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Mesmerised by the smoky gaze of BTS’s Jimin or Blackpink’s Lisa? You can channel that too, with coloured contact lenses.

Coloured contact lenses have become the latest accessory in many a beauty junkie’s arsenal, buoyed by a burgeoning demand in Asia thanks to Korean megastars.

And why not, really? They’re relatively inexpensive and yet have the power to dramatically alter your look in a blink. Fans of coloured lenses even see them as an extension of their makeup routines.

If you’re new to the world of coloured contact lenses, it may seem confusing and overwhelming with all the options available, but don’t worry. We at Daily Vanity have put together this quick guide that’ll have you slipping them on in no time!

What are coloured contact lenses?

Coloured contact lenses, also known as circle lenses, are cosmetic lenses that can alter the colour of your eyes temporarily. Many of these lenses contain the coloured layer in between two regular lens layers, so that the dyes and pigments do not have any contact with the eyeball.

Since the industry is so unregulated, coloured contact lenses have gotten a bit of a bad rap. You can wear them if you take some precautions, though. The first and most important piece of advice? Get your coloured lenses from reputable shops and with a prescription if you have a degree.

And as with all contact lenses, you’ll want to handle these lenses gently with clean hands that have been washed and dried thoroughly so that you don’t inadvertently infect your eyes with germs or dirt.

14 coloured contact lenses that’ll lift your spirits in the blink of an eye

We’ve rounded up these 15 tried-and-tested coloured lenses from all over the world that have received great reviews for their fit and just how gorgeous they are. We strongly recommend only getting lenses from trusted retailers.

Do also test new brands out first, because everyone’s eyes are different and what may be comfortable for some may not be for others!

1. Air Optix Colors


Photo source: @myskinbybel on Instagram. She wears Air Optix Colors in Grey.

Fans of Air Optix coloured contact lenses like it for its range of colours and high breathability. Made with breathable silicone hydrogel materials, the lenses allow a smooth flow of oxygen to pass through.

Furthermore, they’re made with a special technology that prevents the build-up of deposits on the surface. Choose from 12 vibrant colours inspired by gemstones, from bright blue to steel grey.

Get a month’s supply at S$45 from W Optics. Additional shipping charges apply if you order less than four boxes, or self-collect from their store located at Bedok Mall, #01-81/82, 311 New Upper Changi Road, Singapore 467360.

2. Freshlook Colorblends


Photo source: Eyecandys. Featuring Freshlook Colorblends in Gemstone Green.

For a natural colour change, Freshlook Colorblends will probably be your best bet. Every colour choice is crafted with a gradual blend of hazel around the pupil area, ringed by an outer burst of charcoal grey.

The result? A beautiful, natural gradient that looks almost like you were born with it. These lenses are also high in water content, containing one of the industry’s highest amounts of water per lens at 55% water content. It’s no wonder that these are the bestselling coloured contact lenses in the entire world.

Choose from 12 colours, from the most brilliant blue to a smoky, misty grey.

Get a month’s supply at S$26 from W Optics. Additional shipping charges apply if you order less than four boxes, or self-collect from their store located at Bedok Mall, #01-81/82, 311 New Upper Changi Road, Singapore 467360.

3. FreshKon


Photo source: @freshkon_singapore on Instagram. She wears FreshKon Color Fusion Moondust in Honey.

Another big name among frequent wearers of coloured contacts is FreshKon. Especially hydrophilic and containing lots of water (a whopping 58%!), Freshkon lenses are a real breeze to wear.

Say goodbye to the coloured part of the lenses blocking your perfect vision because these lenses also have a larger optical zone for a clearer view with zero peripheral obstructions.

There are a few ranges available in Singapore for all you colour-loving people: Color Fusion, Maschera, and Alluring Eyes. They all top the charts in terms of water content, so you know your eyes will be hydrated with these babies.

Get a month’s supply of Color Fusion at S$25 from Capitol Optical and most leading optical shops in Singapore. Additional shipping charges apply for orders below S$200, or self-collect from their various outlets around Singapore. Click here for the full list of FreshKon retailers in Singapore.

4. Acuvue Define


Photo source: @_00_h.m on Instagram. Featuring Acuvue Define Fresh in Fresh Grayzel.

One of the biggest global manufacturers of daily contact lenses now has a coloured range. If you were a fan of Acuvue’s regular lenses, you should definitely check out their coloured contact lenses.

These lenses are also made with the same Lacreon moisture cushioning technology you know and love, for up to 20 hours of comfortable wear. Choose from the classic line of lenses that enhances the natural colours of dark brown Asian eyes, or their newer Fresh range that comes in four playful colours.

PS: Our favourite part about Acuvue’s lenses has to be the brand’s exchange policy with authorised retailers. You can exchange them if they’re not right for you, no questions asked.

Get a month’s supply at S$67 from Lazada, or from most optical shops all over Singapore. Click here for the full list of retailers.

5. Hapa Kristin


Featuring Hapakristin Dope Kristin in Grey

Korean contact lens brand Hapa Kristin will give your eyes that coveted dreamy gaze that many Korean stars have. Their lenses are made using a 15-year-old tried-and-tested Double Wrapped Technology and Colour Lock System, which places the colour layer between two clear lens layers. This ensures that the coloured portion never touches the eyes – making for a much more comfortable fit!

Users love the lenses for how comfortable they are and how natural the colours look, even on dark brown eyes. Choose from different ranges to suit your mood for the day, with cheeky names like Secretive Kristin, YOLO Kristin, and Peaceful Kristin.

Get a month’s supply from S$24 onwards from Hapa Kristin.

6. Lacelle Grace Daily


Kim Sohyun wears Lacelle Grace Daily in Glittering Grey

Take a leaf out of the beauty books of Lacelle ambassador, Korean actress Kim Sohyun, who’s well-known for her sparkling peepers. These iconic lace-patterned coloured contact lenses are not only gorgeous when worn, but they’re also extremely comfortable as you’ve come to expect from Bausch+Lomb lenses.

They come in five wearable colours that will certainly add some extra sparkle to your peepers. You’ll really like these lenses if you prefer your lenses with high water content – Lacelle lenses contain an impressive 55% of water! They also contain moisturising methacrylic acid, so your lenses will remain moist all day.

Get a month’s supply at S$60 from most leading optical shops in Singapore, such as W Optics. Check out the full list of retailers here.

7. Owndays


Featuring Owndays Horoscope Series in Capricorn Violet

Japanese eyewear shop Owndays has launched its very own line of coloured contact lenses. We’ve got to say that the colour choices are pretty impressive! With 13 different colours across four different ranges, you’ll be quite spoilt for choice there.

Go on, have some fun and add some starry alignments to your eyes with the lenses from the Horoscope series, or watch your irises literally bloom with the delicate floral patterned Petal range of lenses. Comfort will not be compromised for aesthetics here, as the lenses are specially made with a comfortable tri-curve lens edge for a better fit on your eyes.

Lenses are priced at S$15 for a box of monthlies or S$18 for a box of 10 pairs of dailies. Get them at Owndays. Check out the full list of Owndays outlets here.



Photo source: @olens_official on Instagram. Rosé wears OLENS in Scandi Olive.

If you’re new to the world of Korean coloured contact lenses, OLENS is one of the best places to get started. One of the biggest brands in the industry that’s loved by K-pop darlings like Blackpink (the girls recently became ambassadors of the brand) and regular folk alike, you’ll almost definitely find a pair you like right here.

Lenses from OLENS have also received Korean FDA approval, so you have peace of mind in knowing that they meet strict safety standards in manufacturing. Their lenses are made from Puscon, a soft, bio-compatible material that is used to construct heart valves and blood vessels.

Choose from a myriad of colour options and patterns that run the gamut of all shades of browns, greens, blues, hazels, greys and violets. We highly recommend!

Prices start at approximately S$34 (US$24) per box of monthlies with free shipping over S$136 (US$100), from OLENS.

9. Lenspop


Photo source: Eat My Knee Socks. Featuring Lenspop in Bunny 4-Color C25 Pink.

If plain coloured contact lenses aren’t exciting enough for you, there’s always patterned ones to up the ante. Check out Korean brand Lenspop for a fun fix.

We’ve browsed through and the possibilities are really quite limitless – whether you’re looking to enhance your natural eyes with a gorgeous brown pair of contacts, or switch things up totally with patterned pink, electric blue or even red contacts.

Prices start at approximately S$6 (US$4) for a pair of 6-month wear contact lenses in Bunny Pop Pink from K Lenspop, additional shipping fees apply.

10. Lenstown


Han Sohee wears Lenstown in Clover Bling Gray

If you’ve adored the beautiful eyes of Korean artistes Chungha and Han So Hee, you’ll want to check out lenses from Korean contact lens brand Lenstown. These gorgeous ladies are fans of Lenstown’s beautiful coloured contact lenses and we can totally see why!

They’re made of silicone hydrogel so they’re comfortable to wear. And of course, we’re all here for the ethereal colours, which will make you look and feel like a literal goddess.

Choose from lenses that draw inspiration from unicorns and rainbows, or subtle blue, grey, brown or green gradient blends. Whatever your mood, there’s probably a Lenstown lens for you.

Prices start at approximately S$8 (US$5.90) for a pair of monthly-wear contact lenses in Townfilter Fairy Gray, Green or Brown from Lenstownus. Additional shipping fees apply.

11. Geolica


Photo source: Geolica Contact Lens SG on Facebook. Featuring Geolica Blenz in Chic Blue.

Geolica is one of the bestselling coloured lenses brands in Korea and Taiwan, and guess what? It is now available in Singapore! These lenses are made in Korea by Geo Medical, a leading contact lens manufacturer that also produces lenses for world name fashion brands like Anna Sui in its top-notch factories.

The range of lenses you can get from Geolica is truly astounding. Choose from gentle gradients in the Blenz line, cat-eyed cuteness in the Holicat line, delicious food-inspired looks in the Cafe Mimi line, or charming gazes in the Princess Mimi lines.

Prices start at S$20 for a box of monthly-wear lenses from the Geolica Blenz range. Get it at Sin Chew Optics or other optical shops in Singapore. Check out the full list of retail shops here.

12. Neo Vision


Featuring Neo Vision in Cosmo Blue

Another brand with a myriad of offerings for any occular whim and fancy you may have is Neo Vision. Check them out if you want seamless comfort with gorgeous natural colour – reviews are almost unanimous in shouting these out.

The feathered layering of colour in Neo Vision’s lenses lends an especially beautiful effect to the eyes when worn as the colours don’t look overly harsh or stark. Psssst! We hear Korean make-up guru Pony is a fan!

Prices start from S$37.99 for a pair of yearly-wear lenses in Dali Chocolate Brown, from Eyecandys. Additional shipping fees apply.

13. Uria I-Dol

coloured contact lenses uria

Photo source: Uria. Featuring I-DOL in Seattle 2 – Tropical Green.

Make like an idol indeed with Uria I-DOL’s coloured contact lenses. This Korean brand has received extremely positive reviews for its lenses. Users love how comfortable they are whilst looking absolutely stunning when worn.

I-DOL lenses are known to enhance dark brown Asian eyes, with natural-looking gradients and patterns to nail down that dreamy K-idol look. Trust us when we say that you’ll want to keep staring at your own eyes with these lenses on – they are THAT breathtaking.

Prices start from S$29.86 for a pack of 10 daily-wear Roze Airy lenses at Eyecandys. Additional shipping fees apply.

14. SEED Eye Coffret

coloured contact lenses seed-coffret-jill-stuart

Photo source: @paradeoflove on Instagram. Featuring Jill Stuart by SEED in Green.

Shielding your eyes from UV rays is often something that we forget, but not anymore, if you put on a pair of lenses from SEED’s Eye Coffret range! This Japanese brand of lenses is popular for containing UV absorbents to offer the first line of protection against cataract-causing UV rays.

It is also extremely moisturising and comfortable to wear as it contains alginic extract to attract moisture to the eyes. For colours that pop just a little bit more like green, blue, and hazel, you’ll want to check out their Jill Stuart range.

Prices start from S$23 for a pack of 10 daily-wear lenses from BrightEyes.sg. Additional shipping fees apply.