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We’ve all encountered the challenges that come with maintaining a healthy and vibrant mane. From battling frizz to coping with the aftermath of chemical treatments, our hair often bears witness to the stresses of daily life and beauty routines.

But what if there were a revolutionary solution that not only repairs damaged strands but also nourishes and transforms your dry hair into a cascading flow of liquid silk?

Chez Vous, renowned for pioneering hair innovations, has shattered the boundaries of hair repair by introducing their latest innovation – the Chez Vous Liquid Hair Treatment.

To find out just how effective it is, Daily Vanity invited five readers down for a session. Pssst! Spoiler alert: Our readers gave this treatment 4.6 stars out of five! Now, let’s first get acquainted with the treatment.

A first-timer trial price and complimentary haircut await you! Keep reading for the details. 

About Chez Vous Liquid Hair Treatment

This cutting-edge, bond-repairing therapy not only stands as the first of its kind globally, but also marks a paradigm shift in the way we approach hair repair and nourishment.

At the heart of the Chez Vous Liquid Hair Treatment lies a groundbreaking oil-based nano technology that reconstructs hair bonds at the molecular level. This pioneering approach to hair repair is what sets Chez Vous apart from myriads of treatments.

Unlike conventional methods, the Liquid Hair Treatment goes beyond mere surface-level improvement, providing intensive and real reconstruction from within. The result? Hair that feels as fluid as its name suggests.

Chez Vous Liquid Hair Treatment before after

It Utilises a Dual-Action Approach

Not only does Chez Vous Liquid Hair Treatment repair hair bonds with the highest concentration of clinically proven oil-based bond-strengthening actives, but it also deeply hydrates the hair, boosting moisture levels by up to 50%.

The comprehensive care extends to tackling frizz, reducing it by up to an impressive 70%. Clients can expect a transformative experience that unfolds with each session, as the treatment progressively revitalises and repairs damaged strands.

Why is Bond Repair Essential?

The bonds in our hair act as the framework that holds it all together. However, these bonds can become weak or even break due to various factors like chemical treatments, styling, and the environment.

Repairing these bonds at a molecular level is crucial because it helps to strengthen and restore the hair’s elasticity and resilience against damage. This process also brings back the natural texture of the hair, making it more manageable and reducing breakage.

Unfortunately, we tend to overlook the importance of bond repair in our haircare routine because it often requires long-term treatments for noticeable results. However, this is not the case with Chez Vous’ Liquid Hair Treatment.

Achieve Immediate and Long-Lasting Results

Chez Vous’ Liquid Hair Treatment promises instant visible and touchable results that endure the test of time, provided that there’s proper maintenance.

Tailored Solutions for Your Diverse Needs

Chez Vous offers two distinct versions of the Liquid Hair Treatment. The Advanced version caters to those who wish to preserve their natural curls, reducing curls by 50% without compromising volume or completely straightening the hair. Results can last up to six weeks with proper maintenance.

On the other hand, the Supreme version provides a stronger curl-reduction intensity for those seeking straight, smooth, and healthy-looking hair. With proper maintenance, you can enjoy the benefits for up to six months, providing unparalleled manageability.

Chez Vous Liquid Hair Treatment salon interior

Enjoy a first-timer trial price and a complimentary haircut!

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Chez Vous Liquid Hair Treatment (Advanced) is priced from S$255, while Liquid Hair Treatment (Supreme) is priced from S$395. 

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Chez Vous Liquid Hair Treatment: 5 Readers Share Their Honest Opinions

Chez Vous Liquid Hair Treatment


Chez Vous’ Liquid Hair Treatment garnered praise from our readers for its bond-repairing capabilities, with the Supreme and Advanced versions catering to different needs. The process, spanning under three to four hours, was highlighted for its thoroughness, comfort, and the absence of the usual chemical odours associated with similar hair treatments.

The attentive and friendly stylists at Chez Vous played a pivotal role, guiding readers through each step, addressing concerns, and providing valuable post-treatment care tips.

All readers enjoyed immediate and lasting results of the treatment, which left their hair significantly less damaged, more hydrated, and visibly stronger, softer, and glossier. The reduction in curls, up to 95% with the Supreme version, and the overall taming of unruly and frizzy hair were positive outcomes.

Additionally, the pleasant ambience, top-notch customer service, and thoughtful touches like snacks contributed to an overall positive and pampering experience at Chez Vous.

Riz, 26

Hair type: An oily scalp with dry ends. I also have thick but fine hair. It tends to look really frizzy and dry, especially since I have dyed and bleached my hair multiple times.

Current hair concerns: Frizzy hair, colour-damaged hair

Chez Vous Liquid Hair Treatment review riz

In my pursuit of perfect hair, I tried a keratin treatment back in June. While the effects were instantly noticeable, the lustre faded after just a couple of washes, leaving me yearning for a more enduring solution.

Enter Chez Vous Liquid Hair Treatment (Advanced), which promised both immediate and lasting results.

My experience at Chez Vous began with a relaxing hair wash that nearly had me dozing off. The hairstylist meticulously applied the base treatment, engaging me in pleasant conversation throughout.

The subsequent blow-drying with the treatment was followed by a hair straightening session, causing some discomfort to my eyes due to the steam. The final step involved the application of bonding spray, left to work its magic for 10 minutes before a thorough hair rinse.

The result was undeniable – smooth, straight, and frizz-free locks. My once dull and damaged hair now boasted strength, softness, and silkiness. The reduction in hair breakage, increased hydration, and a 50% reduction in curls were tangible improvements.

What truly impressed me was the immediate and lasting impact – even after the first wash, my hair remained smooth, manageable, and garnered compliments from colleagues.

I appreciated the hairstylist’s attentiveness to my comfort, especially during potentially uncomfortable stages. The stylist offered valuable tips to maintain the treatment’s effects at home. I liked the efficiency of the treatment, which took less than two hours – a pleasant surprise considering the remarkable results achieved.

Abigail, 35

Hair type: Curly and messy

Current hair concerns: Frizzy hair, unruly/unmanageable hair

Chez Vous Liquid Hair Treatment review abigail

The three-hour process of Chez Vous Liquid Hair Treatment (Advanced) felt like a luxurious journey into hair rejuvenation. Despite the duration, the overall experience was enjoyable, turning what could have been mundane into a pampering session.

The thoughtful touches, such as snacks and drinks, added to the pleasure, creating a comforting atmosphere that complemented the attentiveness of the hairstylist. Throughout the process, the hairstylist remained highly responsive to my hair concerns, ensuring both the procedure and my comfort were paramount.

The results spoke volumes about the effectiveness of the treatment. My previously dull and damaged hair emerged strong, soft, and silky. The hydration levels saw a significant boost, taming the frizz that had plagued my hair before.

The instant effect left my hair not only more manageable but also with a newfound smoothness. The Chez Vous Liquid Hair Treatment (Advanced) lived up to its promise, delivering tangible and immediate results that aligned with my expectations.

Charmé, 41

Hair type: Long hair that’s bleached. I swim weekly, so the ends are drier with split ends. Overall, my hair is considered dry.

Current hair concerns: Colour-damaged hair, dry, dehydrated hair

Chez Vous Liquid Hair Treatment review charme

I approached the Chez Vous Liquid Hair Treatment (Supreme) with no particular expectations.

From the moment I stepped into Chez Vous, I felt a level of care and customer-centric focus that set the tone for the entire experience.

Readen, my hairstylist, went above and beyond to explain the nuances of the treatment, emphasizing its unique approach to mending the hair at the nano level.

The process, from washing and application to the final touches of ironing, took around 45 minutes, during which the team maintained an engaging and personable atmosphere akin to chatting with friends.

To my surprise, the immediate post-treatment results were astounding – I couldn’t find a single split end, and I left armed with a home care set and valuable advice on maintaining the newfound vitality of my hair.

There were three standout aspects that defined my experience: the clarity in explaining the treatment process and technology, the unwavering attention to my comfort and needs throughout, and the remarkable, instant transformation of my hair.

The impressive results extended beyond mere aesthetics; my once dull and damaged hair emerged stronger, softer, and glossier, with split ends miraculously vanished.

The process was relatively quick, fuss-free, and even included a complimentary trim – a testament to Chez Vous’ commitment to delivering value.

Overall, the Chez Vous Liquid Hair Treatment Supreme proved to be a delightful and comfortable journey that yielded immediate and enduring results, making it a worthy investment for maintaining vibrant and healthy hair for up to six months.

Ferlyn, 28

Hair type: Frizzy and dry

Current hair concerns: Frizzy hair, colour-damaged hair, heat-damaged hair (e.g. perming, rebonding)

Chez Vous Liquid Hair Treatment review ferlyn

My hairstylist’s attentive approach to my hair concerns set the tone for the Chez Vous Liquid Hair Treatment (Supreme) session, as they meticulously guided me through each step of the process.

What stood out most during my time at Chez Vous was the exceptional customer service, the friendly demeanour of the staff, and the overall inviting ambience. These elements contributed to creating a positive and comfortable environment, enhancing the overall experience of the Liquid Hair Treatment.

The results of the Liquid Hair Treatment (Supreme) were nothing short of impressive. Not only did my hair feel significantly less damaged and experience minimal breakage, but it also exhibited enhanced hydration, strength, and glossiness.

The treatment’s efficacy in deeply repairing and nourishing my hair surpassed my expectations, which makes me want to come back for more sessions.

Liying, 27

Hair type: Fine, frizzy hair that tangles easily, with some unruly waves near the roots.

Current hair concerns: Frizzy hair, unruly/unmanageable hair

Chez Vous Liquid Hair Treatment review liying

From the start, Chez Vous created a thoroughly enjoyable experience, offering a snack and drink and ensuring my comfort by providing pillows for my laptop use.

The experience began with a comprehensive introduction of Chez Vous Liquid Hair Treatment (Supreme) by the brand manager, delving into the science and technology behind it. When I expressed concerns about the lack of volume my hair would have post-treatment, the brand manager provided personalised advice, alleviating my worries and fostering a sense of reassurance.

Throughout the session, the assistant and stylist meticulously explained each step, creating an open dialogue for questions and concerns. Notably, the absence of the usual acrid chemical smell associated with bond or keratin treatments contributed to a more pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

My dull and damaged hair was transformed into a strong, soft, and silky mane. The treatment significantly increased hydration, reduced curls by up to 95%, and tamed unruliness and frizz, leaving my hair glossier and softer.

While the immediate post-treatment flatness is expected, the stylist advised waiting for the first two weeks to gauge the true results. Despite this, the ease with which I could run my fingers through my frizz-free hair and the absence of any undesirable smells marked a promising beginning.

The overall experience at Chez Vous was not only pleasant but also left me intrigued and optimistic about the long-term benefits of this innovative hair treatment.

Enjoy a first-timer trial price and a complimentary haircut!

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Chez Vous Liquid Hair Treatment (Advanced) is priced from S$255, while Liquid Hair Treatment (Supreme) is priced from S$395. 

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