From celebrities to influencers, having perfectly-shiny, silky, and straight hair has always been a popular look. But let’s be real, not everyone is blessed with locks that just seem to cooperate.

Rebonding your dry, frizzy, or damaged hair helps to create a more easy-to-manage style.

Ahead, we’ll dish out all the details you need to know about professional and cheap soft rebonding services in Singapore, what makes them different from regular rebonding treatments, and more!

What is soft rebonding?

cheap soft rebonding Singapore salon: Hair Plus Korean Salon

Credit: Hair Plus Korean Salon

Soft rebonding employs a form of mild straightening solution that involves breaking the natural bonds in your strands, before using heat and a neutraliser to reform its structure into a straighter one.

How does it differ from classic rebonding?

While both classic and soft rebonding give your hair a straightening effect, soft rebonding is a newer type of treatment favoured for providing a more natural-looking outcome.

It’s widely popular amongst salon goers nowadays as it gives them the sleek and straight-looking hair they’re after, with little compromise on their natural volume, and without any of the unwanted frizziness.

Compared to regular or “straight” rebonding, soft rebonding also uses less heat and milder chemicals, along with minimised tension and fewer repetitions when ironing out individual sections of your hair.

This means that your hair will be much less prone to breakage, damage, or dryness, which are all potential side effects of undergoing conventional hair rebonding treatments.

Benefits of soft rebonding

  • Gentler and more protective alternative to classic rebonding
  • Reduced processing time
  • Straighter, easily-manageable hair with natural movement
  • Reduced frizz
  • Leaves your strands largely unaffected by the chemical processes; not affecting hair growth

Who is the ideal candidate for soft rebonding?

taming frizzy hair with cheap soft rebonding treatments in Singapore

Credit: Unsplash

While there is no strict rule as to who should go for soft rebonding (your hair, your call!), it generally works best on those with mildly frizzy or damaged hair. Through this option, your tresses will be smoothed out while not appearing unnaturally pin-straight.

On the other hand, soft rebonding may not work as effectively if your hair is incredibly thick or curly. As this is a gentler treatment, the chemicals and process used may not be intense enough to produce the desired results.

That being said, make sure to speak to your professional stylist for a detailed analysis and recommendations before making a decision!

Best hair salons that offer cheap soft rebonding in Singapore

The Hive Salon

cheap soft rebonding Singapore salon: The Hive Salon


The Hive Salon, formerly a home-based salon, is now a cosy studio tucked amid the shophouses at Arab Street. Whether you’re looking to undergo a soft rebonding session, or get a new-coloured hairdo inspired by your favourite K-pop idol, The Hive Salon is a great and affordable place to go.

One of their most well-received treatments is none other than their soft rebonding treatment, which uses premium Milbon products from Japan. They’re also running a promotion this June, offering 20% all chemical services, which includes soft rebonding!

Price: S$158 to S$198

If you’re looking to give your crowning glory the ultimate TLC, The Hive Salon also offers a scalp treatment, which employs entirely organic Naked Gorilla products to refresh and rejuvenate your scalp.

Address: 23 Arab Street, #02-23A, Singapore 199722
Opening hours: 10.30am – 8.30pm (Mon to Fri) | 10.30am – 6pm (Sat to Sun)
Contact: 8839 3009
Facebook | Instagram

Heartlight Hair Studio

cheap soft rebonding Singapore salon: Heartlight Hair Studio

Credit: @jessie_blooming/Xiao Hong Shu

Another cheap soft rebonding service to consider is from a quaint salon situated in Hong Lim Complex, just seven minutes away from Chinatown MRT.

This friendly neighbourhood hair salon was founded by Stephanie, a seasoned hairdresser who has had years of experience working in one of Singapore’s reputable salons. Upon partnering up with a group of other talented stylists, she set up her salon in her very own location under the name “Heartlight Hair Studio”.

The pink-themed salon gives off an 80’s glam room vibe, which undoubtedly adds to the ambience of a session of pampering. Like every Hollywood starlet, you can achieve waterfall-like hair with a little help from the professionals.

In particular, the salon offers a soft rebonding service which infuses collagen into your hair, to add an extra touch of smoothness and silkiness to it.

Price: S$240

They also accept CDC vouchers, so be sure to utilise them if you’ve been having trouble deciding what to spend them on.

Address: 3 Pickering Street, Nankin Row, China Street, #01-22, Singapore 048660
Opening hours: 10.30am – 8.30pm (Mon to Fri) | 10.30am – 6pm (Sat to Sun)
Contact: 9339 9381 (Appointments via WhatsApp message)
Facebook | Instagram

GC Hairdressing 20% off!

cheap soft rebonding Singapore salon: GC hairdressing

If you’re looking to add some volume to your thin hair while keeping frizz at bay, consider dropping by GC Hairdressing.

The salon specialises in a variety of treatments that aim to provide its clients with healthier-looking hair, such as keratin and exfoliating scalp treatments. Their signature soft rebonding treatment promises to semi-permanently control frizz while making your hair smoother and more manageable.

To take the self-care level up a notch, relax in their complementary pre-service aromatherapy whenever you book a session with them.

Price: S$198

GC Hairdressing Exfoliating Scalp Treatment is priced at S$198 instead of S$158.40 on Salon Finder. Save S$42 with this deal!

Address: 52 Somme Road, #01-01, Singapore 207872
Opening hours: 9am – 8pm (Mon to Sun)
Contact: 9141 1690
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Picasso Hair Studio

cheap soft rebonding Singapore salon: Picasso hair studio

Coined as a household name in the Singapore hair styling scene, Picasso Hair Studio houses a team of master stylists known to work with all kinds of hair and create looks akin to pieces of artwork (hence the salon’s name).

They offer detailed consultations to identify the look you’re after, as well as an analysis to provide you with the best treatment recommendations that will improve the condition of your hair.

If you’re looking for some added volume on top of what traditional soft rebonding services offer, opt for their Volume Soft Rebonding Service, which fuses the techniques of a perm and rebond to create soft and feminine bouncy curls.

For a slightly sleeker look, go for their C-Curve Rebonding service instead!


  • Volume Soft Rebonding starts from S$255
  • C Curve Rebonding starts from S$285

Address: Click here to view all three outlets
Opening hours: 11am – 8pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 7pm (Sat to Sun)
Contact: Click here to view contact details for each outlet
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Salon Plus

cheap soft rebonding Singapore salon: salon plus

With the help of Shiseido’s first-rate rebonding products, stylists at Salon Plus help customers achieve ultra-sleek hair without damaging it.

As rebonding solutions from Shiseido are formaldehyde-free, you’ll get sleek, straight tresses, with results that tend to last twice as long compared to other rebonding products in the market.

The best part? You’ll be getting expert care for your dry or frizzy hair at highly reasonable prices.

Price: S$150 to S$210

As Salon Plus is also known to conduct great promotions, such as 30% off all ala carte services when you visit on your birthday month, and 20% off if you’re a student, they’re one of our top picks for cheap soft rebonding options in Singapore!

Address: No.14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza (Orchard), #04-08, Singapore 228213
Opening hours: 10am – 7pm (Mon to Fri) | 9am – 6.30pm (Sat to Sun & PH)
Contact: 8282 9922
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Do My Hair Salon

cheap soft rebonding Singapore salon: Do My Hair Salon

Located in the heart of town, Do My Hair Salon at Orchard Central was initiated by a group of experienced local hair designers and technicians who have been in the business since 2002.

They have each accumulated over 16 years of experience in the beauty industry, with many having worked on styling models for runway shows of luxury brands. With their cuts, colours, and treatments, such as their soft rebonding service, you can rest assured that your precious locks are in safe hands!

Their one-year membership fee only costs S$88 and entitles you to a wide variety of perks, including two rebonding vouchers worth S$50 each. Now that’s a deal you don’t want to miss.

Price: S$200 to S$300

Address: 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central, #04-13, Singapore 238896
Opening hours: 11.30am – 8pm (Mon to Fri) | 11.30am – 7pm (Sat to Sun)
Contact: 6509 0810 or 9722 8268
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Ktouch Hair Salon

cheap soft rebonding Singapore salon: k touch hair salon

Credit: @ktouch_hairsalon/Instagram

Ktouch uses the revolutionary Tokio de Sinka Rebonding system, which is an innovative solution developed by Japanese chemists to solve the issue of bleached hair becoming more “fried” or brittle following a session of rebonding. This is what has deterred many stylists from attempting to rebond bleached hair in the past.

Tokio de Sinka has a number of cutting-edge substances to limit the use of heat, in contrast to conventional rebonding chemicals that use high heat and damaging alkaline straighteners. In particular, its use of an acidic straightener in place of the typical alkaline ones poses minimal damage to the hair.

Additionally, Tokio de Sinka contains Fullerene, a Nobel Prize-winning compound that is up to 175 times more effective than Vitamin C at eliminating active oxygen and preventing excessive UV damage!

Customers of Ktouch Hair Salon often rave about the professionalism of their stylists, how meticulous they are, and of course, their excellent soft rebonding services.

Price: S$250 to S$350

Address: 4 Sims Drive, Sims Urban Oasis, #01-66, Singapore 387387
Opening hours: 11am – 8.30pm (Mon & Wed to Fri) | 10am – 7pm (Sat to Sun & PH)
Contact: 6974 1909
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Palette Hair

cheap soft rebonding Singapore salon: palette hair salon

Credit: @sgpalettehair/Instagram

Despite being a relatively new player in the Singapore hairstyling scene, Palette Hair has quickly attracted a loyal following since their establishment in 2021. The stylists’ passion for hair, colour, and the endless styling possibilities they create is what led to the salon’s tagline “creativity lies within the palette.”

The hijab-friendly salon uses imported Korean and Japanese products that are especially targeted towards addressing the needs of Asian hair.

In particular, their popular Bioma Hair Straightening is well-loved for its ability to not only restore damaged hair into its silky, lustrous state but also provide deep nourishment and moisturisation in the process.

The rejuvenating treatment only uses 10% straightening agent, with the rest being a protein hair straightening treatment, making it one of the most gentle and cheap soft rebonding options in Singapore.

Price: from S$159

Address: 371 Beach Road, City Gate, #01-25, Singapore 199597
Opening hours: 11.30am – 8pm (Mon to Fri) | 11.30am – 7pm (Sat to Sun)
Contact: 9450 2112
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Miemay Tan

Taming your unruly hair doesn’t have to burn a hole in your wallet, especially if you give home-based salons a chance.

Carousell user @kemie1016 has been operating her humble salon for over four years, and her soft rebonding service starts at just S$88, with add-on options such as Korean C & S curl perms and nano scalp treatments available.

cheap soft rebonding Singapore salon: @kemie1016 home salon

Credit: @kemie1016/Carousell

Don’t let the treatment’s low price deflate your expectations though. Mei, the stylist and salon owner, has accumulated an impressive five-star rating across 50 reviews on the platform.

According to reviewers, Mie’s setup is akin to that of a real salon, and she also provides detailed explanations during every step of the treatment.

So sit back, relax, and say hello to smoother and silkier hair!

Price: from S$88

Address: Near Canberra MRT station (precise location will be given upon scheduling an appointment)
Opening hours: Appointment-based
Contact: Via Carousell chat


cheap soft rebonding Singapore salon: Kimage

If you’re looking to save a little on your hair treatments while supporting the journey of a budding hairstylist, why not schedule a session with one of Kimage’s junior hairstylists?

The well-established boutique hair salon has become a household name in the industry, and they’ve even set up their very own hairdressing school that’s been awarded an EduTrust certification by Singapore Committee for Private Education—a first for a hairdressing school in Singapore.

You can purchase a package from them, which includes the following services that will be conducted by one of their junior stylists:

  • A soft rebonding service or classic rebonding service
  • A haircut
  • A post-rebonding treatment

Starting at just S$130, it’s a steal compared to those offered at equivalent, higher-end salons.

Price: S$130 to S$190

Address: Package available only at selected Kimage outlets, click here to see them.
Opening hours: 11.30am – 8pm (Mon to Fri) | 11.30am – 7pm (Sat to Sun)
Contact: Click here to view contact details for each outlet
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Royal Hair Studio

cheap soft rebonding Singapore salon: Royal hair studio

Credit: Royal Hair Studio/Facebook

If you have naturally wavy, damaged, or dry hair, the Mucota Omega Rebonding service done by Royal Hair Studio could be the ultimate solution.

The Mucota treatment was developed by the top-notch Japanese haircare brand, Mucota, and uses Argon oil as its primary fixing. Argan oil, also known as “fluid gold,” may make hair shiny, delicate, and straight without much effort when applied to damaged, dry, and crimped hair.

During the hair treatment, other natural ingredients such as shea butter, honey, and collagen are also utilised to nourish your locks for the K-pop starlet polished look.

Price: S$178 (For Mucota Omega Rebonding + Hair Treatment + Cut)

Address: 2 Kovan Road, Simon Plaza, #01-02, Singapore 548008
Opening hours: 10am – 9pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 7pm (Sat to Sun & PH)
Contact: 6909 9301
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Black Hair Salon

cheap soft rebonding Singapore: black hair salon

Black Hair Salon was founded by Raymond and Anthony in 2000, who were both inspired by their love for fashion and beauty. They’ve won several coveted awards over the years, such as Singapore’s Top 500 Emerging Businesses in 2018.

Consider checking out their Signature Straightbond with Care+, which is essentially an upgraded version of traditional soft rebonding services. This hair straightening texture service uses a superior solution that can straighten hair without opening its cuticles, unlike most soft rebonding solutions.

This ensures that your hair lipids are retained, making it shiny and more manageable. For an added boost of nourishment, the Care+ hair booster, a deep-conditioning hair treatment, is used.

Price: S$229 to S$359

Address: 13 Stamford Road, Capitol Singapore, #B2-44, Singapore 178905
Opening hours: 10am – 9pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 7pm (Sat to Sun & PH)
Contact: 68359976 or 88939593 (WhatsApp)
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Jin Hair

cheap soft rebonding Singapore: jin hair studio

Jin Hair, with its humble beginnings in the People’s Park Centre basement, was established in the early 1970s by hairstyling enthusiast Emily, who has a warm, sincere touch to all her customers.

Despite the industry’s ongoing change, the studio, which is currently led by Emily and her daughter, manages to remain adaptable and current.

They constantly strive to improve their services by acquiring new knowledge, tools, and through their newly revamped brand and salon. Through the years, their services have remained affordable as well, to the delight of their loyal patrons!

Besides their Mucata rebonding treatment, the salon also specialises in various scalp and hair treatments such as an organic scalp treatment and a keratin hair treatment.

Price: S$200 to S$280

Address: 101 Upper Cross Street, People’s Park Centre, #B1-63, Singapore 058357
Opening hours: 10am – 7pm (Mon to Sat) | 10am – 5pm (Sun)
Contact: 9687 7613
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Ellen Le

cheap soft rebonding Singapore: @ellenle74

Credit: @ellenle74/Carousell

Getting your frizzy hair to cooperate on the daily can be the bane of your existence and a drain on your finances (yes, we’re talking about those costly hair-taming products), but scheduling a trip down to this home-based salon in Bedok can eliminate much of this inconvenience at a fraction of the cost!

Carousell user @ellenle74 runs her very own salon that has garnered a loyal following for her affordable services like digital perming and rebonding. Reviewers say her place is cosy and clean, with its owner, Ellen being highly professional in all her services rendered.

Her soft rebonding service is the most affordable on the list, starting at only S$79. Cuts and colouring here are also budget-friendly, ranging from S$49 to S$69, with no hidden charges!

Price: from S$79

Address: 105 Bedok North Ave 4, Block 105, Singapore 460105 (precise location will be given upon scheduling an appointment)
Opening hours: appointment-based
Contact: via Carousell chat

Hair Plus Korean Salon

cheap soft rebonding Singapore: hair plus korean salon

Hair Plus Korean Salon is a pioneer in Singapore’s Korean hairstyling industry and has amassed a devoted following among both locals and Koreans.

Since it opened, the salon has gained recognition for providing high-quality hair services at reasonable prices. They promise to exclusively deliver the most fashionable haircuts as seen in the Hallyu wave, thanks to their team of highly skilled Korean hairstylists.

Although the salon is well known for its permed coiffures, it also goes above and above for rebonding services. Customers have shown a strong preference for their Soft Volume Rebonding treatment, which uses cutting-edge hair technology imported directly from Korea!

Price: from S$240

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City, #03-338/339, Singapore 038983
Opening hours: 10am – 8pm (Mon to Sat) | 10am – 7pm (Sun)
Contact: 6235 5883
Website | Facebook | Instagram

TEAM Salon

cheap soft rebonding Singapore salon: TEAM Salon

In Singapore’s hair scene, TEAM Salon is a seasoned pro. With more than 20 years of experience under their belt, the salon’s stylists have a plethora of expertise to produce impeccable results for your crowning glory.

Although the salon has been around for a while, it always follows the most recent trends to provide refreshing, new haircuts that are distinctive to each individual.

Customers of TEAM Salon’s devoted following love their Soft Rebonding service for its ability to provide hair with natural-looking curls while preventing frizz.

Price: from S$200

Address: Click here to view all seven outlets
Opening hours: Click here to view the opening hours for each outlet
Contact: Click here to view contact details for each outlet
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Featured image credit: Heartlight Hair Studio, lalalalisa_m/Instagram, Do My Hair Salon