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If you had met Mediacorp YES 933FM DJ Chen Ning recently, you probably wouldn’t be able to stop admiring her impeccable, glowing skin.

chen ning dj

Photo taken from @jningchan / Instagram

But those who had known her more than two years ago would remember that her skin hasn’t always been this clear.

Chen Ning confessed that she doesn’t have much time to care for her skin herself, because of her busy work schedules.

“I sleep less than five hours every day!” she admitted.

chen ning outdoors

Photo taken from @jningchan / Instagram

The lack of sleep, coupled by her love for the outdoors, made the adventurous daredevil suffer from dull and sallow skin.

“I started having pimples frequently and my skin condition was very unstable,” she recalled.

That was what spurred her to go to New York Skin Solutions two years ago, as she was seeking an effective treatment to her worrying skin concerns.

And it was love at first “visit” for Chen Ning.

What Chen Ning love most about her sessions at New York Skin Solutions

chen ning new york skin solutions 1

“My skincare consultant is very professional and is able to diagnose my skin issues every session. Then, she customises a suitable treatment for me accordingly,” she raved.

But it wasn’t just the professionalism of the consultant that made Chen Ning continue being a customer for the last two years.

She is warmed by how her consultant shares practical skincare tips with her and gives her timely reminders just like a family member.

“She takes care of my skin better than I do!” Chen Ning muses.

Of course, Chen Ning is also very pleased with the visible results she is getting from the treatments. Since she started her treatments at New York Skin Solutions, her skin is more hydrated, looks brighter, and feels more supple. Most importantly, her skin condition is more “stable” now and she encounters very few episodes of pimples on her acne-prone skin.

“New York Skin Solutions doesn’t just use one method to help improve my skin but a variety of steps designed for skin repair.

For instance, the HydroCollagen+ treatment uses a high-tech equipment to infuse my skin with collagen, so that the skincare products that are applied can penetrate deeply into my skin.

There’s also a specially prepared double-layer mask that helps lock in moisture in my skin.”

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3 skincare tips Chen Ning picked up at New York Skin Solutions

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  1. You lose more collagen and moisture as you age. To improve your skin condition quickly, go for treatments that are able to replenish these two essential factors quickly. The HydroCollagen+ Skin Treatment at New York Skin Solutions is one great option.
  2. Your diet affects your skin in more ways than you think! For better skin, load up your meals with antioxidants (berries, red cabbage, broccoli), omega fatty acids (fatty fish like salmon, cod, and tuna), beta carotene (carrots, spinach, tomatoes), and vitamin E (plant-based oils such as sunflower seeds, peanuts, and pumpkin).
  3. Don’t be afraid to speak to a skincare professional about your woes if you find that “nothing” seems to be working for you even though you invest in expensive skincare products. Like Chen Ning, she managed to get an assessment of her condition and was recommended the right treatments at New York Skin Solutions. There’s no skin concerns that can’t be improved!

nyss skincare set

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