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You were browsing your Instagram feed and saw an eye-catching lipstick shade worn by a model or influencer.

You were shopping and noticed a bag in a gorgeous shade that you knew would work on your lips.

You were putting on your favourite dress and thought it would be fabulous if you could have a matching lip colour.

Now you can actually find that colour with the help of CHANEL’s new LIPSCANNER, a makeup app for lips.

Developed 100% in-house, this app helps you find the CHANEL lipstick that is based on the colour you’re inspired by.

chanel lipscanner

Simply use the LIPSCANNER to scan the desired colour – whether it’s on a face or an item – and it will suggest the closest shade from CHANEL’s range of lipsticks.

Using the “Colour Picking” feature in the LIPSCANNER app, an algorithm analyses the shade to the nearest pixel before establish links with products in the CHANEL lip category. It will then isolate and propose the closest shade in two or three finishes.

As if this feature alone isn’t amazing enough, if you’re scanning a face, the app would even identify the lipstick texture (matte, satin or glossy) so you can get an even more accurate recommendation.

Besides scanning with the app in real time, you can also find a lip colour based on a photo taken with the app or chosen from your album.

After the lip products are chosen, the app’s “Virtual Try On” feature allows you to “apply” the product on your lips so you can see whether it looks good on you. You can also take a selfie to keep or share.

This app is available for free on the Apple App Store.