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The days leading up to a salon visit often comprise intensive finger-swiping through our Pinterest boards and deciphering skin undertones almost down to a science.

It all makes for a ridiculously stressful pre-salon period and it’s not even always a guarantee that the colours we pick sync seamlessly with our skin tone and style. This begs the question: shouldn’t we be able to leave the colour customisation to the pros?

Well, at Colors Hair Salon, a Japanese hair salon in Singapore, we can.

Tucked away amongst hipster rows of shophouses along River Valley Road, Colors Hair Salon, with its cheerful yellow walls, beckons the stressed-out urbanite to step in for a pampering hair refresh. And, with the salon’s unique Color Customisation service, you get to leave even your colour-picking woes at its doorstep!

About Colors Hair Salon Color Customisation

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While hairstylists at many hair salons take their customers’ preferences into consideration when advising them on a most suitable ‘do, Colors Hair Salon Color Customisation isn’t anywhere nearly quite as touch-and-go.

Instead, the salon’s colourists offer a comprehensive pre-colouring consultation for every customer, paying attention to details including eye colour, lip colour, skin tone, and style.

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The range of hair colouring products available at Colors Hair Salon.

For Color Customisation, each customer is attended to by the salon’s hairstylist and a colourist – that’s how specialised the stylists at Colors Hair Salon are when it comes to colouring.

The colourist focuses on advising you on a shade that suits you; you first fill in a form to detail your preferred style and hair concerns, and then the colourist will work with you to decide on an ideal colour – a balance between what you desire and what will complement your natural hues.

If you, like us, struggle to decipher your skin’s undertone before you head to the salon, there’s no need to do so when you visit Colors Hair Salon. Using a special colour customisation chart, the stylists identify your skin undertones and explain why certain colours complement your complexion better.

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Colors Hair Salon’s colour customisation chart.

Those with cool skin undertones, for example, might suit a hair colour that has similar bluish undertones. After analysing your skin undertones, stylists will use the chart to show you the hair shades that match.

Aside from skin undertones, colourists also take customers’ eye colours and lip colours into consideration when recommending suitable hair hues.

Not one for surprises? Don’t fret, because the colourists will make sure that you’re happy with the colour before proceeding with the hair dyeing.

Plus, while you can leave it completely to the colourist to pick a shade for you, you can also enter the salon with one or a few desired colours in mind. The colourist will work with you to narrow down on a shade that complements you most.

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The team at Colors Hair Salon.

Since Colors Hair Salon is a Japanese hair salon, it only uses high-quality dyes and hair products that are from Japan. The colourists at this salon are also Japanese, and all of them are trained under the salon’s Japanese Colour Director, Urakami Yoshimasa.

Read on, because we share the five reviewers’ honest thoughts after trying Colors Hair Salon’s Color Customisation for the first time!

Colors Hair Salon’s colour-only service is priced between S$140 to S$220, and colouring with highlights or bleach is priced between S$160 to S$490.

Colors Hair Salon has a second outlet, 8 Eight by Colors, at Hong Lim Complex. 

River Valley: Colors Hair Salon
Address: 288 River Valley Road, #01-01, Singapore 238329
Opening hours: 10am – 8pm (Mon to Sun)
Contact: Call 6235 0226, or SMS 9736 1770

Hong Lim Complex: 8 Eight by Colors
Address: 531 Upper Cross Street, Hong Lim Complex, #02-62 , Singapore 050531
Opening hours: 10am – 8pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 7pm (Sat to Sun)
Contact: 8359 6430

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Match your hair colour to skin tone at Colors Hair Salon!

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Colors Hair Salon Color Customisation: 5 reviewers share their experience

Colors Hair Salon Color Customisation


All five reviewers said that the hairstylists took time to understand and address their worries or concerns during the consultation process.

Four reviewers noted that the stylists advised them on a colour based on their style and vibe as well as their hair condition. Two of them were pleased that the stylists explained how the hair colour matched their skin tone, lip colour, and eye colour.

The Color Customisation helped three of the reviewers decide on a new hair colour that they didn’t expect would look good on them, and all five of the reviewers were happy with the results.

All reviewers agreed that the hairstylists were attentive to their hair concerns and the process was comfortable from start to finish.

Ziyi, 21

colors hair salon color customisation review (1)

At Colors Hair Salon, the stylists took the time to listen to my concerns and preferences. They also made sure that I was confident with the chosen colour before proceeding.

This was unlike the previous time I visited another salon for hair dyeing, where the stylist didn’t take much time to look at the photos that I showed her, and made me feel uncertain about the process.

The team at Colors Hair Salon gave me a form to fill up, which included options about my preferred image – whether I wanted a style that is feminine, cool, stylish, or natural.

After looking through the form, the stylists suggested what they thought would suit me based on my style, eye colour, and my hair condition.

For instance, the stylist suggested going for stronger instead of lighter colours, because the stains from box dyes that I previously used would show up with lighter shades.

She also advised me not to go with a ginger colour (when I showed her my ginger hair inspiration) as my skin already had orange undertones. Instead, she suggested keeping the top half of my hair black because it suited my dark eyes but dyeing the bottom half a striking colour for contrast.

We chose a shade based on the image I was going for. The dark red would lend to a more subtle style, whereas the brighter red would create a bold and unique look. I chose a shade that was in the middle of both.

When I suggested adding red to my fringe, she was happy to do so too. We were able to choose a style that had elements of what she advised and what I was looking for.

Throughout the session, I felt confident because the stylists didn’t rush and they weighed out the different options with me – all the while, taking my opinions into consideration.

The stylists were also helpful in answering my questions, and they made sure that I was comfortable during the entire process. For example, because they knew I had sensitive skin, they checked in to see if the dye made my scalp itch.

I didn’t know what to expect at first, but I am pleased with the results.

What I liked best about my experience at Colors Hair Salon were the stylists’ willingness to patiently listen to my concerns and how detailed they were during the whole process. I would definitely like to visit Colors Hair Salon again!

Sheri, 24

colors hair salon color customisation review

During my previous hair dye appointment at another salon, the hairstylist did not caution me about the maintenance needed for the colour. Since my hair is bleached, I was a bit concerned about the maintenance needed after my next dyeing experience.

However, at Colors Hair Salon, the hairstylist and colourist took the time to explain my hair type, address my issues, and share what colours would look good on me.

I have frizzy and dry hair, so the stylists recommended that I go with a dark colour, which I also preferred. The stylists recommended a dark ash shade to complement my previously light cool ash hair, which they said would be longer-lasting too. I was confident about the chosen colour.

They also thoughtfully took into consideration my lifestyle and how much maintenance I usually do for my hair to recommend a style.

I initially wanted highlights, but the stylists advised against them because they would require further bleaching, and wouldn’t suit the length of my hair. I respected their suggestions. The stylists still understood the type of colour I was going for based on the inspiration I showed them.

As my hair was bleached and dyed twice in a span of six months, the stylists explained that the dyeing process would be done in three parts – the roots, the middle, and the ends – due to my hair’s varying textures and colours at each section.

They were also careful with protecting my scalp from the dye; they sprayed a protector before dyeing it, which is not something I’ve experienced at the salon.

The whole process was calming, and the stylists even did an extensive hair treatment and relaxing scalp massage for me.

I didn’t expect ash grey to suit me and I was a bit scared at first, but it turned out well. The hairstylist guided me on how to care for my hair post-colouring and provided me with tips on how to keep the colour fresh for as long as possible too.

I was definitely happy because they made me feel confident in a colour I never would have thought of getting. I love my final hair colour, especially because maintaining it has been easy!

Zile, 25

colors hair salon color customisation review 3

As Colors Hair Salon offers a Color Customisation service, I decided to leave it to the hairstylists to decide on a colour that would look good on me – and entered the salon totally worry-free.

I was asked to fill in a form at the beginning of the appointment, which included options for my preferred image, style, and hair concerns.

The stylists (hairstylist and colourist) asked me if I had any hair colour in mind, so I pulled out a photo of light rosy-orange hair. Since my hair already had a balayage bleached style, I told them that I didn’t want my hair to be bleached extensively, but was okay with some extra bleaching for highlights.

The Japanese colourist explained to me that the hair colour in the photo I showed would require more levels of bleaching – she wanted me to know that she could achieve only a darker shade of it. She also wanted to know what my previous hair colour was; it was a cool ash brown.

Since the colour that I picked was a warm-toned colour, she suggested that I keep the top of my hair natural, so I could see whether I liked a warm shade first (it would be my first).

However, if I wanted, she could also do a highlighting style, extending my old balayage highlights upwards with thin ribbons of lighter hues. I chose the highlighting option.

Next, the hairstylist asked if I had any hairstyle in mind. He suggested more layers for more movement, and he also trimmed my bangs to a length that he thought would look good for my face.

Once the haircut was done, the colourist made sure that I was happy with the colour that we discussed.

She had picked up two locks of my hair that had been trimmed off, and applied one colour to each lock: a lighter rosy orange that was more similar to the shade I showed her in the photo, and a darker orange-copper hue. I was surprised when she told me that she was holding locks of my actual hair, to which she responded: yes, they made very good samples!

Although I didn’t have the darker orange copper in mind when I entered the salon, the sample looked good when she held it up close to my face. I decided on the second colour that she showed, and was excited to see how it would turn out on my hair.

Throughout the hair dyeing process, the colourist worked with a deft hand. She applied the bleach to my hair with quick and careful precision, and I felt confident that my hair would look great after.

She also checked to see if I was doing okay several times in the process, like asking whether my scalp felt okay during the bleaching. Since the salon was bright, spacious, and with a large floor-to-ceiling window – lots of plants dressed the storefront, the session was an extra pleasant one.

Finally, after the final wash, I returned to my seat to see my hair colour revealed. After the stylists blew dry my hair, I beheld my mane in its full orange-copper glory, and loved it!

It was a colour that I never thought of getting, which made me so glad that I went for the Color Customisation service at Colors Hair Salon, because this fresh shade looked so great (to me).

The colourist also told me, before dyeing my hair, that this was a colour that would fade quickly, so I had full knowledge of how my hair would look over time. At the end of the session, she also shared what I needed to do to keep my hair colour fresh for longer, which included using orange shampoo during every wash.

Overall, I really loved the Color Customisation Service at Colors Hair Salon. The attentive stylists, the pleasant space, and the oh-so-stunning results were more than I could ask for!

Serene, 38

colors hair salon color customisation review 2 (1)

The hairstylists at other salons I’ve been to usually go with the colours that I prefer, without giving much advice on the shades that would suit me best. Sometimes, the colours don’t turn out the way that I expect them to as well.

When I visited Colors Hair Salon, I hoped that the hairstylist would give me advice on colours that would suit my skin tone and make me look more vibrant. They didn’t disappoint!

Everyone at this quaint and beautiful Japanese salon was really warm and friendly. It was my first time visiting a Japanese salon, and I was won over by their expertise, patience, and excellent service.

I was first welcomed and ushered to my seat, and then asked to fill in a survey form that asked me about my hair preferences.

After this, the hairstylist and owner of the salon promptly came over for a consultation, where he analysed my hair and asked for my preferences on hair colour and style. He then brought a Color book over and explained how each person suits different hair colours depending on their skin tone.

After analysing my skin tone and hair, he shared that I have a cool skin tone and would look good with hair that has blue-ish undertones, for example, hair with a tinge of pink.

I shared that I wanted a bright, vibrant colour, but would prefer not to bleach my hair. The hairstylist bore this in mind when he recommended me a suitable custom hair colour. He also respectfully left the final decision of the hair colour to me.

Since the hairstylist left me feeling very confident in him and the team, I told them that I would leave the final hair colour to them. The hairstylist proceeded to mix a custom colour for me, which contained brown, orange, and pink undertones.

I really liked the process of the Color Customisation as the hairstylist explained very clearly the colours that would suit me and spoke with me to understand my preferences. This was very different from my experience at other salons and the first time that I received such great advice on hair colour from a hairstylist.

My original hair was very dry, yellowish, and with exposed black roots – it wasn’t in the best condition. However, the hairstylists were extremely patient and professional in dyeing my hair.

The stylists patiently dyed my overgrown roots first as they were very dark; they used a plastic wrap over the section and a heat machine to apply heat over it.

After that, they did another round of dyeing on my black roots so that the dyes would further penetrate the hair. This was to ensure that they would be able to achieve an even tone with my bleached hair as much as possible.

Finally, they dyed the bleached bottom section of my hair with a less damaging hair colour, so my hair remained healthy and strong.

When it came to the final shampoo, they gave me the best head massage ever!

The hairstylist also provided aftercare advice and recommended products that would help my colour to last longer. I really valued the expert and genuine advice they gave me.

I’ve always gone for the same “safe” colours because no hairstylist has ever given me such advice before. The Color Customisation absolutely exceeded my expectations because the colour I left the salon with is so unique!

I look much better with my new hair colour, which is a unique, cool mix of brown and orange, with a pink tinge.

I am impressed that my hair colour is so special and personalised – it suits my skin tone and makes me look fairer, younger, and my features sharper too. This new hair colour also makes my hair look healthier and less dry.

I will return to Colors Hair Salon as I love my new hair colour and have already received compliments from my family that my hair is now shiny, healthy, and looks good on me!

Overall, it was an enjoyable experience as all the stylists are professional and had great skills.

I felt pleasantly surprised by the hairstylist’s recommendation of colours based on my skin tone, style, and features. At the same time, he respectfully understood my preferences.

The team at Colors Hair Salon is genuinely interested in making each customer look beautiful and feel satisfied. I saw all the other customers leave with big smiles on their faces. There was also no hard-selling either.

I am very impressed with their high level of service, quality products, and impeccable expertise in hair colour recommendation. The entire process from colour choice to colour completion is seamless.

Angela, 36

colors hair salon color customisation review 2

The hairstylist at Colors Hair Salon studied my hair colour and the questionnaire, which I had already filled in. I wanted the stylist to advise me on the shades that would match my fair skin tone. I also told her about my concerns about my white hair and that I was hoping for a natural style.

As the stylist noticed that my eye colour is brown like my hair, she suggested a colour that was similar to my natural hair and eye colour but in a brighter shade. She also took note that the top and bottom sections of my hair have different shades.

The hairstylist checked on me several times during the dyeing process to ensure I was okay.

Since my main concern was my white hairs, the hairstylist made sure that the white strands had absorbed the dye before the final wash. During the wash, she also informed me that she had applied the treatment to my hair to prevent damage.

I liked my final hair colour as my white hairs were covered and my entire hair had a more even shade. I enjoyed the clean, bright and comfortable salon, the friendly and attentive staff, and the personalised experience overall!

Find your perfect hair colour at Colors Hair Salon!

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Colors Hair Salon has a second outlet, 8 Eight by Colors, at Hong Lim Complex. See contact details of the salon’s two outlets, below.

River Valley
Address: 288 River Valley Road, #01-01, Singapore 238329
Opening hours: 10am – 8pm (Mon to Sun)
Contact: Call 6235 0226, or SMS 9736 1770

Hong Lim Complex
Address: 531 Upper Cross Street, Hong Lim Complex, #02-62 , Singapore 050531
Opening hours: 10am – 8pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 7pm (Sat to Sun)
Contact: 8359 6430

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