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Cushion foundations are made to be quick and easy to apply; with just a few pats, you can achieve a flawless base oh-so-effortlessly.

Needless to say, not all cushion foundations are as magical as they claim to be, and we’ve all gone through the agony of buying a new cushion only to find out that it leaves your skin flaky and cakey.

This is why we’ve come to investigate the CLIO Kill Cover Mesh Glow Cushion, the most popular cushion foundation in Korea right now that has received approval from all of the #BeautyTok experts on TikTok.


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The packaging

clio mesh glow cushion

Credits: CLIO, @kizha.nicolee/TikTok

Immediately, the packaging catches our eyes with its pretty, light pink transparent case.

You’ve probably noticed the colour pink, particularly in baby pink shades, resurging with the rise of the ballet-core and pilates-princess trends. This cushion foundation will undoubtedly feed your pink obsession.

Meanwhile, its square-shaped packaging makes it easy to store and elevate your vanity.

clio mesh glow cushion 2

Credits: CLIO, @wonniegyu/TikTok

Upon opening the cushion, we are greeted with a dense mesh covering the foundation, which is said to filter the foundation from clumps to give that perfect second-skin appearance.

clio mesh glow cushion

Credits: @hikarin.n/TikTok

The sponge is made of a thin and sturdy rubycell fabric that absorbs and applies a thin layer.

clio mesh glow cushion

Credits: CLIO

It also has a distinctive teardrop shape that is ideal for getting into nooks and crevices that regular round puffs cannot.

To get a perfectly covered canvas, we like to use the tip of the teardrop to blend the cushion foundation on our under-eye area, nose, and the area between our brows and eyes.

The shade range

clio mesh glow cushion 5

Credits: CLIO

Like most (if not all) Korean cushion foundations, their shade range is quite limited and only caters to fairer skin tones.

  • 2 Lingerie: This No.21 Pink Beige shade is the brightest shade and ideal for cool skin tones.
  • 3 Linen: Ladies with warmer, fair skin tones can choose this No. 21 Yellow Beige shade.
  • 4 Ginger: The darkest shade in this collection, the No. 23 Medium Beige colour has a neutral undertone.
clio mesh glow cushion

Credits: CLIO

The texture

clio mesh glow cushion 7

Credits: @clio_official_kr/TikTok, @erikatitus/TikTok

The cushion foundation has a creamy, buttercream-like texture that blends weightlessly into the skin.

Infused with moisturising ingredients like panthenol, chamomile, damask rose flower water and eight kinds of hyaluronic acid, the formula is lightweight and creates a healthy-looking radiance on your skin.


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Don’t believe us? Just look at TikTok star @caspertheghostyy’s “glass skin: after using CLIO’s Mesh Glow Cushion. Her base makeup is so flawless that you’d think it was a beauty filter.

The coverage

clio mesh glow cushion

Credits: @gladyslxr_/TikTok

If you’re a fan of natural makeup, this cushion foundation provides a light #MySkinButBetter look when applied in one layer. It can cover light blemishes and adequately conceal dark circles and eye bags.

But fear not if you have darker blemishes, because this cushion foundation can also be built to a medium coverage without looking heavy or cakey.

Adherence and durability

clio mesh glow cushion

Credits: CLIO

You will find that the cushion foundation sticks to your skin the moment you’ve patted it on and looks like a second skin without any flaking or dry patches.

In terms of durability, the Mesh Glow cushion foundation has passed a 54-hour long radiance clinical test conducted by CLIO with its skin film polymer enhancing persistence.


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Check out @gladyslxr’s TikTok video, where she does her own wear test with the cushion foundation. Her verdict is that her makeup still looks bomb after 12 hours and her skin is glowing without looking greasy, making the CLIO Kill Cover Mesh Glow Cushion a favourite of hers!

CLIO Kill Cover Mesh Glow Cushion retails for S$36.50 on Shopee, S$36.90 on Lazada and S$32.42 on Yesstyle.