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Most of us don’t hesitate to splurge on colouring or perming services at the salon to switch up our hairstyles and give us a fresh new look.

But when it comes to reviving our dry and damaged tresses, we go through bottle after bottle of repairing shampoos and nourishing conditioners, and would rather battle it out with a hair brush and straightener every morning before conceding that our hair is in need of saving.

If your #hairgoals are soft, silky-smooth locks that tumble dreamily over the shoulders, then it’s time to ditch your months of trying new haircare products for a hair treatment that really works.

Enter Chez Vous Hair Botox & Fillers treatment. Not just any hair treatment, this three-in-one hair Botox treatment gives smoothening, hydrating, and repairing results that last for up to four months.

We let five of our readers test this hair treatment out; true enough, it transformed all of their frizzy, dry, and damaged manes into the soft, smooth hair of dreams.

About Chez Vous Hair Botox & Fillers

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After the first step of washing the hair, the next step is to apply a mixture of isolated proteins and tannic acids

For those with dry, frizzy, and damaged tresses, Chez Vous Hair Botox & Fillers is a dream come true. It’s a semi-permanent hair treatment that not only smooths the tresses, but also hydrates and repairs, reviving the strands from the inside out.

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A syringe is used to extract Boto-moisture concentrate. 1 ampoule of Boto-moisture is equivalent to 10 hair masks.

Unlike other hair treatments that typically target one or two hair concerns, this one packs a powerful three-in-one punch; hair becomes smoother, glossier, and much less frizzy than before.

What is hair Botox?

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The Boto-moisture concentrate is mixed with hyaluronic acids and other hydrating ingredients to strengthen, repair, and nourish the hair.

We’ve heard of Botox for the skin, but hair Botox?! It might sound intimidating, but really, what the Hair Botox & Fillers treatment does is fill the hair with ingredients that realign without breaking the hair bonds, rebuild the strands, and hydrate the hair – no injections needed.

Just like how skin might experience a lift after a Botox injection, hair is brought back to life with this treatment.

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This hydrating mixture is applied to the hair and left to sit for 25 minutes.

While hair Botox treatments aren’t exclusive to Chez Vous, the hair salon was the first to bring this type of hair treatment to Singapore and to reformulate it so that it works best for Asian hair. In other words, this treatment is the OG hair Botox in Singapore, and every other similar treatment came only after that.

Chez Vous Hair Botox & Fillers treatment uses isolated plant proteins to fill up the “holes” in the inner and outer layers of the hair strand, as well as tannic acids from the Acacia Negra tree to realign hair bonds for smoother hair.

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After washing the hair, a hair iron is used to activate and seal the treatment into the locks.

As Chez Vous noticed that protein-rich keratin treatments cause Asian hair to become stiff over time, it also introduced hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, shea butter, virgin coconut oil, and acai extract to soften the hair. Hair that tumbles softly as clouds over the shoulders? Check.

What makes Chez Vous Hair Botox & Fillers special?

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Finally, a bond-repairing hair mask is applied to the hair and one final wash is done.

We’re not going to lie – Chez Vous Hair Botox & Fillers has a steeper price than most hair treatments available. But, it’s also a treatment that truly stands out from the rest thanks to its unique hair-loving ingredients.

First, the treatment uses a supercharged ampoule called Boto-moisture to powerfully hydrate the hair, with one ampoule’s hydration content equivalent to that in 10 hair masks.

While many other treatments contain diluted proteins, amino acids, and keratins that can cause hair, especially Asian hair, to become hard or coarse, Chez Vous’ uniquely uses isolated proteins that are highly concentrated and “soft” in nature to intensely repair and strengthen the hair.

Chez Vous Hair Botox & Fillers also uses plant-based tannic acids to replace carcinogenic formaldehyde for hair smoothening benefits.

Tannic acids have stronger anti-frizz properties compared to glyoxylic acids or glyoxyloyl carbocysteine used in the majority of keratin treatments, which means your hair enjoys a more visible smoothened effect with this treatment too.

Spiked with all these nourishing ingredients, Chez Vous Hair Botox & Fillers provides intense repair and curl reduction, gives hair that’s as soft as it is smooth, as well as lets you enjoy the results for longer – up to four months with proper care.

Since the treatment reduces curls in the hair by about 80%, we vote it to be a great alternative to rebonding too. Instead of stiff and stick-straight hair, you get smoother yet soft, airy tresses – sans the chemical damage.

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Chez Vous Hair Botox & Fillers: 5 readers share their experience

Chez Vous Hair Botox & Fillers


All reviewers saw a smoothening effect on their hair immediately after the treatment. 100% of reviewers were also happy that their hair was less frizzy, softer, and didn’t feel stiff or stick-like. 

Reviewers also noted that their hair felt significantly more hydrated, was less unruly, and glossier than before. 

Besides excellent results, the reviewers also praised hairstylists for being attentive to their hair concerns and taking them through the process step by step. 

They also appreciated being able to choose from a drinks menu, which made the process even more comfortable. Reviewers were given tips on how to care for their hair post-treatment as well. 

All the reviewers enjoyed their experience at the salon, loved the results of the treatment, and would love to do the Chez Vous Hair Botox & Fillers treatment again.

Zenn, 25

Hair concerns: Frizzy, colour-damaged, dry, and unruly hair

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“Chez Vous Hair Botox & Fillers treatment produced ultra-impressive results, giving me the smoothest, softest, and shiniest hair that I’ve ever had.

I’ve always had unruly hair, but after bleaching and dyeing, my hair became drier, frizzier, and more difficult to manage than before. I expected this treatment to nourish my tresses and make them smoother, but I was still really surprised by the results.

My mane-like hair became extremely silky-smooth and glossy. My natural waves also gave way to soft, straight hair that looked like it had just been rebonded, only without being stiff and “spikey” at the ends.

The parts of my hair that were squeaky and colour-damaged also became smooth as well as felt much stronger and more nourished. Now, I don’t have to tie my hair up to keep it from looking like a mess, and my hair dries faster too.

The treatment took about 2.5 hours, not including the haircut, but the entire experience felt much shorter.

I was ushered into my salon chair, offered a drink menu, and the staff explained the treatment to me. The treatment included applying the products and letting them sit, using a straightener on my locks to activate them, as well as a hair mask.

With a drink in hand and the stylists checking in on me, the whole process was a breeze.

What I love most about this treatment is that it lasts. It’s been about three weeks and, although my hair isn’t quite as silky as it was immediately after the treatment, it’s still much smoother, softer, and more hydrated than before.

It’s easier to manage my hair after I get out of the shower, and sometimes I run my fingers through my hair… just because my strands feel that good.”

Huiyi, 41

Hair concerns: Frizzy, curly hair

chez vous hair botox & fillers

“The treatment was very effective. The smoothening effect on my hair was immediate and all the frizz was gone! At the same time, the treatment did not leave me with stiff hair, like how rebonding would. My hair also felt immensely hydrated.

When I visited the salon, the treatment was first explained to me. My stylist then washed my hair before applying a cream-based product to it and covering it with cling wrap for 30 minutes.

A Botox solution was applied to my hair, and then my hair was covered in cling wrap again and heated under a hair dryer hood for 20 minutes.

The stylist proceeded to rinse and blow-dry my hair before clamping it flat with a hair straightener. He washed my hair and left a hair mask on for five minutes before giving it a final blow-dry.

The stylists were very friendly and attentive, and explained the treatment clearly. I didn’t detect any overwhelming or weird chemical smells during the process, and the time taken for the treatment was reasonable, not exceeding 2.5 hours.

I would like to do the Chez Vous Hair Botox & Fillers treatment again!”

Brenda, 29

Hair concerns: Frizzy, heat-damaged, dull, and unruly hair

chez vous hair botox & fillers

“I’ve done a keratin treatment before, but it wasn’t effective – my hair was still frizzy and unruly afterwards.

However, Chez Vous Botox & Fillers treatment left me with straighter and manageable hair. After the treatment, my hair had little to no frizz, and the results were instantly visible and touchable.

I used to need to straighten my hair every day, but I do not need to straighten my hair now. My hair is smoother, much more hydrated, and less frizzy than before. I feel that my hair is deeply repaired and nourished.

I also had an enjoyable experience at the salon. I could choose from an extensive drinks menu, and every step was explained in detail, including the ingredients used and what they do for the hair.

The treatment took around three hours, including a trim. The stylist gave tips on how to wash my hair after the treatment as well as what to avoid doing to prolong the results too.”

Kym, 46

Hair concerns: Frizzy, colour-damaged, dry, and unruly hair

chez vous hair botox & fillers

“The results of the Chez Vous Hair Botox & Fillers treatment really exceeded my expectations. My hair which was dry, frizzy, and unmanageable is now soft and straight without much fuss. I just need to run a brush over it and I’m photo-ready.

This is unlike before when I had to put in a lot of time and effort to get my hair to look nice. It feels like I went for a hair rebonding, minus the harsh chemical treatment. My hair is shiny, soft, and stronger.

I had a wonderful pampering session at Chez Vous too. The stylists patiently explained the treatment process throughout the entire session. There was also free WiFi and a nice selection of beverages to choose from. I tried the Relax-Me Tea Blend and Cinnamon Latte, which were really yummy.

The session took about 3.5 hours, including a trim and taking before and after photos. The results are amazing though, so it’s well worth the time. The treatment made me realise that it’s possible to have soft, manageable hair without going for hair rebonding after all.

As I was advised to do hair colouring only two to three weeks after the treatment, I would suggest that you properly plan your salon appointment to reap the maximum benefits.”

Ziyi, 21

Hair concerns: Frizzy, colour-damaged hair

chez vous hair botox & fillers

“After Chez Vous Hair Botox & Fillers treatment, my hair that used to be very dry and frizzy became so much glossier, more hydrated, and easily managed.

The curls in my hair were reduced and I saw a smoothening effect on my hair. My hair also felt much softer.

I had a great experience at the salon! The stylists described what they were doing whenever they began a new step, so I felt reassured throughout. They also asked about my needs, like if I needed to use the washroom, take a break from sitting down, wanted refreshments, and so on.

Even though it was a long process, it didn’t feel like it because of how pleasant the experience was.”

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