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We looked into the beauty crystal ball and it says that the stamping foundation is going to take over the beauty world.

Fine, we kid – about the crystal ball part. But we are indeed quickly falling in love with the new CLIO Kill Cover Stamping Foundation, the first portable liquid foundation in a compact. After using it, we’re pretty sure it’s going to be the next big thing for portable compact products. Here’s why.

Clio Kill Cover Stamping Foundation

1. You can control the amount of product you need easily

CLIO Kill Cover Stamping Foundation comes with a double-layered net structure, the first of such innovation in Korea, so that the liquid foundation within the compact transfers onto the mesh with just the right amount of liquid. This makes it easy to pick up precisely amount of product you need.


What we think: Unlike conventional liquid foundation that typically sees wastage because I pick up too much product at one go, the mesh helps regulate the amount of product I pick up each time. This also means that I was able to have coverage that’s as lightweight as possible. I am able to build it up slowly by layering more on top of areas I want to see more coverage. I love that I could attain a natural-looking finish quite effortlessly.

2. The stamping sponge is amazing

The product comes with two sponges – a regular flat sponge and a “stamping sponge”. This unique stamping sponge comes with two different ends: a pointed slant tip that you can use to reach the contours of your face such as around the nose, and a wide and flat side that you can use to tap and swipe on the entire face.


What we think: The stamping sponge is probably my favourite innovation of the product. By bouncing the sponge gently onto my face, I was able to get seamless and even coverage without getting my fingers dirty or tugging on my skin. It was easy to get a nice finish that isn’t streaky and it’s so much easier to control than a makeup brush. The result was just beautiful; I felt empowered because I was able to achieve result that I thought only a pro makeup artist would be able to deliver.

3. It gives a natural-looking finish that doesn’t look greasy

Korean makeup favours the dewy look that cushion compact is great at helping to achieve. However, this dewy look can sometimes look greasy especially in our humid climate. The CLIO Kill Cover Stamping Foundation is able to achieve a soft, radiant look that looks hydrated and not greasy.


What we think: I love the dewy look because it makes my complexion look more youthful. Instead of making my face look greasy, the CLIO Kill Cover Stamping Foundation, however, gives me the complexion that I want – natural-looking, soft, radiant complexion that looks hydrated, without looking greasy. The formula is also very long-lasting, and my complexion still looked pristine at the end of a work day.

4. It delivers very good coverage

Despite how lightweight it is, the CLIO Kill Cover Stamping Foundation gives very full coverage. With its buildable formula, you can conceal any blemishes, spots, and dark eye circles.


I have applied the foundation on my right – that’s your left!

What we think: All I had to do was bounce the sponge a few more times over the same spot if I wanted more coverage on the area. There isn’t a need for concealer if you don’t have any serious blemishes to cover up. This means that my makeup looked light and natural and I could save a bit of time in my makeup routine by skipping the concealer.

5. Touch-up is made simple

Since it is liquid foundation in a compact, it is able to deliver the great coverage of a liquid foundation with the convenience of a compact. While the stamping sponge isn’t the easiest to bring around, it comes with a regular flat sponge that is functional for midday touch-ups.


What we think: To be honest, its long-lasting formula could survive an entire day without needing any touch-up at all. But on occasions when I wiped off some product from my face because of perspiration, or from cleaning my mouth after eating, it wasn’t difficult to touch up at all. The mesh and double cover that the product comes with makes it spill-proof. It also helps that the fresher formula that I apply during touch-ups is able to blend seamlessly with the foundation that was already on my face.

Meet the rest of the Kill Cover family

Clio Morning Booster Recipe

Think of your daily makeup routine as a “breakfast” for your skin. To help you remember what goes into a wholesome makeup routine, CLIO presents its unique Korean must-have beauty recipe:

Step 1: Smoothen

Kill Cover Egg Pore Primer

Just like how you begin a healthy breakfast with yogurt to regulate your digestive system, start off your makeup routine with the Kill Cover Egg Pore Primer (SGD23.90) to transform your skin into a flawless canvas.

Step 2: Empower

Kill Cover Stamping Foundation_Open 1

A great foundation is like hearty proteins and carbohydrates that empower you with energy. Kill Cover Stamping Foundation (SGD39.90) is the daily essential that you need to fight the day’s battles.

Step 3: Optimise

Kill Cover Airwear Skin Smoother Pact

You have fruits after a meal to nourish your body; you use a setting powder to give your skin an even, natural glow. Try the Kill Cover Airwear Skin Smoother Pact (SGD32.90), which gives a lightweight, barely-there finish.

Step 4: Refresh

Microfine Oil Control Mist

A setting mist is the “refreshing beverage” that quenches your skin’s thirst. Use the Micro Fine Oil Control Fix Mist (SGD17.90) to remove sebum and retain moisture for fresh makeup that lasts all day long.

Get ahead of the beauty curve!

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