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It’s been a while since Clarisonic has quietly left Singapore, and if you’ve been struggling to find a replacement to fill the spot of their iconic range of cleansing devices, we feel you.

Clarisonic may have left but it doesn’t mean we don’t have any other options for cleansing devices. There are actually plenty of good options around and we’ve decided to put together a list of the best Clarisonic alternatives you can consider!


clarisonic alternatives - refa clear

You may have already known ReFa as a beauty device brand, most famous for rollers that help you create V-shaped facial contours. The Japanese brand has since ventured into the cleansing device space with the launch of ReFa CLEAR.

There are many outstanding features in this cleansing device. First, it is equipped with 3D Sonic Ion Technology, a technology that hasn’t been seen in other cleansing devices before them.

There are two components to this technology: 3D micro-movement (as opposed to 2D sound vibration methods) that helps to target the crevices of skin more effectively, and being negatively charged so that it can repel dirt that’s deeply embedded in pores (which are made of negative ions) and remove them easily.

On top of these, ReFa CLEAR uses high quality Kumanofude brush bristles. This refers to a form of brush-making craft by Japanese artisans, and is known to be ultra-fine and gentle so that there is no frictional damage done to your skin.

There is certainly no doubt that this is one of the best Clarisonic alternatives out there!

ReFa CLEAR retails at S$360 and is available on ReFa, Takashimaya, TANGS, as well as all Sephora stores. 

2. YA-MAN Circle Peeling Pro

Clarisonic Alternatives Ya Man Circle Peeling Pro

Did you know that YA-MAN, a leading brand for beauty devices that has made its name in Japan, is also available in Singapore? It previously kicked off its launch here with five of its star products, which include the YA-MAN Circle Peeling Pro, one of the best Clarisonic alternatives out there.

This cleansing device uses advanced ultrasonic micro-vibrations and delivers three key functions in one device. In the “Peeling Mode”, the Circle Peeling Pro whirs at 90,000 times per second to help gently exfoliate dead skin cells.

Its “Pore Mode” has an ion-cleansing function to lift dirt from deep within pores. Finally, the “Tightening Mode” helps stimulate skin so pores look tauter, and skin looks healthy and rejuvenated.

YA-MAN Circle Peeling Pro retails at S$229 and is currently available at Lazada.

3. Foreo LUNA 3

clarisonic alternatives - foreo

Fans of Foreo love that the bristles of this cleansing device is made with silicone, making it easier to clean and faster to dry, hence more hygienic. It also means that there’s no need to change brush heads, unlike most of the cleansing devices out there.

The LUNA 3, in particular, is said to be one of the best Clarisonic alternatives because of the T-Sonic technology used in its facial cleansing brush.

Once you’re done with cleansing, you can also flip the device around for a firming massage channelling lower-frequency pulsations deeper into the skin for a lasting firming effect.

There are three variants for you to choose from to suit your skin concerns: Combination Skin, Normal Skin, and Sensitive Skin. There’s even a variation with a robust brush for men with thicker skin and facial hair.

Foreo LUNA 3 retails for S$299 at Foreo and Sephora.sg.

4. IUIGA Sonic Silicone Facial Cleansing Device

Similar to the one from Foreo, this is made with an anti-bacterial silicone that dries quickly. The IUIGA cleansing device vibrates up to 8,000 times a minute to deeply but gently cleanse your pores. It comes with six intensity settings so you can customise the experience according to your preference.

Besides the cleansing function, it also has a side that’s specially made for massaging, which vibrates at 4,500 times per minute. The massaging tool is designed to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, as well as help skin look firmer.

IUIGA Sonic Silicone Facial Cleansing Device retails at S$39.90 and is available at IUIGA.

5. Magnitone London First Step Skin-Balancing Compact Cleansing Brush

clarisonic alternatives - magnitone london

This compact device from Magnitone London is famous for its double award-winning Vibra-Sonic technology that combines energising sonic oscillations and electromagnetic pulsed vibrations to boost micro-circulation and tone your skin for that healthy glow.

The Skinsoft Antibacterial brush head is able to effectively exfoliate the skin surface to eliminate excess oils and dirt while still being gentle on your skin. We love that the bristles are also protected by Biomaster which are protective silver ions that guard against bacteria and microbes.

The Magnitone London First Step Skin-Balancing Compact Cleansing Brush retails at S$74 and is available on LookFantastic.

6. IUIGA Facial Cleansing Device

clarisonic alternatives - iuiga facial cleansing device

This IUIGA Facial Cleansing Device is one of the best Clarisonic alternatives out on the market. This device has two cleansing modes: standard cleansing mode for cleansing in the morning or for removing light makeup, and deep cleansing mode for removing makeup after a day out.

In order to facilitate a gentler cleanse, it comes with a skin-friendly silicone brush that you can fit on the device.

We love that this device also offers a comfortable grip, allowing you to have better control when cleansing your face.

The IUIGA Facial Cleansing Device retails for S$79.90 on IUIGA.

7. PMD Clean Facial Cleansing Device

clarisonic alternatives - pmd clean facial cleansing device

The PMD Clean Facial Cleansing Device is another one of the available Clarisonic alternatives you can get to deep cleanse your skin thanks to its exclusive SonicGlow technology. This technology will also lift, firm, and tone problem areas so that you can achieve a more youthful appearance after repeated use.

This device boasts 7,000 vibrations per minute, allowing it to remove the impurities on your skin effectively by breaking down the dirt and oil within your pores.

The ultra-hygienic silicone also helps to prevent bacteria growth, keeping the device clean at all times. You can even use this to massage your serum and moisturiser into your skin after cleansing.

The PMD Clean Facial Cleansing Device retails for S$149 on Sephora.sg and at all Sephora stores.

8. GLOWGEAR GLOWDROP 4-In-1 Facial Device with NASA-Inspired LED Lights

clarisonic alternatives - glowgear glowdrop

Looking for an all-in-one product that not only deep cleanses your skin, but also refresh, massage, and boost your glow? Look no further, because the GLOWGEAR GLOWDROP 4-In-1 Facial Device with NASA-Inspired LED Lights is exactly what does the job perfectly, making it one of the best Clarisonic alternatives!

Start off your cleansing routine with the 8000 GlowSONIC vibrations to remove dirt, bacteria, oil, and dead skin and refine your pores. Then, use the sonic tip to massage areas of tension and feel all of them melt away thanks to the gentle vibrations.

Now that you’re done with your cleanse, flip the device around for your red and blue LED light facial. Move the device in circular motions and you’ll be able to feel the warmth of the Thermo-Glo Booster for one minute. In just two minutes, you’ll have clean and glowing skin!

The GLOWGEAR GLOWDROP 4-In-1 Facial Device with NASA-Inspired LED Lights retails for S$120 on Sephora.sg and at all Sephora stores.

9. Mary Kay Skinvigorate Next Gen Set

clarisonic alternatives - mary kay

If you’re looking for something that will deep cleanse your skin in under a minute, opt for the Mary Kay Skinvigorate Next Gen Set. This device has been clinically shown to remove four times more dirt, oil, impurities, makeup, and nasties than hand cleansing alone, proving it to be one of the best Clarisonic alternatives.

We love that this offers a comfortable grip for easy control. Plus, it can also clean hard-to-reach places on all skin types, even sensitive skin!

The Mary Kay Skinvigorate Next Gen Set retails for S$93 on Mary Kay.

10. Olay ProX Advanced Facial Cleansing Brush

clarisonic alternatives - olay

One of the best Clarisonic alternatives is the Olay ProX Advanced Facial Cleansing Brush. This device is known to be able to deliver superior cleansing on hard-to-remove makeup thanks to its rotating facial cleansing brush.

It comes with two speed settings, so you can also control how the cleansing brush treats your skin.

This set doesn’t just come with the facial cleansing brush, it also comes with a facial cleanser. When used together, you’ll notice that the effects are tenfold. Say goodbye to spending minutes and effort on removing makeup, and say hello to deep cleansing your skin in just two effortless minutes!

The Olay ProX Advanced Facial Cleansing Brush can be purchased on Shopee for S$63.90.

11. Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System

clarisonic alternatives - neutrogena

We all want dewy, youthful-looking skin, but sometimes, it can be difficult to achieve this especially when you’re not deep cleansing your skin properly. This could be due to using the wrong facial cleansers or simply not cleansing your face the right way.

In order to solve this, why not go for the Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System, one of the best Clarisonic alternatives on the market?

This device combines medical-grade microdermabrasion, moisturising glycerin puffs, and advanced massaging technology to invigorate your skin and give you softer skin with a healthy glow.

As you use this more often in your cleansing routine, you’ll not only notice that your skin will look smoother, but also look more youthful as it effectively reduces age spots, wrinkles, and dullness!

The Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System can be purchased on Lazada for S$45.90.

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