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When it comes to Asian therapies, Chi, The Spa is definitely one of the most famous luxury spas you’d think of.

The name of the spa comes from the concept of “chi” (or “qi”), the universal life force that governs well-being and personal vitality, according to traditional Chinese philosophy. The belief is that “chi” must flow freely within the body in order to maintain good health.

Shangri La Hotel Chi The Spa Review

Chi, The Spa is built on this principle, and its treatments are inspired by Asian traditions and are known to be holistic and they use only natural ingredients.

I visited Chi, The Spa to experience their newly launched massage – Signature Asian Blend Massage.

Is it a Thai massage, Chinese tui-na, or Balinese massage? Well, there’s no straight answer for it. What’s unique about this treatment is that it combines the best of Asian massage techniques and therapeutic rituals.

For instance, the massage starts (and ends) with the striking of the singing bowl, a Tibetan therapy influenced by Buddhism. This ritual is said to help reduce stress and anxiety, promote stillness and well-being, and even improve circulation.

I have learnt from experts I’ve interviewed in the past that absolute relaxation is an important part of any spa treatment; you’d be able to benefit more if you’re able to maintain serenity and stillness throughout the session. And the striking of the singing bowl aids in this process.

Chi The Spa Massage Review

The strokes used in this massage include Thai acupressure therapies, Balinese and Malaysian strokes, and Chinese energy-flow massage. All of these techniques come together as a harmonious tapestry such that it was hard to tell at which exact part of the treatment they were individually administered. Of course, I may have been too relaxed to notice what the therapist was doing, but I’d say that the techniques are unique, and quite unlike anything I had experienced before.

The meticulous care of the therapist (and every staff member in the spa) is beyond reproach. My therapist always made sure I was comfortable and also took note of the instructions I have shared in the form that I first filled in when I entered the spa; she focused more on my problem areas and administered a level of pressure that I was comfortable with. It was relaxing and therapeutic at the same time.

After the session ended, I was ushered to the lounge to enjoy tea and light snacks while reclining on a lounge chair. At this point, I was feeling so relaxed, I would have loved to linger and even take a nap, if not because I had an errand to run.

The Signature Asian Blend Massage is available at SGD165++ for 60 minutes and SGD235++ for 90 minutes. For enquiries or booking, please call 65 6213 4818 or email [email protected]

Chi, The Spa is located at 22 Orange Grove Road, Singapore 258350, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore, Level 1, Garden Wing.