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Last month, I tackled a bout of hormonal acne and came out triumphant. However, the many blemishes I fought left their mark on my skin long after the breakout had subsided. These scars overstayed their welcome, and on top of that, my complexion started to look duller too.

In a bid to fade these stubborn spots and brighten my skin, I trawled the Asian Beauty subreddit in search of a solution. This was where I discovered how several Redditors kept their skin radiant and blemish-free: using a sheet mask every day. In Korea, this is known as the “one day, one pack” method. Though it seems like it would be too much for your skin to handle, dermatologists in Seoul swear by it.

Minnie from K-pop group (G)I-DLE also lauded sheet-masking every day for a month as her secret to getting clear, dewy skin before a big performance. Now, I’m not a K-pop fan, but if this indulgent skincare habit can bring the glow back to my skin, I’m all in. So, I decided to try daily masking for 10 days to see if it would make a visible difference.

On the hunt for affordable sheet masks

Clear Turn Face Masks

In my book, the best sheet masks have to do two things: improve my skin while I’m unwinding with Netflix and stay on my face the whole time. But since I was going to attempt sheet-masking daily, I also needed to purchase ones that won’t collectively burn a hole in my wallet.

After scouring the Internet for affordable sheet masks, I stumbled upon Clear Turn’s line of face masks. This Japanese beauty brand is all about tailoring skincare products to suit every skin type and address various skin concerns, which is why they offer a wide range of sheet masks.

I picked up a brightening mask bundle (pictured above) and took turns trying each one every night according to how my skin was looking and feeling.

Clear Turn Face Masks Before After

10 days later, my skin looked brighter and more even-toned. Keep reading to see how I decided on which mask to use each day and why you should try this daily masking yourself. Without further ado, here’s a log of my 10-day masking journey.

Using Clear Turn Face Masks every night for 10 days

Clear Turn Super Premium Fresh Mask (used thrice)

Clear Turn Face Masks Super Premium Fresh

My skin felt rough to the touch and looked sallow too, so to kick things off, I went with the Clear Turn Super Premium Fresh Mask. The pretty blue box housed three sheet masks that were individually wrapped. Drenched in a nourishing serum, this mask felt hydrating and comforting on my skin. The unique cotton material fitted my face perfectly too, so I didn’t have to readjust it constantly while it was on.

This mask is hypoallergenic, additive-free, and fragrance-free, so my sensitive skin really appreciated it. The Super Premium Fresh Mask is also soaked in Sakuran, an incredibly rare algae that grows only in the clearest Japanese spring waters. It’s supposedly fives times more moisturising than hyaluronic acid as well, which is probably why my skin felt so much smoother and softer.

I could have done without a moisturiser after too, so it’s no surprise that I went back to this twice during the 10-day trial to shorten my nightly routine.

Clear Turn Bihada Syokunin Brightening Coix Seed Mask (used twice)

Clear Turn Face Masks Bihada Syokunin

The next night, I wanted to target the stubborn pigmentation on the sides of my face. Clear Turn’s Bihada Syokunin mask range contains hydrating Japanese hot spring water and this particular one uses coix seed for a brightening effect – just what my skin needed. This pack holds seven sheet masks too, so you get a real bang for your buck.

The sheet mask adhered snugly to my face and gave my skin a dose of moisture. Coix seed, also known as “Job’s Tears” (don’t ask me why, I didn’t name it), are commonly found in health teas, but in this instance, it’s used to give the skin a translucent glow. After removing the sheet mask, my skin had a lovely luminous sheen that lasted all through the following day.

Clear Turn White Mask (used once)

Clear Turn Face Masks White

I wanted to keep my good skin day going, so I reached for the Clear Turn White Mask. This mask comes in a pack of five and it’s loaded with hyaluronic acid, which is one of my favourite skincare ingredients. Apparently, each sheet mask contains 120% more beauty serum compared to other masks on the market, which explains why it stayed moist for a longer period of time.

The skin around my eyes tends to get dry too, so I placed the sheet mask’s flaps over my eyes to hydrate that delicate area while I laid in bed. After removing the sheet mask, it took a while to pat the serum into my skin, but the results were so worth it.

Clear Turn Black Mask (used once)

Clear Turn Face Masks Black

With Aunt Flo on her way, I decided to mask up with a variant that could help balance sebum production and shrink the appearance of my gaping pores. I tried the Clear Turn Black mask, which is infused with Japanese medicinal herbal extract to calm and tighten the skin.

To my relief, my pores appeared smaller and my skin looked more radiant overall. This mask also comes in a pack of five, so I’ll definitely turn to this to prevent my skin from erupting in hormonal breakouts.

Clear Turn Babyish Fresh Mask (used twice)

Clear Turn Face Masks Babyish

When I discovered that Clear Turn’s Babyish Fresh was Japan’s #1 best-selling mask, I couldn’t wait to try it. As my complexion started to look aggravated, there was no better time to break this mask out. Promising baby smooth skin, each sheet mask is loaded with ceramides to soothe, strengthen, and protect the skin barrier.

Its lightweight serum absorbed quickly into my skin after I removed it and the reddened patches on my skin had mostly subsided. I came back to this mask and used it once more in the morning too. It didn’t leave my skin feeling tacky or greasy, and it didn’t drag out my morning routine. My face felt moisturised all day, even when I was cooped up in an air-conditioned room for a few hours.

As with all the other masks mentioned thus far, Clear Turn’s Babyish Fresh doesn’t contain any fragrance, so it’s sensitive skin-friendly. It also comes in a resealable bag of seven sheet masks, which makes it easy to use and store.

Clear Turn Princess Veil Mask (used once)

Clear Turn Face Masks Princess Veil

When the final trial day rolled around, I decided to use the Clear Turn Princess Veil Mask. Unlike the other masks, the Princess Veil Mask has quite a strong but pleasant fragrance. And while it’s not my favourite of the bunch, this mask made the biggest difference to my skin.

Packed with skin-loving ingredients such as coix seed extract, lychee honey, and vitamin-enriched oils, the Princess Veil Mask felt luxurious on my skin. After removing it and patting the serum into my skin, my complexion had a lit-from-within glow. The acne scars on the side of my face had lightened considerably too. Needless to say, I was shocked and delighted in equal measure.

Brighter, plumper skin after 10 days

Clear Turn Face Masks Before After

After 10 days of daily sheet-masking, my complexion gained a dewy, moist sheen. The dark scars on my skin are visibly lighter, and my overall complexion looks brighter too. I may not have any momentous plans, considering how I work from home and wear a mask outdoors, but it still feels good to have clearer, more radiant-looking skin.

The trick is to use gentle, hydrating sheet masks like the ones in Clear Turn’s range. Sheet masks with exfoliating acids like glycolic or salicylic acid are too strong for everyday use and can cause irritation. Similarly, anti-ageing ingredients such as retinol may aggravate your skin too.

If you have sensitive skin like me, Clear Turn has plenty of mild and effective options to go around. Switching up my selection of sheet masks regularly is a great way to troubleshoot your skin concerns, and there’s a mask in Clear Turn’s lineup to address each and every one of them.

Ready to try daily masking yourself? Clear Turn has a 28-day mask challenge for you! For more details, click on the box below.

Clear Turn Super Premium Fresh Mask retails for S$13.90 (3 pcs), Clear Turn Bihada Syokunin Brightening Coix Seed Mask retails for S$10.90 (7 pcs), Clear Turn White Mask retails for S13.90 (5 pcs), Clear Turn Black Mask retails for S13.90 (5 pcs), Clear Turn Babyish Fresh Mask retails for S$6.90 (7 pcs), and Clear Turn Princess Veil Mask retails for S$8.90 (8 pcs) at Guardian

This article is brought to you by Clear Turn.