the first time, which was interesting. I did see firming of my skin, although the effect seemed to be temporary. It was also less dehydrated and felt slightly smoother.

Cecilia Chow, 35
Concerned with dull skin

I have dull skin that I always wanted to brighten, and I was quite happy to see that my skin did look brighter after just one session. The beautician was certainly very thorough and professional, and I found the facial duration to be just nice for me. I like the instant effects, so I’ll recommend this Celmonze facial to others.

Serene Ong, 35
Concerned with dull and dry skin

There are many things I love about this Signature Plus Facial at Celmonze! The facial was an absolute relaxing and comfortable treat. My therapist, Ally, was also very attentive and skillful. She started the facial with a welcome touch (body massage) which was a pleasant surprise that helped me to de-stress after a long day at work. She would also explain clearly what each step entails, and constantly showed me the mirror to let me see the effects throughout the process. I felt that the facial was very comprehensive, and using the hot stones to massage my face was a big plus! My face was very clear and hydrated after the facial, and even my husband was full of praises for my great skin! Would I recommend this top-notch facial? Absolutely YES!

Dawn Phua, 40
Concerned with pimples, scarring, and ageing

The facial treatment was very pampering and comfortable, which I really needed after a long and busy day. The service provided was very well-executed and professional. Personally, I did not see very visible results, and I think it may be a little too expensive for my budget.

Christine Lim, 40
Concerned with dry skin and dark circles

Celmonze’s Signature Plus Treatment was a delightful treat to have at the end of a busy day. It allowed me to relax while I enjoyed the benefits it brought to my skin, such as hydration, smoother skin texture, and brighter complexion for a couple of days. I especially liked their hot stone massage, as it was a unique step not seen in other facials – I would recommend other people to try the facial at Celmonze because of this!

Vanessa Tan, 51
Concerned with fine lines and scars

Overall, I would say that the facial treatment is very good. Not only was it easy to relax in, the service provided by the beautician was sufficiently good. My favourite part was the masking step, as the mask used helped to refresh and relax my skin. I can say that Celmonze’s Signature Plus Facial is better than other facials I have been to.

Elsie Heng, 54
Concerned with fine lines, sagging skin, and pigmentation

The facial massage I got was very intensive, and hence very rejuvenating. The therapist would explain each step before proceeding, which was a professional and nice touch. I saw that my skin actually became brighter and tighter after one session. My pigmented spots also appear to be lighter! If you are looking for a nice facial to enjoy during a stressful period, this is the one to go.

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